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Field Trip Friday: September 7,2012


- Justine Larbalestier takes an unflinching look at racism in the books we write.

- On her book's release day, Erin Jade Lange has an inspirational letter to writers.

- Sci fi authors share their biggest writing setbacks and triumphs at io9.

- What are you looking for? Kristin Cashore reflects on nature, order, and getting lost on purpose (via Karen Mahoney).

- Bookshelvers Anonymous sent us their post on Doctor Who and telling stories.

- The Guardian interviews "Mr. E. L. James" about what it's like to be a writer married to a publishing phenom, and damned if it doesn't make me kind of like the guy (via Jennifer Laughran).

- Write on Edge lists five ways to use eavesdropping to improve your writing.

- Natalie Whipple shares her experiences as a writer with debilitating anxiety.

- Kelly Jensen at Stacked discusses the expectations and rewards of blogging.

- Karen Rivers discusses the expectations and rewards of release day:
"On book release day, half of you WILL be expecting a ticker-tape parade.  But the other half of you knows that in no way will you even be aware that your book has come out.  It will be like your left brain and your right brain are doing a logic match in your mind:  YES, EVERYONE WILL KNOW! No, no one will CARE!" 


- Canadian NGO CODE announces a new YA book award for First Nations, Métis and Inuit Literature (via Debbie Reese).

- On Wednesday, Judy Blume revealed that she's been diagnosed with breast cancer. Jen Doll at The Atlantic put together a show of support in her honor.

- Speaking of cancer, Tiffany Schimdt wants you to help make her book Send Me a Sign totally obsolete.

- Gabrielle Prendergast asked me to share this love letter to Orca Soundings.

- David Slade, director of Eclipse, is reportedly in negotiations to helm the film version of Ally Condie's Matched.


- Agent Sarah Davies presents "Query Writing: A Guide for the Anxious." So, basically, a guide for every writer ever.

- PW covers New Leaf Media's new "Client Care" publicity program for authors.

- The HuffPo lists seven signs you're not ready to be published.

- I've seen the term "sock puppet" so much lately that it doesn't look like a real thing anymore. But here's this week's installment of "someone on the internet revealed to be doing something shocking that everyone knows happens anyway."

- After a 27 year career with Penguin, Marilyn Ducksworth is suing her former employer for age discrimination.

- John Green elaborates on his tweets regarding self-publishing and Amazon:
"Bezos repeatedly peddled the lie that a book is created by one person, and that therefore a book’s author should be the sole entity to profit from the sale of the book. (Aside, of course, from Amazon itself.)"


- A Smart Politics review assessed and compared the reading levels of Michelle Obama and Ann Romney's convention speeches.

- Spinner reports that Bruce Willis might fight Apple over ownership of his iTunes collection. Also Apple-related: they've patented technology that can disable your camera based on your location.

- Turns out graphic design is hard and stuff: "Where" Magazine accidentally hits stands as "Whore" Magazine.


- Head over to the Intergalactic Academy for a shot at three prize packs or an ARC of Phoebe North's Starglass!

- Just a reminder: If you submit a giveaway via our contact form, please include the link! :)


- Um, guys, I don't mean to alarm you, but it turns out Maurice Sendak was kind of hot when he was younger. What the...  (You can thank/blame Molly O'Neill for this mind-blowing fact.)

- Real actors read real Yelp reviews-- the HuffPo featured the installment that stars a friend of mine from college!

- Look, I'm just going to admit it: Sumayyah gave me this for the random and... I don't get it. (Is it because I'm old? You guys can tell me. I won't cry. Much.)

Possibly the best thing ever: Bad Lip Reading of Twilight.

Happy Friday!

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  1. As always, I LOVE your field trip friday post. And that Bad Lip Reading is HILARIOUS.

  2. Thanks so much for including me <3 ! Also, I MUST go make everyone I know watch that Bad Lip Reading :)

  3. I was especially impressed by Justine Larbalestier's post on racism in books. Thanks for sharing.


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