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Field Trip Friday: December 14, 2012


- Stephanie Sun at the HuffPo explains why bad reviews are good for writers.

- Natalie Whipple says you have to be talented at working to succeed at writing.

- Over at Pub(lishing) Crawl, Susan Dennard has help for tackling revisions.

- Jennifer Begg asked us to spread the word about the Google+ community she has started for writers.

- Maureen Johnson is not going to encourage you to write. (She would also not encourage you to leave years' worth of insane notes on her door, lest you become blog fodder. Hilarious, hilarious blog fodder.)


- Love this fun post from Kimberly at Stacked: Cover Math!

- Speaking of covers, YALSA put together a post condemning trends of whitewashing, "silhouetting," and "ambiguous ethnicity" on YA covers. However, some of their claims were disputed (or more fully explained) in the comments, and Diana Peterfreund responded with "Whitewashing Covers, part eleventy."

- On a related note, Jaquira Díaz at YAtopia wants your help in compiling a diverse YA and MG list for readers of underrepresented groups.

- Epic Reads put together the Ultimate Gift Guide for YA Readers.

- The Horn Book claims that "girls-who-don’t-know-they’re-part-robotic are the new zombies."

- Want some accurate sci fi? io9 has recommendations from real scientists.

- The Hobbit movie is out! Jon Michaud at The New Yorker feels very strongly that it's a better book than Lord of the Rings. And he hates Tom Bombadil. A lot. (via Housing Works)

- This week in "Reading Comprehension Fail": The CW greenlights 'Hunger Games-esque' reality show.

- Tim Kreider at City Paper discusses why "what we pore over at 12 may be the most important reading we ever do."

- Sarah Rees Brennan and Maureen Johnson will join Cassandra Clare in an e-serialization of stories based on Clare's Mortal Instruments character, Magnus Bane.

- Get a sneak peek at the first page of Sarah McCarry's upcoming All Our Pretty Songs!

- Jim C. Hines and John Scalzi "pose off" for charity (a gag Jim explains in more detail here).

- Check out these awesome dioramas inspired by 19th-century women novelists.

- Did you know Kirsten Dunst's first gig was as an adorable toddler held by Claudia Kishi on a BSC cover? The HuffPo has a collection of celebs who have posed for book covers.

- The "Best Of" lists keep coming:


- As Edward Champion put it, "It's getting all Biggie vs. Tupac between Page Views and Jacket Copy over LA literary culture." (via Evil Wylie)

- Illustrator Sam Zuppardi proposed to his fiancee in the acknowledgment section of his book. Awwwwww (via Jennifer Laughran)

- Janice Hardy asks, "Is it possible to have too many Twitter followers?"

- io9 reports that female fantasy and sci fi authors are still being asked to use male pseudonyms.

- DBW says history doesn't set a happy precedent for the Random/Penguin merger.

- GalleyCat has a cool "Digital Publishing Explosion" infographic.

- Looking for an agent? Be sure to read Jennifer Laughran's "Drama Llama Rejectorama."


- I loved this post from Lizzie Burns at SLJ about Gilda Radner, her legacy, and the dangers of withholding explanations from teens.

- Gawker says the list of 2012 unusual baby names will destroy your soul. (Best comment: the guy who's waiting on the next round of occupation names: "We have way too many Taylors, Tylers, and Masons and not nearly enough Bloggers, Vloggers, and SocialMediaDirectors.")

- The Telegraph reports secret filming of a mini Harry Potter movie (via Michelle Schusterman).

- Disney World built a flying, fire-breathing dragon and they're only going to use it ONCE?!? (via Jen Heddle)

- Tina Fey + Amy Poehler = BEST.

- Canada's First Nations rose this week with the "Idle No More" movement, in protest of legislation backed by the Harper government. The Samson Cree Nation organized blockades, and Attawapiskat chief Theresa Spence has gone on hunger strike to demand a meeting between Native leaders, the Prime Minister, and the Crown.

- Great post from Christa Desir: "On Being a Dude... and What To Do About Rape."

- We argue a lot about profanity in YA, but what about presidential profanity? Rolling Stone has some historical highlights. (Spoiler: No one beats LBJ.)


- Don't miss the YA Superlatives blog fest, hosted by some of our favorite ladies: Tracey Neithercott, Jessica Love, Allison Miller, and Katy Upperman. Participate and you're eligible to win a giveaway at the end of the event!

- Rebecca Behrens is hosting her second annual Festivus Giveaway, with copies of Sourcebook MG reads, A. S. King's Ask the Passengers, and Miranda Kinneally's Catching Jordan up for grabs!

- Bookshelvers Anonymous is giving away a signed ARC of Veronica Rossi's sequel Through the Ever Night!


I'm not even going to explain this, because what can you really say about the Ladies of Manure 2013 calendar, to benefit the Fertile Earth Foundation? Not sh!t, that's what.

Worst. free throw. ever.

And here, a little "awwwww!" to start your weekend off right.

Have a great weekend!

Kate Hart

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