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Writing Horror: Scary Writing Prompt Game #3

Happy Saturday, Spookies!

Last week's game brought in so many truly incredible answers, and I cannot even tell you how much I enjoyed reading through them all. You guys are so freaking talented! Needless to say I've been anxiously awaiting round #3 since.

Again, here's how it works: I'll announce the prompt, then you guys post a 1-2 paragraph response in the comment section. 

I've also decided to introduce a new aspect to the game--I will now be posting my favorite entry from the previous week before launching into the new prompt.

Although it was so difficult to choose, the winner of last week would most definitely have to be Alexia. She was really able to nail it with her short but effective take on this dress:

"To them, I am stunning. I am a statuesque beauty with the face of a doll and the posture of a proper lady. I greet them every day with a smile and a wave, and their faces beam with awe. "Beautiful!" "So elegant!" "What I would give to wear such a lovely dress!"

The dress. Embroidered with lace and silk, it falls just right across my body. I will never lose or gain weight, so It will always be perfect for me, just as I am perfect for it. Do I think of what I've sacrificed to be granted my one true wish? To wear the perfect dress that captivated me from the moment I laid eyes on its lavish display in the window? Of course. Does it bother me? I cannot say. Although as of late, the others that have been entangled by the luxurious snare of the dress have begun to stir. I can feel them with me, clawing and struggling to escape our body. And the girl that has been admiring us from the other side of the glass seems almost too interested. Will she make the wish as well? It is becoming a bit crowded in here. Will the dress ever find its fill of admirers?"

(Eeeee! What an awesome and creeptastic entry. Spectacular job, Alexia!)

Today's prompt is:

Each day she wandered closer.

Originally from
When Todd first noticed the hunched woman lingering on the outskirts of his family's farm, his blood ran cold. Who was she? She wasn't wearing any shoes, just a filthy, tattered dress that clung to the weeds as she stumbled through them, her fingers outstretched in front of her. From afar, Todd could hear her clearing her throat over and over again, as if trying very hard not to cry, and when he called out to her, she carried on as if he wasn't there at all.

By the time Todd ran inside to tell his mother about the woman, she was already gone, and at least there was that. Relief flooded him and he continued to play outside. 

But the next day the woman came back, and then the next, and then the next. Each day she wandered closer, clearing her throat in between slow, rolling giggle fits as she dragged her bare feet through the dead grass and ant hills. Todd's family couldn't see her, and his mother asked with a nervous laugh if he had made an imaginary friend. 

Todd began hiding under his bed during the days, shivering, hearing the sounds of the woman through his open window as she got closer to him, the dragging feet, the giggles. There was no way around it, Todd knew.

She was coming.

Who was she? What did she want? And, worst of all....what would happen when she arrived?

Okay, friends, the next round will take place on Saturday, April 13th. Until then...

Release the Hellhounds!

Amy Lukavics

Amy lurks within the forested mountains of Arizona. When she isn't reading or writing creepy stories, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and playing games across many platforms. She is the author of Daughters Unto Devils (Harlequin Teen 2015) and The Women In The Walls (Harlequin Teen 2016).

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  1. Todd didn't know how to handle the situation as the woman seemed to slowly close in on where he is. The woman steadily crawled closer and closer. Todd was shrieking at the thought of what could possibly happen to him and his family.

    The woman finally closed in on the house. Darkness started to surround the place. Todd didn't know what to do. He felt like their lives where coming to an end. The monstrous woman seemed to want to get his family for reasons unknown. There was no escaping from the horror of what was to come. Todd desperately tried to hide under his blanket hoping that the monster wouldn't be able to get him. It was too late as the woman consumed the whole house and the family along with it. No one would ever here from them again.

  2. Todd's bones vibrated with a truth he had known since the first night: he would never escape her until he faced her. Tonight, when his family was asleep, he would wander out into the darkness, under the frail light of the moon, and let her take him to where he belonged. An eerie silence blanketed the fields when he finally dragged himself outside. His heart was an engine, rumbling angrily. Then, he heard rustling in the wheat fields. Slowly she rose, distorted and crooked. The moonlight illuminated her: neck not quite aligned, blood caking her hair, wide, blaming eyes. She stumbled toward him and he held out his arms, waiting for her deadly embrace.

