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Field Trip Friday: January 11, 2013


- "Live your life, live your life, live your life." Beautiful post from Jo Knowles.

- Also love this post from Karen Rivers on 2013 and "becoming her colours."

- Hey, you know what makes deadlines suck way worse? Chemo. (via Courtney Summers)

- Nova Ren Suma shares her thoughts on being realistic and having big dreams (and references Daniel Marks's video on depression and managing expectations).

- io9 looks at the idea of authors "selling out," and John Scalzi elaborates on the topic.

- Stress and busyness shouldn't be a badge of honor, says Kelly Jensen.

- Need to be more productive? Try Dana Sitar's routine. (via Marissa Meyer)

- If you're feeling unhappy with your writing and/or career, Rachelle Gardner suggests you look at things to eliminate-- even if that means industry blogs or negative forums.


- The Guardian defends The Fault In Our Stars, Before I Die, and other books against The Daily Mail's accusations of "sick-lit."

- A Memory of Light is raking in one-star reviews... because of its e-book delay.

- MSNBC Today joins the chorus of journalists calling New Adult "steamier YA." (Don't read the comments. They're more idiotic than usual.)

- Meet the man who started the Twitter rumor that J.K. Rowling was dead. (via Sarah Weinman)

- Tracey Neithercott puts together an epic story based solely on YA covers.

- Need something to read? Pub(lishing) Crawl has a look at January releases, Stacked has recommendations for horror, and PW crunches numbers on the bestselling books of 2012.

- The Omnivore reveals its book review nominees for "Hatchet Job of the Year."

- Highwayer Phoebe North and co-blogger Sean Wills close up the Intergalactic Academy.


- Dennis Johnson at Melville House strikes fear into the hearts of everyone with his prediction that Barnes and Noble is on its way out. (via Kate Sullivan)

- Vanity Fair interviews legendary 92-year-old agent Sterling Lord, who represented Jack Kerouac.

- "It’s better to be deeply involved in one thing rather than superficially involved." Atria Publisher Judith Carr talks about digital content, self publishing success stories, and more.

- Rachelle Gardner has helpful tips for understanding your agent.

- Molly Jaffa tells how to make the most of Twitter-- and how agents are using it to scout you.

- Entangled Publishing gives Davis Entertainment first look at all their releases.

- Book piracy sucks. Media Bistro has tips for fighting it.

- A new service will allow you to sell products (including books) for the price of one promotional tweet (via Bree).

- Even nine years of trying doesn't make author Bryan Bliss feel like he "deserves" a book deal.

- "“You should no longer say that you want to be a self-published author... what you need to be is a self-published publisher." A panel of experts talks best self-publishing practices at the Miami Book Fair.

- KHP Publishers drop an author after he makes racial slurs on Twitter. (via Jason Pinter)

- Candlewick, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster send a big donation to Sandy Hook.

- Rachel Geertsema shares how she turned her love of social media into a job in book marketing.

- Do you realllly need an agent? Jennifer Laughran talks shortcuts in publishing.


- EW released new Catching Fire stills, and revealed three book characters who didn't make the movie cut. Meanwhile, Jennifer Lawrence is having the best. week. ever.

- I gave everyone the side eye for their praise of the NYT's "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie," but it is really weirdly interesting and compelling.

- As if Django Unchained weren't controversial enough, now there are action figures?

- It's so hot in Australia right now that meteorologists had to add a new color to their weather map.

- Very important news: The Puppy Bowl now includes hedgehogs.

- PopSci has an infographic of 21 emotions for which there are no English words.

- If he's not going to full time it on SNL, at least Justin Timberlake is putting out some new music.


Cats That Look Like Pin Up Girls


"Throw it in here! I'm a ghost!".

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