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Field Trip Friday: May 3, 2013


- "We seem to have evolved into a society of mourned and misplaced creativity." Concert pianist James Rhodes says you should take back your time, be creative, and stick it to the man.

- Author Gilbert King gets notice that his book has been remaindered... and then finds out he's won the Pulitzer.

- There's no cure for self-doubt, but Lindsay Culli has a few weapons to offer.

- Erin Bowman says, "Some creative philosophies are universal."

- LOL is no longer an abbreviation, says linguist John McWhorter -- it's become grammar.

- Gillian Flynn talks to The Guardian about Gone Girl, horror, and accusations of misogyny.

- Need horror inspiration? Parents of Reddit share the creepiest things their kids have ever done.

- Scared of sex scenes? Delilah Dawson's guest post at Terrible Minds is helpful (and dirty) enough that Cosmo picked it up!


- "If you’re reading to find friends, you’re in deep trouble." Author Clair Messud shreds PW for asking about the "likeability" of her characters (via Molly Jaffa).

- Sixth graders are not impressed with MG and YA covers (via A.S. King).

- What does "historical fiction" really mean in YA? (via Michelle Andelman)

- Spiegel & Grau will publish The Beastie Boys' memoir (via Holly Bemiss).

- How cute is the royal family hanging out at Diagon Alley?

- PW staff shares the first book that made them love books.


- E.L. James stood up during a Romantic Times panel this week and said... something. It appears to be less exciting than Twitter hoped.

- You have an offer of representation... now what? Molly Ker Hawn gives tips.

- What if you're not happy with your agent? Chip MacGregor says communication is key, and don't be taken in by poachers.

- Andrew Lownie shares his thoughts on the future of agenting.

- Wikipedia's women problem keeps getting worse. Joyce Carol Oates has one solution.

- The Passive Voice reports that half of new titles don’t sell a single copy within a month of their arrival in the bookstore.

- How is YA social media changing publishing? Agent Adriann Ranta interviews author Kendare Blake, bookseller Erin Clarkson, and me!


- "Every teenager is a celebrity and a Tamagotchi at the same time," says Helena Fitzgerald, reporting on #followateen.

- Do good work and you can get concert tickets from Kanye, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear and more.

- Chris Kelly of 90s rap duo Kris Kross died this week at age 34.

- Pepsi Co pulled this commercial after the world pointed out how freaking racist and idiotic it is.

- Iron Man 3 director Shane Black used to write the best screenplays ever.

- The pirated version of a video game sends pirates into bankruptcy.

- Soraya Chemaly has an illuminating look at how the way we approach "puppy love" in childhood supports rape culture.

- Surprisingly enjoyable list of life lessons from Kareen Abdul Jabar (beware super obnoxious pop up autoplay video) (via Stephanie Meyer).

- A tiny skeleton found in Chile might be an alien. (But according to an anthropology PhD friend of mine, it's a stillborn baby and the "scientists" consulted are idiots. So YMMV.)


- An Oregon school district conducted a surprise shooting drill with real gunmen firing blanks (via Lynne Kelly Hoenig).

- California students got all dressed up and had nowhere to go when they arrived and found out prom had been rescheduled.

- A Florida teen with a perfect behavior record and good grades got expelled for a science experiment gone wrong.

- New Jersey parents want answers about Franklin High School's "White Girl Club."

- Another New Jersey school has banned strapless dresses because they're "too provocative" wait no we meant "to prevent wardrobe malfunctions." (via Liz Burns)

- George Clooney and Grant Heslov are producing a movie about San Diego's Coronado High, where a group of students became drug smugglers.

- Some south Georgia high school students got to attend the community's first ever integrated prom. You can see pictures from the event on their Facebook page.


Check out this image comparing a week's worth of groceries in 20 different countries.

Everyone should have friends like this: Justin Pugh gets the call about his surprise first round pick in the NFL draft.

Super cute video from T. Michael Martin on "The Benefits of Being a Bookish Kid."

And Wil Wheaton explains to a newborn why being a nerd is awesome.

And is it Obama or Daniel Day Lewis? (Unfortunately, the commenters seem unable to figure it out. USA! USA!)

Here is a picture of young Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling. You're welcome. (via Jocelyn Miler)

Happy Friday!

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