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Writer's Block: Tips and Tricks

As writers, we use all kinds of tricks to get past writer's block. Some people have their coffee and their chocolate to power through that mental hurdle. Some have a specific playlist, a time of day, or a special place that gets their writing juices going.

Recently, I've noticed that physical activity helps for me. If I go for a long walk or a run before writing, I can usually get more words on the page than if I'm restless and jumpy.

Sometimes a new medium helps as well. If I've been writing on my laptop, I'll switch to a notebook. If the notebook isn't working for me, I'll go back to the computer, or try out a new pen or pencil.

It's amazing how the brain can be tricked into pushing past those mental blocks. What kind of tricks do you use to beat writer's block?
Kristin Briana Otts

Kristin is an aspiring YA author with an abiding love for her dog, ghost hunter tv shows, and rainy days.

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  1. For writers block. I go back and read what I've written so far. Granted my inner editor is heavily sedated. It gets me back into the world so I can continue. If that doesn't work I just skip the scene and start on I'm excited to write. Also chocolate helps. Lots of chocolate...

    1. I'm the same way. I always go back and read at least a chapter or so of what I've written so far. It's never failed. It gets me back into the heart of my story.

      I also have a "book playlist" that I have on repeat, so whenever I hear the music I find myself drifting away to my book world.

  2. I'm still trying to figure out what tricks will help me. Although it might just be that I'm easily distracted.

  3. Usually I get writer's block when my brain's resources are depleted. So I watch some movies, read some books, or turn off the internet for a day or so. Then I'll wake up one morning with all new ideas for my project running through my head, and can't wait to get to my keyboard.

  4. Exercise definitely helps. I've also been known to bribe myself by saying okay if you get yourself this far you can take an hour break and watch television or have a piece of chocolate or whatever. I could do it anyway but somehow it feels like more of a reward if I do the work first.

  5. My block is worst at the very beginning of a session and when I haven't written for a while, so my trick is to just make myself begin. If I've been away for a while, it takes about three days to really get into the groove again. If I'm just starting my daily session and having trouble getting into it, it helps if I tell myself I must work for X amount of time. After that it's much easier to keep going.

    Then again, there are always showers - the greatest block buster ever!

  6. This reminds me of a blog I did a while back, I think as a response to a YA Highway Wednesday... I just don't think there's any such thing as writer's block. You get stuck, sure, but usually if you're blocked, you've done something wrong in the story or novel earlier that has blocked you later on.

  7. Yes! I saw a PBS report once about how schools that do away with PE for more test prep time actually lower their students' scores, because physical activity is great for brain health, especially when it comes to reading comprehension and creative thinking. Makes sense! Healthy mind, healthy body.


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