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Field Trip Friday: May 10, 2013


Maureen Johnson started a fabulous experiment, asking readers to "coverflip" their favorite books. You can find more examples and commentary on Tumblr; Trish Doller compares her kissing cover to other military books, and Kelly Jensen has some further discussion and links over at Stacked.


- Dani Shapiro talks about the necessary separation of our "real" selves, "writer" selves, and "avatar" selves (via Jane Friedman).

- Linguists at the University of Reading think they've identified 23 "ultra-conserved" words -- common ancestors of cognates that exist in modern language. (One of them is "spit.")

- Great post from Marie Lu at Pub(lishing) Crawl about writing through Impostor Syndrome.

- "If our YA male characters are allowed their experiences of desire, it seems wrong that our female characters are not afforded that same personhood, the same standard." E.M. Kokie on the ridiculous lack of terminology we're allowed to use for the female body and what it does.

- Hate reading your book out loud? (yes.) Elana Johnson suggests you use a text-to-speech program.

- If you're in the Seattle area, the Bumbershoot festival will feature a "Why Fan Fiction? Why YA? Why Now?" panel.


- Did you see the ALLEGIANT cover? ON THE FRICKING TODAY SHOW?!?

- Yolanda Hare makes a plea for more black geeks in YA lit.

- Hey guys, pro tip: If your favorite author decides to end a series, threatening to kill her does not make her want to write more.

- "Because what is a young bunny without his smoking jacket." Honest Toddler book reviews.

- Ploughshares has "How to Shop at a Bookstore: An Easy 20-Step Guide for Authors."

- Gabrielle Prendergast put together lists of "Girl Books for Boys" and "Boy Books for Girls."

- Headed to BEA? PW has a list of YA galleys to grab.

- Jeanne Birdsall shares how middle grade saved her life.

- Throwing a Gatsby party is "like throwing a Lolita-themed children’s birthday party," says Quartz.

- Check out 50 book-inspired tattoos at BuzzFeed.


 photo 2013May4RT-KateVeeRothDebDrizaampErinBrambilla.png
Kate Hart, Veronica Roth, Debra
Driza, and Erin Brambilla at RT
(stolen from Deb's Instagram)
- John Scalzi reports from the Romantic Times convention, where he notes, "At a largely female-oriented convention, as a man, I was never excluded, resented or made to feel unwelcome." The convention was only 3.5 hours from me this year, so I drove up on Saturday to hang out with friends and I can vouch for Señor Scalzi that the conference has a fun, welcoming vibe. Corrine Jackson has a recap of her experience there, Dawn Miller made a little video of the Teen Day signing; I posted a few more pictures here, and Liz Czukas both wrote a report for PW and rounded up some of the week's best quotes.

- Big congrats to our friend Laurie Devore, who just signed with agent Diana Fox! If you need a dose of inspiration and perseverance, check out her story of three years, seven drafts, and not giving up.

- Harper Lee is suing her former literary agency for copyright of To Kill A Mockingbird.

- Don't sell your book for $1.99. Smashwords shares data to help authors sell more e-books.

- Zoë Marriott dismantles some pro-piracy arguments.

- Things your agent doesn't want to tell you, from Rachelle Gardner.

- Jordan Hamessley London shares the ways a theater degree prepared her to be an editor.

- Former Highwayer Michelle Schusterman interviews agent John Cusick about the Bologna Book Fair, what to ask an agent, and more.

- Jodi Meadows gives great tips on how to prepare for interviews.


- Our girl Kody Keplinger is taking a leave of absence from the Highway, but she wrote a great post this week about disability, identity, and wanting to be herself without having to be a spokesperson.

- The wait is over: Allie Brosh posted part two of her comic about depression on Hyperbole and a Half.

- Stranger than fiction? The CIA can turn a cat into a spy, but they can't train it to stay out of the road.

- Musician Blake Morgan is doing awesome on Pandora -- his songs have been played almost 28,000 times! And it earned him a whopping... $1.62.

- Salon suggests "The Julie Taylor Test: How to tell if a TV actor is bad."

- An Iranian court forced a male convict to wear traditional Kurdish women’s clothes in public as punishment, so Kurdish men took to social media to protest in the same clothing. Meanwhile, the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch is a tool.


- The YA Book Queen is giving away your choice of YA paperbacks (including WANDERLOVE!) as well as a pre-order of ANY upcoming YA you want!

- If you're a teen, NPR wants to hear your story!

- If you're a US or Canadian teen whose birth parent(s) were born in another country, you qualify for Mitali Perkins's 2013 Writing Contest!


Do not form a drum circle outside Helen Mirren's performance or she will tell you to fuck off. While dressed as the Queen.

Apparently baby elephants throw themselves face first into the mud when frustrated.

Jimmy Fallon and my backup boyfriend John Krasinski have a lip sync-off.

Happy Friday!

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