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Writing Horror: Scary Writing Prompt Game #7

Happy Saturday, Spookies! 

Welcome to another round of the scary writing prompt game. Again, here's how it works: I'll announce the prompt, then you guys post a 1-2 paragraph response in the comment section. At the beginning of each round, I'll share my favorite bit from the previous week's entries before announcing the next prompt. As I announced last month, at the end of the year there will be a spooky prize drawing for ALL participants.

 So without further ado, let's get this party started!

Last month's question scoured your minds for the scariest dream you've ever had. Reading through your nightmares was bone chilling (and crazy-fun!) but there was one in particular that was all too easy to visualize. My favorite line from April C. Rose's animals-gone-wild nightmare recounted the horror of witnessing what had happened to her sister:

 "A massive jaguar stood on her bed, ripping her flesh open with its teeth. There was blood. A lot of blood. I ran from my bedroom, tripping on the Barbie doll corvette."

This Week's Prompt:

 Scary Settings: Which type of setting, whether in books, TV, or film, is guaranteed to carry along a powerful creep factor for you in itself? Is it the old abandoned mansion, preserved after a hundred years by layers of dust and spider webbings? Is it the carnival, with its swirling funhouse music and bright lights and grinning clowns that seem all too eager to give you a hug? Sometimes the where is just as important as the what when it comes to writing excellent tell me what place gives you the heebie jeebies. (My personal fave-->)

Unleash the Hellhounds!
Amy Lukavics

Amy lurks within the forested mountains of Arizona. When she isn't reading or writing creepy stories, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and playing games across many platforms. She is the author of Daughters Unto Devils (Harlequin Teen 2015) and The Women In The Walls (Harlequin Teen 2016).

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  1. Asylums get me. I'm enticed by them but I would be terrified the minute I stepped into one. It's the way most of them are left with all the furniture and belongings still there. The wheelchairs that are sitting and waiting as you creep along. The labyrinth of corridors where even the slightest footstep echoes around you. The groaning of an old, abandoned building that sounds too much like the echo of a former sick patient.


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