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Introducing The Carpool Lane, Inspiration for NaNoWriMo!

November approaches, the time when writers around the world use crisp air and pumpkin lattes as fuel for National Novel Writing Month, a 30-day blitz of drafting that challenges participants to complete a 50,000-word book before the month is out.

It's a wild challenge, full of frustration and joy, broken pens and little sleep. This year, YA Highway wants to help you---yes YOU!---become one of the thousands of people who realize their goal of creating a living, breathing first draft. Or finish revisions! Or write a few short stories! Or perfect a synopsis! Wherever you are in your writing process, YA Highway wants to help make the month of November the most productive month of the year for you.


Every day of November (and even a few late-October prep days), YA Highway will be sending out an e-mail note of something inspiring. A blog post that helped one of us get through a rough writing patch, or a picture of a sloth clinging to a llama*. A daily dose of advice, motivation and camaraderie to remind you that we're in this writing game together, and when you succeed, it makes the world of kidlit better for us all!

We're calling this one-month venture The Carpool Lane, and it will begin Monday, October 28!
If you're interested, click here to fill out a sign-up form, or type in your e-mail below.

All our mailings will be 100% fun and useful, with zero carbs or spam.

Get your pencils sharpened, open your Shiny New Idea folder, and get ready for the best November ever! 

* And now we know that looking at such an image enhances your productivity! Thanks, science!
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  1. What a great idea. I'm totally gonna need any support I can get!

  2. I hope it helps me to FINALLY write 50,000 words in a month. I always have a million assignments by the middle of November, but hopefully I can pull it off this year.

  3. This is so cool! I know I'll need the encouragement as I attempt to complete my third NaNo novel! Thanks for doing this :)

  4. Fantastic idea! I've signed up :)

  5. Fantastic idea! Sounds like it will be very helpful. I just completed a first draft and am in revisions now, so no NaNo for me this year. Maybe next time!


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