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Field Trip Friday: March 29, 2013


Amazon bought Goodreads. Twitter chaos ensues. Rachel Bateman takes a look at what this could mean for  readers and writers; Forbes looks at how it will hurt the competition. Sierra Godfrey points out it's not that big a shock, and Gabrielle Prendergast says publishing mergers are the new adult dystopian vampires. I'm keeping an eye out to see what the next move is for Bookish.

Barnes and Noble is feuding with Simon and Schuster (or maybe the other way around, who knows). Delilah Dawson points out that authors and readers are the ones getting punished, while Chuck Wendig says self-published authors shouldn't cheer the situation -- this can (and has) happened to that part of the business as well.


- Our friend Sarah McCarry takes an unflinching look at slut shaming and worse in book reviews.

- "A good first line means I’m going to keep reading because I expect you to impress me again." Agent Sarah LaPolla on what's important in the first pages of a manuscript.

- Chuck Wendig lists 25 ways to be a happy writer.

- Erin Bowman shares the second half of feature on what happens "After the Editorial Letter."

- I can't see Vine posts for some reason (probably because I haven't downloaded the app? IDK) but multiple sources assure me this is the truth about writing.

- This little app looks wonderful: Poetry, Storybird style (via Molly O'Neill).

- Flavorwire has a slideshow of famous authors as teenagers (via Rachel Stark).


- 2013 "represents another wave of change" for LGBT* books, according to David Levithan.

- Penguin will publish This Star Won't Go Out, a collection of pieces by Nerdfighter Esther Earl with an intro by John Green.

- YALSA compiles a timeline of books about American women for National Women's History Month.

- Taking a page from Arizona's playbook, the Texas legislature sets its sights on the state's ethnic studies programs (via Samantha Mabry).

- Jamie at The Perpetual Pageturner shares myths she believed about authors, before she met them.

- Love this school reading community activity: Literacy Lockers! (via Stacked)

- Congrats to this year's RITA finalists!


- It's Bologna Book Fair time again! PW reports an emphasis on middle grade and realistic YA.

- Bullying is a hot topic, though I'm not sure what's up with the NYT's headline: "Publishers Revel in Youthful Cruelty."

- French Culture Minister Aurélie Filippetti unveils plans to help France's independent booksellers.

- Simon and Schuster will give authors direct access to their books' piracy data.


- You've probably heard that Google Reader is getting the ax, a fact that threatened to make the Field Trip a much more difficult undertaking. But Nathan Bransford has a "how to" article Feedly, on the replacement many people are adopting (including me).

- The International Astronomical Union named a Mercury crater after Madeleine L'Engle (via Martha Mihalick).

- The Village Voice has "'Only in New York!' and Six Other New York Sayings That Are Completely False."

- From the A.V. Club: "Study of kids trying to get into R-rated movies finds that theaters are way less cool now."

- TIME names the 140 best Twitter feeds of the year.

- The Lizzie Bennet Diaries have ended but you can still own them on DVD - and help support the next project.

- Kind of random (found via a borked Pinterest link), but The Hungry Mouse shares their experience of having their domain hacked and stolen, how they got it back, and how to avoid it. Scary.


- Win a copy of Taken and other great 2013 debuts from Blythe Harris during her week-long blogoversary celebration!

- YA Fusion is giving away an ARC of If You Find Me!


Hark A Vagrant: Anne of Cleves Gables

This made me laugh a lot longer than it should have. (Give it a minute.)

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Thanks, Kate, for sharing the YA Fusion link. Sarah McCarry's post is really powerful - and now I know about her upcoming novel. Off to follow more links-

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Kate. Wonderful roundup, as always.

  3. Even if it sounds naive, I have to admit I'm shocked that Amazon bought Goodreads. I think had my life not been crazy this past week I would have caught on the day the news came out.

    What an interesting bookish week!

  4. Lots of great stuff here today. My face is actually hurting from that Taylor Swift cover. So, so funny! :P

  5. The first Chuck Wendig link--about how self-pubbers shouldn't cheer on the S&S/B&N feud goes to an elementary school calendar? I gotta have me my Chuck Wendig :)

  6. Thank you so much for linking to my Literacy Lockers post! :D

  7. Thanks everyone (and sorry about the borked link)!


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