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Field Trip Friday: October 19, 2012


- Lydia Sharp has a lovely post on why she writes LGBTQ literature.

- Even if you live a year in "Biblical womanhood," you can't get "vagina" past some Christian bookstores.

- Claire Legrand discusses debut author anxiety and the reality of a dream come true.

- Adult, YA, or write what you love? Jaclyn Moriarty on her new novel that's hard to categorize.

- Sayantani DasGupta shares Bruce Corville's 13 rules for writers, and the importance of children's literature as social justice.


- Capillya at That Cover Girl has the greatest YA-related wedding invitation ever.

- Jen Doll at The Atlantic says it's time we let Holden Caulfield go.

- Nerdfighters up the awesome ante with a real life tour of scenes from John Green's The Fault In Our Stars. (Their blog has the best disclaimer ever, too.) And speaking of TFIOS, both the HuffPo and Slate picked it as overlooked in the National Book Award nominees.

- EW suggests 10 teen reads you can't miss.

- Just in time for Halloween: 10 haunted libraries of the US (via Apache Junction Public Library).

- Help YALSA pick the theme of Teen Read Week 2013!


- Headed to a con? Delilah Dawson tells you how to manage conference expectations.

- Nicola Morgan boils down the query writing process to 7 easy steps.

- Editor Alvina Ling reminds writers: No one owes you a book deal.

- Don't dilute your author Kool Aid, warns Adrien-Luc Sanders (via Sarah LaPolla. I think.)

- Agent Lauren MacLeod explains the importance of agent/editor food dates.

- What is an indie publisher? Hannah Ehrlich at Lee and Low Books looks at its changing definition.

- Meg Rosoff talks blurbs, hyperbole, and how no one will ever outdo Neruda.

- First he gets adopted by the Comanche Nation, and now Johnny Depp is getting his own publishing imprint.

- GalleyCat reports that children's and YA revenues are up nearly 41% this year!

- Gary Hensley sheds some light on writer-related tax issues.

- A new startup gets $3 million to become "the Spotify of books."

- Booklist Online has "a crash course in writing an acknowledgements page that allows you to wear the guise of a humble and gracious scribe while, in reality, letting every writer who is less successful know exactly how much more successful you are."


- Rumor has it that actress Shailene Woodley is in talks to play Tris in the movie adaption of Veronica Roth's Divergent!

- Producer Arnold Rifkin is determined to use Native actors in the adaptation of Alyson Noel's Soul Seekers series.

- The lovely ladies at Forever Young Adult weigh in on YA books that should never be made into movies.


- The administration of a New York high school apparently approved a student sketch making light of domestic violence-- while performed in black face.

- John Scalzi looks at the actual meaning of "free speech" in the slap fight between Gawker, Reddit, and a really disgusting dude.

- Cassandra Clare speaks out on bullies, hate blogs, and the shortcomings of "don't feed the trolls."

- NPR says the space jump guy is okay, but what about the rest of us? They also take a look at gender discrimination in science and its effect on the Nobel Prize, and apparently more chocolate really might be the secret to genius.

- Wired has an interesting post in defense of Pinterest, including its uses as a virtual bookshelf and a psychology tool.



- Pre-order Venom by Fiona Paul, submit your information to Paper Lantern Lit, and get entered to win lots of goodies-- or $500!

- The YA Book Queen is giving away Easy by Tammara Webber!

- Win a "Secrets of the Smithsonian" tour with the Great American History Puzzle! (They didn't ask me to advertise this, obviously-- I'm just a history nerd.)


You've probably seen the Dog Shaming Tumblr, but now you can turn yourself in on Reader Shaming as well.

I'm embarrassed to read in public because sometimes I yell at the characters

Also, inexplicably, this exists. I just... I can't, y'all.

Hot Pockets aside, have a great weekend!

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  1. Thank you guys so much for linking! :-)

  2. I was also surprised "Code Name Verity" wasn't on the shortlist. I'm sure both Verity and TFioS will be considered for the Printz, though.

  3. I found this post useful.I was trying to find this. Really refreshing take on the information. Thanks a lot

  4. Hey guys. Thanks for the link to the Venom pre-order :) I'm a huge fan of Field Trip Friday. It's all the news I missed on twitter organized into one tidy post.


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