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Cover Reveal: Ask Again Later By Liz Czukas

We're excited to host the cover reveal today for Liz Czukas's Ask Again Later. Here are Liz's thoughts on her gorgeous cover:

The day has finally arrived!! I have been DYING to share this cover with the world since I first saw it. The team at HarperTeen is phenomenal, and they delivered a cover I loved at first sight!

But forget all my gushing--you're here to see the cover, aren't you?

So fantastic, right?!

I owe big time thanks to cover artist Alison Carmichael and designer Michelle Taormina for really getting what this book needed. I am a huge fan of bold, graphic covers, and this one delivers for sure! For a cover that looks simple at first glance, there are just so many things to love about it! The color! The contrast! The awesome hand-drawn look of the letters! The fact that my name is on it!!!

It's possible I'm using up more than my fair share of exclamation points today, so apologies to those areas soon to be afflicted by an exclamation point drought!! I can't help myself!!!!

What do you think?

"Sliding Doors meets Sixteen Candles" 

A high school junior relies on the flip of a coin to choose between two unwanted prom invitations, causing reality to split in two resulting in disasters of humorous proportions as she experiences each potential "version" of prom night.
Ask Again Later releases in 2014 from HarperTeen. You can add it on Goodreads now. And you can follow Liz on twitter or visit her website.
Kaitlin Ward

Kaitlin Ward is the author of Bleeding Earth, Adaptive Books 2016, and The Farm, coming 2017 from Scholastic.

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  1. Congratulations, Liz! It looks great--and so awesome you love it! (Doesn't always happen w/that first cover.) I have to say, I love the look of your blog, too.

    Woo hoo for a great Monday!!! (joining you with the exclamations)

  2. This cover is FABULOUS. Can't wait to read this!! :D

  3. Excellent!! Congrats!! Awesome!!

    Shari, in exclamation spirit, too!

  4. Cool Beans Liz! (found 1)
    I love the type and the chalkboard-y feel with the tiara.
    :) :) :) :0

  5. Gorgeous. Love the chalkboard-style lettering! Book sounds awesome, btw!

  6. What a fun concept! The cover matches the tone, nice job. Very excited for you! (I'm a fellow YA-RWA-er popping over, although I visit YA Highway pretty regularly).


  7. Thanks everybody! I love this cover, so I'm really glad it's going over well with everyone else!

    - Liz

  8. Really great cover and the premise is so fun! Congrats!

  9. Great review! Anyone who is out to buy English books online, must add this book in the list.


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