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Comfort Things: Writing & Revisions Cuisine

In this series, I've asked my YA Highway co-bloggers about their comfort things -- the food, music, movies & TV, and books that help guide them to their cozy, happy places, where the best writing magic happens. We'd love to know about your comfort things in the comments!

First up: writing and revisions cuisine!


I don't really cook when I'm writing/revising so much as dump cheez its, nutter butters and chewy chocolate chip cookies in a bowl and drink lots of orange juice. I can be persuaded to add granola. o.o


Curry - I eat A LOT of Thai curry when I'm writing or revising. Not too much spice, though. Chips and Salsa - I can seriously eat a whole bag of tortilla chips in one sitting when I'm writing. I always get medium salsa. It reminds me of home because that's one of my mom's favorite snacks, so it's comforting in that nostalgic way.


All things chocolatey. I don't have much of a sweet tooth, but apparently my muse does. And coffee. I’m kind of clichéd when it comes to comfort foods.


So, I cannot eat while I'm writing, for the most part, because it distracts me. But I do like eating things like pomegranate or raspberries or other similar fruits that I can eat at my leisure and don't need to really hold onto so much.


It's less about comfort and more about "won't make my stomach hurt or slow me down too much." If I'm cooking for myself, I usually make some kind of baked pasta, since I can eat the leftovers for a few days. Fried rice is easy and filling. Energy balls or breakfast cookies are good too. And when I'm coffee-d out, I drink a lot of ginger green tea.

Kristin O:

Fresh, simple foods, like homemade bread and brie cheese and apple slices. Pasta. Ice cream. Soup. Gummy candies. Thai food. Bread and cheese and apples are things that I eat with my mom when we're just snacking and talking and sharing our lives with each other. Pasta should be self explanatory. Ditto ice cream and gummies. Soup and Thai food are just warm and wonderful things I crave in the middle of winter when spring seems too far away.


Tea! I don't ever eat while writing, not even snacks. Sometimes when I'm in the zone I forget meals for this reason..


Dried apricots, jerky, Sour Skittles, frozen gummy bears, kettle chips and cherry cola.

Kristin H:

My diet doesn't really change when I writing or revising. I do have a special place in my heart for gummy tummy penguins when I'm *really* tackling a tough revision. Also, warm homemade bread with butter, sea salt and orange blossom honey is the food of the gods. I keep a lot of fluids nearby when I'm working--water, most often, but also lattes, tea (mango black is my current favorite) and sometimes juice.

Me (Kirsten):

Like some of my friends above, I can't eat when I'm actually writing or revising, although I do drink chai tea (or coffee, if I am on it) nonstop. I also love those days when I'm so deep in storyworld I forget a meal. However, cooking and baking relaxes me, and after great output I'll often reward myself: stuff like peanut butter cookies, salted brown butter rice krispie treats (smitten kitchen, I heart you), and lots of hearty soups made from scratch.

What are your favorite writing & revisions foods? 


Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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  1. I seem to fall in the catagory most of you fall in; food is a distraction. I give myself rewards like cheese and apples on the weekdays after a long day of writing and revision. But on the weekends, BRING ON THE CHOCOLATE!!!

  2. I can't eat when I'm writing, but I have to have a drink - either sprite or bottled water.

  3. Although eating is normally one of my vices, if I get caught up in writing/revisions I tend to forget to be hungry (good for diets AND writing!). I do, however, need a near-constant mug of coffee. Without one, the gears of my brain tend to shut down entirely...

  4. I can't eat while I'm writing, either. It's distracting and I hate to get my keyboard messy -- because that'll just drive me nuts. But I have to be drinking something high in caffeine (coffee, Coca Cola, etc) or else the revision process will just drain me.

  5. I drank a lot of coffee and chai tea while writing. Now that I'm revising I've been eating a lot of... waffles surprisingly... But I blame Parks and Rec for it!

  6. Dark chocolate with chiles and cherries and of course, coffee.

  7. Dark chocolate and really sour gummies. Something I can stick in my mouth and suck on, for some reason it always helps me think. If I dont have something to suck on I start to bite my bottom lip which as you can guess isent the best habit.

  8. THis is so fun to read. I love how varied you guys are


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