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Field Trip Friday: April 5, 2013


- I really liked this post from Sarah Pinneo at QueryTracker, about how her kindergartner taught her a lesson in productivity.

- Author Michael Grant shares his top tips for writing YA.

- Not specific to writing, but seems relevant: "How to Keep Moving Forward, Even When Your Brain Hates You" (via my friend Raychel A.)

- Jed Alexander asks, "How do you solve a problem like Mary Sue?"

- I Am J is the first book with a transgender character to ever make the recommended reading list in California. Cris Beam explains why the book is too personal to be considered propaganda.


- BookRiot has a great idea for a "Litstagram" program with book filters.

- Why do paperbacks get new covers? What's the point of a paperback release in the first place? Very interesting article from The Millions.

- Jezebel reports on some forgotten YA titles that are getting new print runs.

- Kathleen T. Horning discusses the importance of Harriet the Spy to queer kids growing up in the 60s (via Rachel Fershleiser).

- April Rose Carter brought us this fascinating NPR link about using books to map emotions through the century.

- Cate B. has a rumination on young adulthood over at Forever Young Adult.

- Find out what PW learned from their Great American Novel Poll.

- Author Iain Banks announced that he has terminal cancer.

- Have you read Out of the Easy? (I did - loved it!) High school seniors can write an essay about the book and win a college scholarship!

- The Atlantic interviews Laurie Halse Anderson about the new partnership between Macmillan and RAINN and how Laurie is "teaching boys to talk about rape." Related, the ladies at Stacked have put together a resource guide for discussing sex, sexual assault, and rape. (The author who brought me this link pointed out that there's a glaring lack of POC characters in these types of books, which reinforces the "white women are more valuable" trope -- I'd love to see a post addressing that issue!)


- Jennifer Laughran has a warning about "rock star" agents (and schmagents)... but it does not prevent her from getting a gif makeover and becoming "Stevie 'Literaticat' Nicks" over at Fizzygirl. (Looking good, Sarah LaBenetar...)

- Jane Friedman rounds up the month's best business advice for writers.

- The Washington Post has 11 book experts weighing in on the publishing industry's revolution.

Why is Goodreads so valuable to Amazon?

- Galleycat rounds up the best book-related April Fool's gags.


- Editor Jordan Hamessley London encourages you to think before you tweet.

- What do you think is the best way for authors and readers to connect? Help Jessica Shea with a survey on bookish social media.

- Grand Central Publishing is using Twitter's new Vine app to create "super mini book trailers."

- Erin Macpherson suggests, "Don't think of Pinterest as social media."

- The Telegraph lists the 10 most prolific authors on Twitter.


- The YA Scavenger hunt is open -- go, hunt, win!


- Much beloved film critic Roger Ebert passed away this week at age 70.

- Unbelievably, students in Georgia are still fighting to instate an integrated prom at their high school. You can support their efforts on Facebook.

- I am not always amused by Lindy West, but when I am, I cackle. Case in point: "I Rewatched Jurassic Park For You."

- Is this Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg's childhood website? (And if it is, why are we making fun of the dude for knowing more code at 15 than I'll ever know?)

- Louisville is going to the Final Four thanks to the Schimmel sisters, a sophomore/junior pair from the Umatilla Indian Reservation.

- Best headline of the week? "White Sox Intro Video Is One Of The Worst Things Ever Put On Television And Possibly Harmful To Your Health."


- Also, scientists found the gate to hell.


tumblr sigil
College Humor put together 12 Game of Thrones house sigils for the internet.

How adorable is the friendship between this boy and his bulldog? (answer: very.)

The Most Epic Frog Fail in Glorious High-Speed Video (via Stephanie Meyers no not that one the other one)

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Sadly, the prom thing is not as anachronistic as you might believe. When I was in high school ten years ago, a lot of nearby schools (though not mine, thank goodness!) had two proms, an official prom held by the school, which was, of course, integrated, and an unofficial prom planned by parents who wanted their students to attend a whites-only event. It's awful to hear this is still going on, but I would be surprised if Wilcox County was the only school where it is still happening.

  2. RIP Roger E. Love the GOT sigil takeoffs.

  3. Why did I not know they were making a Finding Dory?!! So. Awesome. Plus, Michael Grant's book is out?! I need a bookshop.


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