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Field Trip Friday: July 5, 2013


- Megan Shepherd shares the five traits of published writers.

- Want to put together a writing retreat? Amie Kaufman has the how-to.

- Janice Hardy gives you ten questions to ask when choosing a setting.

- Throughout the month of July, keep an eye on the new site Disability in KidLit, helmed by authors Kody Keplinger, Corinne Duyvis, and tons of guest posts. They'll also be signal boosting relevant links on their Twitter and Tumblr.


- "Dear Adults," says Melissa Marr, "You’re totally welcome to read & enjoy or read and NOT enjoy YA, but please don’t suggest that teens acting like TEENS is a flaw."

- Kelly Jensen at Stacked has "The Ins and Outs of Using and Abusing Advanced Reader Copies."

- Can male readers have "book girlfriends"? Scott Reads It names his.

- S. E. Smith explains how young adult literature challenges gender norms, at Thought Catalog.

- "These trivial accounts where authors with a book to sell... talk about the few minutes they spent creeping on a more accomplished writer — especially Philip Roth — have got to go," says Flavorwire.

- The Class of 2K14 has launched and they're giving away a $100 gift certificate!

- Divergent! footage! to be shown! at Comic-Con!


- Well, it happened: Random Penguin is a thing. Only they chose "Penguin Random House" as the merger name, which is disappointing.

- Seven agents name the most common submission mistakes over at Adventures in Children's Publishing.

- Victoria Lowes at the Bent Agency breaks down your options in digital publishing.


- Good news! Adrienne K went to see the new Lone Ranger movie so you don't have to. She even breaks down the stereotypes in Tanto-speak for ease of wtf-ness.

- Laurie Penny at New Statesman confesses: "I was a Manic Pixie Dream Girl."

- Financial Times looks at worker complaints about Amazon's UK warehouses.

- California lawmakers passed a K-12 Transgender Rights Bill!

- Mary Minn at The Hairpin has a lovely piece on trying to make friends in a new city.

- Diagon Alley is now on Google street view.


It's no surprise that some of the very best deathbed quotes come from writers.

Ever wonder what other people are listening to? (Of course you do.) (via Lina)

And the requisite celebratory video for you USians and/or Muppet fans. (via chelseyesque)

Happy weekend!

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  1. I am in LOVE with the "What song are you listening to" videos! It's because they are asked so suddenly that they don't have a chance to make something up so you're given this intimate piece of knowledge and then they just disappear! I also love how they play the music as they walk away and you get a sense of how that person is feeling as they have the song encompassing them in a little bubble on the busy streets! Thank you so much for sharing!


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