    Her slit lips curled into a vicious smile as her crooked hands reached him. She cackled madly, sending shivers down his spine. Then she leaped upon him, her tails scratching his clothing, and then his skin. "This. Is. The. End," she screeched. He looked up at the sky one last time before she brought him with her to the depths of hell. He saw her in the stars, recognized the mouth, slit with a knife, the head, twisted just enough to crack her neck, the cuts all over her body, covering her with blood. He smiled as he began his descent. His work had been beautiful. She would bring him happiness in death, knowing that his creation had turned out absolutely ... perfect.

  3. Her nails tapped on the window. Click. Clack. Click. Clack. She was right outside the house now, staring in at Todd through a curtain of damp, stringy hair. She giggled, tilting her head. Bloodshot eyes wide.

    “Let me in, Todd,” she whispered but… had she? Her cracked lips had not moved. She kept grinning. A wide grin, baring yellow stained teeth and she shuffled closer to the window. Todd cowered in the corner of his room. His nails chewed and his body shaking. But slowly his shoulders were relaxing. He was standing up straight. The woman giggled and tapped again on the window. A sharp fingernail against the glass. Tap. Tap. Tap. Her appearance was changing. Soft blonde hair that the wind blew lightly. A gentle heart shaped face. Full lips pulled into a shy smile and Todd returned it. She giggled and it was a sweet, pleasant sound. He walked towards the window. The Beldam licked her dry lips as the boy walked up to the window, laughing jovially as he came to greet her. Her bony fingers pressed against the window and she cackled as Todd reached out to unlock it. A naïve smile spread across his face. She sneered back. He was hers now. Another one to satisfy her hunger.

  4. One day, less than a week after the first time Todd saw the woman, she entered the farm. Hiding under his bed Todd heard soft footsteps coming from the hallway outside his room and began to tremble. The minutes dragged on and he couldn’t prevent tears fell from his eyes. After what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes, he heard a scream. Without even thinking, Todd ran from the room and went towards where the scream came from. He went into the bathroom, breathing hard and when he saw the corpse, he fell to the ground, no forces, crying.
    The next day the entire Todd’s family was in his house, dressed in black and regretting what had happened, but Todd was not paying attention to them. All he did was look out the window at his mother and the woman barefoot, walking together. And every day of his life he continued to see them and be the only one able to do that.

  5. I am LOVING these so far, guys! <3 Poor Todd, geez.

  6. Todd could hear her close now, dragging her feet across the bare dirt, coming closer and closer. His eyes began to well up; he knew nobody could help him. He scrambled out from under his bed and raced down the stairs into the kitchen. He quickly grabbed the biggest knife on the counter, his mother still at the sink washing dishes, sisters reading, and darted back upstairs, slamming the door behind him. He went to the window and slid it down, hearing the woman giggling and sliding her bare feet on the wooden porch, locked it and backed into the corner facing the door, knife in his hand.

    He could hear them now, coming up the stairs. Not just the woman, but his mother, his sisters. They tried the door asking Todd to come out, but he would not answer. He could hear the woman coming. Somehow she was louder than them banging, wailing on the door, pleading with him to open the door, to COME OUT, her ragged feet dragging across the wooden floors, her awful gurgling followed by that sickening laughter, all louder than the cries, those awful cries and screams from behind the door. Then silence, sickening silence only broken by his heartbeat, his heavy breathing, the drips and drops of tears falling from his face. The knob of the door twisted, shocking Todd. He buried his head into his arms, wishing for it to go away, the shuffling, the coughing, the cries, the screaming, the giggling; all of it to go away. The door slowly opened. Todd lowered his arms, unshielding his eyes and gazed upon the woman. Her bare feet were dried and bloodied, her dress unkempt and rotting. Her throat was cut wide open, a large ragged wound trickling black blood down onto her dress. She coughed, making that
    horrible gurgling sound, as blood gushed from the wound down onto the wooden floor, letting out another hellish giggle fit, as Todd finally locked his eyes to hers. His mother's black eyes stared back at him as she continued to laugh and sway and cackle. Todd looked down at his clothes, the knife in his hand, now covered in thick sticky blood. He stared back at the woman, still giggling, raised the knife and plunged it deep into his stomach. He slumped on his side on the blood stained floor, staring at his dead mother, his dead sisters, their bodies scattered around the room. The woman limped towards Todd, lurching back and forth, clearing her throat as blood gushed out of her neck, her eyes locked on him, waiting for his eyes to finally go dark.

