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Field Trip Friday: November 9, 2012


The election is finally over, and Obama didn't just beat Romney-- he beat Justin Bieber for "most retweeted" update ever. Plus, not only did we get victories for marriage equality and lady lawmakers, we also got the Drunk Nate Silver meme. But it's hard to get more impressive than the woman who voted while in labor-- unless you're the guy who came back from the dead.

In YA news, what's scarier than the end of days? THE END OF BOYS. Er... or not, say Saundra Mitchell, Phoebe North, and Kristin Halbrook.

Also, I'm writing this late Thursday night, and apparently, Amazon just removed the ability to buy any Big 6 books from their site. Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow, it'll be a fixed glitch. (see also: Twitter, apocolypse, etc.)

Finally, Hurricane Sandy may have passed, but people still need help. You can bid on items at the KidLit Cares auction, or follow Colleen Lindsay, who's helping signal boost relief efforts (including the destroyed Ali Forney Center, a shelter for homeless LGBT youth).


- "Write from the gut, not from fear of prejudice," says Malinda Lo.

- Paper Lantern Lit's installment of their great "Toolbox" series is about world-building.

- Agent Sarah Davies presents part one of "From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The art of creating a great saleable story and the craft of teasing out its full potential."

- Nathan Bransford explains the difference between third person omniscient and limited.

- Maria Popova at Brain Pickings examines the science of intuition (via Jan O'Hara).

- Struggling with NaNo? Hayley Vornholt lists ten things she'd rather do than revise her novel.

- Our lady Vee shared two posts about her revision process: The Read Through and The Giant List of Doom.

- From "The Maze or the Labyrinth" by Matthew Quick (via Sara Zarr):
"[A]s the cacophony of sales numbers, Twitter and Facebook buzz, publishing doomsday prophecies, and Internet reviews jostles my thoughts, I am trying very hard to believe I can choose between two mentalities. Am I lost, trapped in a maze? Or am I simply moving forward, always toward the heart, no matter how many twists and turns the labyrinth presents?"


- Daniel Nayeri at CBC Diversity asks, "Do YA authors, editors, and librarians promote the idea that YA books have the power to do good, but reject the idea that they can do harm?"

- What's the difference between urban fantasy and magical realism? Rachel Siegal at Pub(lishing) Crawl explains.

- Stacked Books is hosting Contemporary YA Week, including a "So You Want to Read Contemporary YA?" flowchart.

- Author Kelli Maine is donating 100% of the November proceeds from her novel Taken to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. (Just a heads up: This is not a YA novel.)

- PW picks its Best Books of 2012!


- Another Twilight fanfic hits it big: This time, it's Beautiful Bastard, formerly known as The Office (not the one with Steve Carell or Ricky Gervais, thankfully). It's the first fanfic to "make the leap from fanfic directly to traditional publishing without an intermediary step."

- Rumors are circulating that Britney Spears might pen a YA novel for HarperCollins.

- io9 asks, "Could The Hunger Games get published today?"

- PW takes a look at designing book covers for device screens (via Molly O'Neill).

- Guest blogger Jon Gibbs shares 10 marketing techniques that annoy potential readers.

- When Agents Attack: Jim McCarthy explains the exploding tempers at a recent industry conference.

- Selective and smart aren't the same thing: Which American colleges have the smartest students? (via Sam Eifling)


- Flavorwire reports there could be a Boy Meets World sequel series in the works.

- It's almost time for Breaking Dawn Part 2 and Pandora has the soundtrack streaming for free this week.

- Time chose their 25 Best Blogs of 2012 (including publishing favorite "Bookshelf Porn").

- "A Twitter follow is saying 'I like your mind.' An Instragram follow is saying 'I like your eye.' What does a Facebook add say? It’s complex." Social Media Theories (via Jessica Stanley)

- Hey, if you're a band from the 90s with limited modern relevance and a history of cultural appropriation, know what you shouldn't do? Shoot a video of yourself in a headdress, sending pink smoke signals and getting assaulted by cowboys. Unfortunately, No Doubt missed that memo, until it was too late; UCLA begs to differ with the band's claim that it consulted with their Native American Studies department.


- Victoria Strauss is celebrating the release of Passion Blue with a 3 prize pack giveaway!

- Donate to Doctors Without Borders or Freedom to Marry and win a letter from Lisa McMann!

- Shari Green has a wonderful "Sharing the Love" giveaway, and you can win a copy of A.S. King's Ask the Passengers!

- Laini Taylor is hosting a book trailer contest with prizes of $250 or $1000!


The video I had for this week (the one of the awesome nine-year-old female football player!) got pulled for music copyright issues, but here are two fun links:

Thought Catalog presents a flowchart for determining if a moment is actually awkward (via someone on Twitter-- I lost the tweet, sorry!)

I just want everyone to know that STEPH is the one who gave me this link with the giggle-inducing headline. She's immature. Not me. (Also me.) (Totally me.)

Also, here is a cow photobombing an embarrassed horse. (via NPR Fresh Air)

cow photobombs horse

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Another fantastic round-up. I always look forward to these -- you guys amaze me how you put these all together, and the balance with which you combine kindness and an interest in the world with the business of books, writing, and publishing. Thanks so much!



    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Martina! <3


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