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Field Trip Friday: September 21, 2012


- Confused about "show don't tell"? Agent Natalie Lakosil has some great advice: imagine that your book is the patient, and your reader is the doctor who needs to figure out what is wrong with them.

- Nice post from Jeff at Boys Don't Read: "Confessions of a Salad Bitch"

- Robin LaFevers explains how to make your weaknesses into the cornerstones of your success (via Myra McEntire).

- Good art can be inspiring, but what about bad? BookLife talks about finding inspiration in low places.

- "May I humbly submit that if you’re writing about teenagers and not thinking about porn, you’re missing something critical?" Editor Andrew Karre on the subject of “…material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity.” (via Michelle Andelman)


- Debbie Reese at American Indians in Children's Publishing has created a Pinterest board highlighting quality  literature by and about Native Americans.

- Does reading make you a nerd, or get heard? Real teens discuss popularity, dumbing down, and books (via the lovely Jessica Love).

- Cybils announced this year's panel of judges!

- If you're in the Seattle area, please read this very special request from SCBWI Western Washington to see how you can help Make-A-Wish come true.

- Did you know Native Sci Fi exists? Check out the link for a few of the materials students at University College in Oklahoma will get to use in their course.

- Um, Stephen King is writing a sequel. TO THE SHINING.

- This week in YA movies: Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys was picked up by New Line, and don't miss the premiere of the Beautiful Creatures movie trailer!


- Congrats to editor Kathy Dawson, whose eponymous imprint at Penguin was announced this week!

- Just before the Christmas rush, Walmart announces it will no longer be selling the Amazon Kindle.

- Elana Johnson shares three things she wishes she had known about publishing (and check out the reveal of her Abandon cover!)

- Jenny Martin talks submission process and cussing out your self-doubts.

- Gina Centrello of Random House discusses publishing's past and future with USA Today (via Sara Sargent).

- Twitter rolled out a new look for profiles this week, and GalleyCat has tips for how writers can take advantage of the changes.


- Does Twitter make you crazy? You could always go the Alton Brown Post-It note route.

- Chick-Fil-A reportedly will stop donating to anti-gay organizations. Maybe.

- Paul Frank met major backlash this week for its "Dream Catchin' Powwow" party, but in an amazing turn of events, actually responded to criticism with regret and a plan to make actual amends! Meanwhile, lest you think this is an isolated incident, Complex has an eye-opening look at racism in fashion (via Jessica Metcalfe).

- From my local news: University of Arkansas student Patience Beard is the school's first cheerleader to wear a prosthetic leg.


- From the Mixed-Up Files is hosting "The Great Library Giveaway": Nominate your favorite local or school library to win a huge prize pack of middle grade novels!

- Rachel Bateman, editor with Month9Books, wants you to send her queries for the Submissions Project!

- S.M. Johnston is hosting "Get Your Pitch On," where you can get feedback from Marisa Pintado, editor at Hardie Grant Egmont!

- The YA Book Queen is hosting the cover reveal for The Holders, and giving away a Celtic necklace donated by the author, Julianna Scott!


- One of the few good things about election season: SNL's "Weekend Update Thursday," which included this list of "fact check corrections," such as "Stalactites is not a childhood disease," "The Atlanta Hawks are a team, not an infestation," and "Al Jazeera is not the co-host of 'Tool Time.'"

- Somehow I missed voting on "Best Word Ever." I am displeased with the results.

And from I Love Charts:

chart of Voldemort's soul

Have a great weekend!

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  1. How sad is it that it's mid-September and yet you had to write "Just before the Christmas rush" without being ironic, just because that's how our society is?

    Haha but seriously, I look forward to this every week, so thanks.

  2. I'm chiming in late here just to say that I love these posts! I always get so much good stuff from them.


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