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Field Trip Friday: April 12, 2013


- Struggling to summarize your book? Librarian Elizabeth Saxton has some great "One Minute Booktalks" that might provide inspiration.

- Shana Mlawski shares 4 tips for including diversity in fantasy.

- If you chronically start and abandon projects, Courtney Summers has advice for finishing them.

- "There are no shoulds," says Zoë Marriott, even when it comes to writing sequels.

- Elizabeth Wein talks teenage characters and responsibility in teen novels.

- What makes a good YA love story? The Horn Book has examples (via Michelle Andelman).


- I meant to include this last week and somehow lost the link, but Malinda Lo put together a 4 part series on diversity in 2012 YA bestsellers.

- Autostraddle presents 23 vintage YA covers with major lesbian subtext.

- Michelle Schusterman has an open letter to bookstores that sell ARCs.

-  A leader of the team that built Amazon’s first Kindle gives a view of "e-books from the inside" at the NYT. And if you're an Amazon-hater, Book Riot has 12 alternatives to Goodreads; Bookish continues to add features that make it a good option as well.

- We're a few days late, but author David Farland's son is in a coma, and his friends are hosting a "Book Bomb" to help offset expenses.




- Our girl Sarah Enni is fresh out of the trenches and shares her tips for surviving the query process.

- The Hollywood Reporter sits down with 6 top literary agents to talk books and their movie adaptions (via Nancy Mercado).

- "Writing is an art form, but publishing is a business. If you're going to do both, you have to take both aspects into consideration." Suzie Townsend shares a few thoughts on self-publishing and querying agents.

- Chuck Wendig dares to suggest there is no ONE TRUE WAY to publishing success.

- Adventures in Children's Publishing has a great agent round up, and this month they've asked about the difference between reading as an agent versus as a critique partner.

- Why do agents attend conferences? It's not what you think, says Karen Dionne at the HuffPo.

- Actor B.J. Novak scores a 7-figure deal for his collection of short stories. (This bothers me, but only because I can't separate him from the character he plays on "The Office.")


- {Trigger warning} In the wake of yet another young girl's rape and public shaming, it's inspiring to see Laurie Halse Anderson doing a stellar job of raising awareness and advocating for victims. In addition to last week's profile in The Atlantic, she was a guest on NPR's "Talk of the Nation" yesterday; in a related conversation, a friend pointed me to this letter from Magda Pecsenye to her sons -- there are good additions and criticisms in the comments, though you'll have to leapfrog a few trolls -- and Jill Guccini at Book Riot shared the documented positive effects of Speak in the classroom.

- Makers presents 11 female film characters who were ahead of their time (via Martha Mihalick).

- A report launching next week will "serve as the jumping off point for the next wave of the women’s movement" -- the future of feminism is online. Meanwhile, photographer Deborah Copaken Kogan makes its case in "My So-Called 'Post-Feminist' Life in Arts and Letters" at The Nation. James Allworth says it's not women who should "lean in," it's men who should step back, while a school district in California bans yoga pants for fear that boys might be distracted. Yeah.

- WHAT. A French researcher says bras actually make your boobs saggier. WHAT.


- Erin Jade Lange is celebrating the cover reveal for Dead Ends with an ARC giveaway!


Coachella is this weekend and you can catch their live feed on YouTube, but have you ever seen the pile of lost wallets they accumulate by the end of the festival?

Etsy sellers responded to Fox's crack down on Firefly fan merch.

An Argentine man bought two toy poodles... then discovered they were ferrets on steroids.

Amazon bought the Totally Hip Book Review?!?

Every wonder how many pieces of bacon would make up your daily allotment of calories? (There appears to be debate in the comments regarding "do" versus "does" in the title, which gives me hope for mankind.)

And this is all over the internet this week but I don't care because it's my new favorite thing ever.

Have a good weekend!

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  1. OMG! "How Animals Eat Their Food" is the funniest thing ever!!! Thanks :)))

  2. Oh, the link about a school banning yoga pants--that happened at a junior high in my community, too, the same community in which Rehtaeh Parsons went to high school. I'm so sick over what I'm realizing about rape culture in my community--it's stronger than I imagined.

    It was the exact same reasoning for the yoga pants--they could distract the boys. It made the local news, and some people certainly thought it was ridiculous, but I felt like the only one whose argument was that we should stop blaming girls for what boys do. And, as far as I know, the dress code still stands.


    But thank you for your fantastic work with the round-up, as always! :)

  3. This is one of the best Field Trips ever, though I was kind of sad to see lesbian interpretations of my favorite middle grade and YA novels growing up. (I'm not homophobic. I just think they're reading too much into something that's not there, like most English professors and majors do.)

    More than anything though, I'm glad to see you guys putting David Farland's book bomb on here! I participated, and I'm so glad he's getting so much support. I love his Daily Kicks in the Pants, which have not only affirmed that I am actually doing something RIGHT, but have also reminded me of what I'm doing wrong or could be doing better. I pray his son makes it out okay! And even if he doesn't, David had so much support that things will work out.

    And that "How Animals Eat Their Food" video is outrageously hilarious. XD


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