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Procrastination, My Old Friend

pictured: me transformed because of procrastination.
We have all been in that place. You have a word count goal, you are nowhere near it, daylight (or moonlight as it were) is fading fast, but you can't stop scrolling through tumblr. Or retweeting the tweets. Or staring in horror at a still blank page. I feel your pain on a deep soul level.

But fear not! I have some solutions that are guaranteed to work at least some of the time!

  • Pen and Paper: This is actually both my first and last go to method. Because I am a writer cliches in all the ways it counts, I carry a moleskine and pen around with me and when I'm having trouble actually typing I bullet point the scene. Zero pressure, you can always through it out, and at the end you have a blow by blow of dialogue or action or something. The something is important! It is a step in the right direction.
  • Full Screen: I personally love Scrivener's full screen since you can customize the background and why should you not want to write with spaceships in your background? But almost every writing tool has a fullscreen function and you'd be surprised how useful visually blocking out temptation can be.
  • Write or Die: If you are more concerned with quantity than quality (which is a totally fair thing to be concerned with!) and you work well under pressure, Write or Die is your friend. Either write to your goal in the hour or lose all your words forever!
  • OmmmmWriter: I have yet to try this because I enjoy Scrivener far too much but I have heard nothing but good things! It basically traps you in a virtual room where you must write and nothing else.
  • Self Control: If you know anything about me you know that Self Control is basically the only way I get any writing done ever. You put in your weaknesses (tumblr, twitter, stumblupon)(do people still use stumblupon?) and set a timer. You can shut the program down, restart your computer, use a proxy: nothing works. You must write or die of boredom.
These are just a few of my methods. Feel free to share yours in the comments!
Somaiya Daud

Somaiya Daud received her BA and MA from a university in DC in English. She is currently working on her PhD. When not writing or studying, she spends too much time on the internet yelling about comics and robots. Her first novel, Mirage, is coming 2017 from Flatiron Books.

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  1. I love Scrivener's full screen feature too, but if you have the PC version you can't customize the background. Still, it's great for blocking out distractions.


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