  7. Todd awoke suddenly, eyes as wide as the hammering in his chest was loud, and quickly became aware of two things. One, he was no longer under his bed, but tucked in tight beneath his Digimon sheets and Toy Story comforter--the latter of which had not been on his bed of late because of the summer heat. Second, though his room was dark and empty, he was painfully sure he was not alone. He thought to turn his head, to sit up and look around, but his body was still held fast and couldn't rouse itself. His blood buzzed beneath his goosed skin, sizzling into his fingers and toes and agitated brain like acid--yet his body was frozen solid. He became aware of a third, more terrifying thing when a darkness just on the peripheral of his vision reached out large, gnarled hands and gripped him around the arms. It lifted him from the bed, as if he weighed nothing, and grinned daggers of sharp teeth from a featurless face. With a laugh it licked thin lips and backed towards Todd's closet--towards a blood-red glow that undulated with heat. Then there was a gasp, and both Todd's eyes and the creature turned to the source.

    "I knew you'd come back for him," Todd's mystery woman said, her eyes and cheeks glossy in the warm glow. Her lungs hitched, then she giggled mirthlessly, disturbing a noose she wore about her neck like jewelry. "No one believed me, but I wasn't crazy. And I won't let you take my boy from me again. I won't let you have Richard. You--" The thing hissed and back-handed her across the room. She crashed into a wall mirror and fell out of sight to the floor. When nothing else happened, the creature shrugged and gathered Todd into its arms. Chuckling, it turned on its way again, only to pause once more when the room suddenly turned sub-zero. A layer of ice crystalized along the walls, the floor, the furniture. It was so cold, Todd's terrified breaths were thick as smoke and casting shadows. The woman stood abruptly, her eyes dry and leveled on the creature. She pounced and the thing hissed again as Todd fell from its hold. The woman and the creature fought and growled and screamed in an unholy cacophany that shook the entire house until it groaned. The dented the wall and broke a chair, they knocked over the dresser. By the time Todd made it into the hall, his parents were coming out of their room as well and were murmuring prayers over the earthquake now rattling dishes in the kitchen and overturning clay pots on the porch. Todd and family ran together out of the house as the shaking worsened into a tipsy lurching beneath them. A red light, like that from the closet, swelled and filled the house until it was blinding. Then, with a final scream and shudder, every window in the house blew out on a wave of heat, before all returned to dark and still and quiet. Shaken, but unharmed, the family walked to the nearest neighbor's house (which was unaffected by the earthquake) and spent the rest of the night there. Todd never saw the creature or the woman ever again.

  8. Although fashionably late (Right?! *glances around nervously*), I've made it back. Looks like another fun adventure, assuming you're not Todd--or his family--of course. Some great entries here, though.

  9. Creak. She was here. Finally here. A giggle escaped her lips. Todd felt sweat roll down his neck as he peaked out. Hiding under his bed in the summer heat was no fun, but what was he to do? She was standing in the doorway, giggling the strange giggling. It turned into a laughing fit. Maybe she wouldn't hurt him or his family. Todd gathered up all of his courage and came out of the bed. Her laughing immediately stopped.
    "What do you want from me?" Todd whimpered. The woman's head snapped back, her red eyes blazing beneath her thin and ragged hair. The smell of rotting flesh filled the air, coming in waves from her. She was a... corpse. Possessed probably. A hysterical laugh burbled from Todd's throat. How she clashed with bright sunlight streaming through the windows. Then the woman raised a hand and Todd's laughing stopped. His throat was constricting. He fought for breath. Gasping like a fish out of water, Todd dropped to his knees. So many things undone, mysteries unsolved. Why was she killing him? He fell sideways and everything went black.
    A week later the local police came and the medical examiner picked up the bodies of Todd and his family for the autopsies. As she was loading the gurneys onto the truck, she could swear she heard a phantom giggle. The medical examiner shrugged. It was probably nothing...

  10. YOU GUYS ARE INCREDIBLE!!!! Holy hell! Or should I say, holy Hellhounds!


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