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Field Trip Friday: May 17, 2013


- Shaun Hutchinson discusses the issue of being labeled a "gay author."

- Rejection sucks, and Lindsey Roth Culli isn't afraid to be honest about it, but she's not giving up, while Holly McDowell has suggestions for writing in the face of rejection. Good thing, since it's still happening to NYT Bestseller Shannon Hale.

- Veronica Rossi talks writing books, Iron Man style.

- Authors share their path to writing children's books about the environment at a recent PEN panel.

- How big a plot hole can you get away with? Beth Revis has the answer.


- The guy who's playing Caleb in Divergent (as Woodley's brother) is also playing Augustus in the TFIOS movie (as Woodley's love interest). So... that's weird. But EW has a first look at Tris getting ready to jump!

- Varian Johnson asks, "Where are all the black boys?"

- Kathleen Peacock and Kelly Jensen team up for a great post about libraries versus piracy.

- Tracey Neithercott has a great "like this, read that" book suggestion post.

- Dan Brown has a new book out, and the jokes are just too easy to make -- though the Telegraph takes it up a notch. But this Metafilter comment does an admirable job of explaining his success, and John Scalzi points out that "[b]eing cranky about a Dan Brown book not being high literature is like yelling at a cupcake for not being a salad; it’s really missing the point."

- Check out the title of the third Smoke and Bone book, and see the trailer that won Laini Taylor's contest!

- Want to read in the bath? This 8-year-old came up with an ingenious solution.


- Headed to BEA? Shelf Awareness has ten tips for surviving the floor.

- Publishing Perspectives has an overview of the Author Solutions lawsuit.

- Hilary T. Smith reveals the secret life of YA cover designer Tom Forget.

- "Don’t make the mistake of assuming that someone has an in-depth knowledge of publishing contracts just because they call themselves a literary agent," says Molly Jaffa.

- You really don't need to copyright your books, especially at the query stage, according to Janet Reid.

- What's the best time to post on Twitter and Facebook? (via Jessica Sinsheimer)


- NPR is revisiting their "Teenage Diaries" project that began in 1996.

- Unless you live under a rock, you probably heard about Angelina Jolie's double mastectomy. Linda Holmes at NPR explains why Jolie's op ed is important.

- Christopher Mah at McSweeney's doesn't see race, bro.

- Criminal charges have been dropped against the Florida teen whose amateur chemistry experiment went wrong. Meanwhile, a 14 year old Florida girl has been banned from all public schools in her county after she attacked a fellow student.

- A South Dakota school (where 1/3 of the population is native) won't allow an honor song to be part of the graduation ceremony because board members "look at the Pledge of Allegiance and it covers everything." On a more positive note, the Oneida Nation is presenting the Cooperstown Central School District with a check in appreciation for their recent mascot change. The money will help pay for new uniforms.

- You may have seen the "Fitch the Homeless" campaign that got a lot of attention this week, but Sara Luckey explains why it's just as bad as the original statement.

- Flavorwire explains why Time's cover story on millennials says more about its author than the people it discusses.

- The Fiscal Times lists the 11 colleges with the worst graduation rates.


- Lori M. Lee is celebrating her book deal with a 7 prize giveaway!


Good news! There's now a font made entirely of cats. I mean pictures of cats. Not like, actual cat bodies. That would be gross.

This "Not Just a Girl" photo project got a lot of love this week -- the photographer dressed her daughter up as something other than a Disney princess, and the results are fabulous.

True love is jumping out of the car to sing gas pump karaoke with your spouse. (via Natalie Parker)

True love is also illustrating your drunk wife's ramblings.

And I don't know if this is love, but it is a baby goat playing on a pig.

Have a good weekend!

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