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Field Trip Friday: February 8, 2013


- "Chapters are kind of like socks—something we writers and editors use ALL the time, but hardly ever think about." Paper Lantern Lit's newest installment of the Writer's Toolbox is all about chapters: what goes in them and how.

- Fascinating article from Oliver Sacks about memory and plagiarism (via Dawn Miller).

- Elizabeth Gilbert has the antidote to Philip Roth's cranky "stop while you're ahead" advice to writers.

- What can you do if your family doesn't support your writing? Jody Hedlund has help.

- Your book needs plot, character, and hooptedoodle, says Elizabeth Wein.

- Rachel Hawkins gives advice on writing, drafting, and word vomit.

- This article is several years old, but worth sharing: Writers and Depression (via Myra McEntire).

- Chuch Wendig hosts "Please Don't Pirate My Book Day;" I liked Brendan Halpin's addition to the event. (Also relevant: The Financial Reality of a Genre Novelist.)


- After years of prep, Bookish finally launched! In addition to posts and interviews with authors like Ellen Hopkins and Lauren DeStefano, they also have fun features like YA Superlatives (though I'd have liked to see a shout out to our friends who originally hosted that same feature). Wired calls it "the lovechild of Amazon and Goodreads" and says it's "pretty slick," though Mike Cane also has some questions about their Terms of Service. I'm just psyched to have an online, not-Amazon option for book buying.

- Lots of ranting this week about a new Anne of Green Gables cover that features Anne as a sexy blond. (While I agree that it is horrendous, please take note that Anne is public domain now, and this is a Createspace job, not a publisher. Also, note the mainstream coverage and mentally compare it to the media attention whitewashing gets. Just saying.)

- Turns out Mary Ingalls didn't go blind from scarlet fever after all.

- Oh sure, we're cool with Nazis and slavery, but won't somebody think of the animals?!? Fairfax County parents wants to ban Beloved

- How do YALSA's "Best of" lists compare to the rest of 2012's lists? Our girl Kelly Jensen crunches the numbers over at Stacked.

- Bad news, weirdos: No more sexual role play at Goodreads.

- The HuffPo lists their top 10 fictional females they'd like to have as real-life friends.

- GalleyCat reports that your brain can remember blog posts better than novels.

- After a Guardian article about the ways chick lit hurts self esteem, Maureen Johnson is back on her Twitter game with this week's #isitchicklit. BookRiot has a roundup of the highlights.


- Y'all, what the actual... Amazon is going to sell "used" e-books and MP3s? Perhaps they should consult a used dictionary to figure out the meaning of "LOGIC."

- What do "NA / WE /W" mean at the end of sales announcements? The KOrtizzle explains all.

- The Daily Dahlia provides a quick querying Q&A.


Vampire Academy fans, good news! A writer from Heathers and a Mean Girls director are teaming up for the movie.

- Jenny Han's The Summer I Turned Pretty has been optioned to Lionsgate Television!

Pitch Perfect fans have reason to be excited this week: Tina Fey is making a movie with its director, and Rebel Wilson is launching a t-shirt line.

- The NY Daily News reports on how Twilight blazed a trail for other YA-based movies.


- Two of Fred Phelps's granddaughters have left his Westboro Church -- Jeff Chu at interviews them to find out why, and what comes next.

- Holly Wenninger sent us this article by Maddy Myers: "Why I Play Violent Video Games." (It is interesting. I have ~*thoughts*~. They won't fit here.) Related: Amy Hatch says, "Words mean something, so stop saying you want to kill someone."

- Grimes posts in defense of Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and other pop music... then deletes her entire Tumblr.

- If you're unfamiliar with the terminology, this article is a little confusing, but Eddie Ndopu hits the nail on the head with her conclusion: "Non-disabled people receive support all of the time, but because such 'help' is built into social institutions and normalized it looks like independence."

- A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III. The book deal has already been announced.

- An all-girl rock and roll band in Kashmir breaks up after a fatwa is issued. A NJ school makes a "no cursing" rule-- but only for the girls. Chaka Cumberbatch is (an amazing) black female cosplayer and some people hate it. A lot. But hey, congrats, Parisian women! You can now wear pants!


- Help Bookshelvers Anonymous celebrate their first blog-o-versary and win $25 worth of books!

- Win a copy of The Bird With the Broken Wing from D. L. Richardson!


There is something very satisfying about this website: Things Fitting Perfectly Into Other Things (via Amanda Hocking)


Best pun prank ever?


This is Shaq lipsyncing to Beyonce. You can thank Sumayyah for that one.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Heh. I looked for this earlier today before it was posted and got a little twitchy like "Where is my field trip Friday??? I needs it!

    Worth the wait as always :) *goes off in search of hooptedoodle*

    1. Thanks for waiting! I had a very important performance of "Stone Soup" to attend last night, so the post had to wait until today. :)

  2. Loved the video game article. Nice roundup Kate!

    1. Turns out my "scheduled at 8am" comment was um... overly optimistic. :D

  3. There are actually a lot of non-Amazon online book buying options, not the least of which are any number of local independent bookstores that offer online ordering and national or international shipping.

    1. Sorry, should have said "another" option. Thanks for the info.

  4. That article on chapters was just what I needed to today! :)


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