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Field Trip Friday: July 26, 2013


Congratulations to Highwayer Kristin Halbrook, whose baby boy arrived this week! Momma and baby are both doing well. :)


- Linda Holmes's "Hey, Kid: Thoughts For The Young Oddballs We Need So Badly" wins inspiration of the week.

- How can you make a writer friend believe in herself? Courtney Summers has the answer.

- At Forever Young Adult, Hannah Gomez talks multicultural and multiracial identity in YA and life.

- Laini Taylor shares great advice about making time to write.

- Our own Stephanie Kuehn talks to Sarah McCarry about the concept of "likable" characters and more.

- "Frustrated Novelist No Good at Describing Hands," reports The Onion, but it's okay because print is dead anyway, at the ripe old age of 1,803.

- Stephen King explains why he spends "months and even years" writing opening sentences.

- Should you give up? Caroline Richmond writes a letter to her younger writer self.

- "From this point forward—at least for the next half year—you may not use 'thought' verbs." Strict but helpful writing advice from Chuck Palahniuk.

- Delilah Dawson shares 13 things you can learn from things she learned at RWA.

- Brain Pickings breaks down the makings of a great essay.

- I'm sure I'm the last to know this, but the AskHistorians subreddit could be very helpful for historicals.

- Paper Lantern Lit is hosting a writing seminar in NYC on Saturday, October 12th. In attendance will be PLL co-founder/ NYT Bestselling author Lauren Oliver, literary agent Stephen Barbara, and PLL author Jacqueline Green. More info is available on their website!


- George R.R. Martin storms a ComicCon stage and destroys a guitar. (via Amy Boggs)

- Buzzfeed has 12 scientific ways that reading can actually improve your life.

- How do you find a book when its title starts with an ampersand? Random House thinks it's worth the hassle.

- This infographic at Upworthy can help you find a book to read this summer.

- The "whole point" to American Girl dolls "was to give you an entry point to history," says Alexandra Petri at the WaPo, but today, "terrible things" are happening to the franchise.

- Australian writer Patrick Lenton is reading every book Rory Gilmore ever read on "The Gilmore Girls."

- Holly Richmond creates Goosebumps titles for grownups; Metafilter picks it up and runs with it.

- You can help teachers all over the United States provide books (and other supplies) to their students. (Linked is an effort to get 40 copies of Speak into the hands of a Mississippi class.) (via Kelly Jensen, I think.)


- Apparently it's a good week for books that feature incest? Magnolia Pictures acquired US rights to How I Live Now and Lifetime greenlighted a TV movie adaptation of Flowers In The Attic(That sounds snarky but I love the Rosoff book and can't wait to see it.)

- Laura Dern will play Hazel Grace's mother in The Fault In Our Stars, and Nat Wolff will play Isaac.

- Our girl Veronica Roth chronicled her first day of ComicCon for the Los Angeles Times!


- Salon says that if Amazon puts bookstores out of business, it'll self-destruct, while The New Yorker says it's not over for Barnes and Noble.

- "For more than 25 years, we have been having this same conversation and nothing seems to really change." K.T. Horning laments that Walter Dean Meyers's 1987 essay "I Actually Thought We Would Revolutionize the Industry" is still relevant today.

- Rachelle Gardner explains how to get rights back from a publisher.

- Fantasy Faction has an interview with Sara Megibow about the role of a literary agent in a writer's career.

- James Lasdun reflects on having rejected the pseudonymous manuscript of a famous author.

- Eleven YA agents share what they're looking for, at Adventures in Children's Publishing.

- Penguin relaunches their Book Country community, now with space for YA writers.

- It's not going away, y'all: GalleyCat reports that New Adult fiction continues to rise on its bestseller list.


- Fourteen-year-old Thessalonika Arzu-Embry is about to graduate. From college.

- An Austin teen responds to the so-called adults calling her a whore online.

- California's teen birth rate has dropped 60% thanks to better sex ed.

- Damn, Patricia Lockwood. "Rape Poem" is likely the most powerful thing you'll read all week. Or month or year, for that matter. (Trigger warning is obvious; obligatory "there are idiots in the comments" warning as well.)

- John and Hank Green launched Subbable, a new way to support your favorite content creators.

- Stacy May Fowles reports how mainstream sports reporting gets female fandom wrong (via Sarah Enni).

- Irena Sendler saved 2500 Jewish children, but wished she had saved more.

- Despite losing every legal attempt to keep it, parents at a Milwaukee-area school still refuse to change their Native American-based mascot. (via Adrienne Keene)

- Autostraddle explains what's going on with gay tags and Tumblr censorship, and why you should care. Meanwhile, Russia is putting more and more anti-LGBT laws in place.


Having a hard time with your career? At least you're not the hyphen from Jay Z's name.

This gender-flipped "Blurred Lines" video is arguably better than the original.

Mallory Ortberg examines song lyrics to find out "Who is the saddest girl?"

The pilot for the British remake of "That 70's Show" just proves the old publishing axiom: Ideas are worthless. Execution is everything. (I mean it's the exact same lines, even! How did they get it so wrong?)

Also, here are 25 alpacas with the most amazing hair ever.

Have a good weekend!

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