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Field Trip Friday: January 18, 2013


- Beth at Shimmer has the truth about rejection letters: They're written by BADGERS.

- How does a winning an award change your life? PW interviews ten Newbery and Caldecott winners.


- Congrats to our girl Veronica Roth, who won YA Books Central's "Favorite Teen Author" and "Best Dystopian 2012"!

- John and Hank Green brought down the house at Carnegie Hall this week, bringing out special guest Neil Gaiman and generally being in love with the world.

- The Atlantic Wire has a timeline of historical YA.

- "Last year's award-winning books were mostly about white people and created by white people," finds Mitali Perkins.

- Epic Reads has a fun post: "15 Perfect Tea and Book Pairings."

- Do pizza parties encourage or discourage an actual love of reading? Joe Bower laments his daughter's transition from "reading with Daddy" to "I want a book buck!" (via Kelly Jensen)

- The movie version of Laini Taylor's Daughter of Smoke and Bone has a producer: Joe Roth, who was behind Alice In Wonderland and Snow White and the Huntsman!

- Does this guy look familiar? I'm told he's attached to a Kardashian, but he got his start as a YA cover model.

- The American Reader has a "10 Under 10" list that's pretty hilarious.

- Ehrmagerd, it's R. L. Stine! Mediabistro has him explain the Gersberms meme. (And I would like to reiterate that SARAH KNOWS THE EHRMAGERD GIRL. Which, by the transitive property of fame, makes me almost famous. Totally.)

- Bookshelvers Anonymous talks stat-envy and refusing to play the blog traffic numbers game.

- Congratulations to this year's Edgar Nominees!

- In other awards news, the National Book Awards is adding a longlist.


- Is it okay for an agent to show your work to editors before s/he has signed you? Jennifer Laughran has an explanation of agent ethics.

- If you're going to ALA Midwinter, don't miss the CBC Diversity session (or the Great Blogger Meetup, hosted by us and Stacked!)

- I've been doing a "Best Of" series to close out my Twitter version of the Field Trip Friday feature (don't worry, the YA Highway version is staying put!): today I have a round up of highlights from three years of publishing tweets. The query highlights are also very helpful if you're going to be contacting agents soon!

- Writers and agents are angry at Condé Nast's new contracts.

- Rachelle Gardner looks at the surprises of self-publishing, with lots of interesting discussion in the comments.

- Just starting out on Twitter? Mashable has an extensive "how to" guide.


- A researcher suggests that Scrabble knock "Z" down a point or two.

- A few months ago I linked the Paul Frank "Dream Catchin' Powwow" controversy, and I wanted to update with Jessica Metcalfe's report on the first meeting between Paul Frank staffers and Native American designers. Wouldn't it be great if all cultural clusterf!cks were resolved in such an awesome way?

- Everyone knows where Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan are now, but where have the guys from Mean Girls gone?

- Who's better, Justin or Justin? Our girl Sarah Enni points out that today's Bieber is yesterday's Timberlake.

- This week in "Sometimes Athletes are Great, Big Liars": Manti Te'o's dead girlfriend is revealed to be a hoax, while Lance Armstrong spills the doping beans to Oprah.

- This week in "I Hate People No Seriously": Welcome to the world where Sandy Hook didn't really happen.

- This week in "Did I Read That Right?": 18 Human Heads Found at O'Hare Airport.

- Lots of buzz for this post: What if we responded to sexual assault by limiting men's freedom the way we do women's?

- Pauline Phillips, better known as "Dear Abby," passed away Wednesday at the age of 94.


- A. S. King wins "coolest promo:" Readers of Everybody Sees the Ants will have a chance to tour Lady Gaga's "Born Brave Bus."

- The Sunshine Tour, a book tour in the Southeast of the US featuring 11 YA authors (JA Souders, Jenny Torres Sanchez, Anna Banks, Lucienne Diver, Danielle Joseph, Gaby Triana, Trish Doller, Jessica Martinez, Karen Amanda Hooper, Heather Burch & Christina Diaz Gonzalez), is having a giveaway to help spread the word. You could win 11 signed books!


John Hodgman's Advice for Writers (I thought this was going to be a parody, but it's actually... good? I don't know the back story. Phoebe gave it to me. But it's good.)


Have a great weekend!

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  1. Written by badgers? That explains SO much! haha

  2. I loved the post about limited men's freedoms the same way we do women's. Great post. =D

  3. Guys, you have GOT to stop posting cute animal videos. I watch one and then I click on one of the suggested videos after and then I just get SUCKED INTO the endless black hole that is Youtube and cute animals. Not good for productivity :P


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