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Field Trip Friday: August 31, 2012


- Sarah Fine has a great five-part series on writer's block from a psychological perspective, including a post reframing that ever-so-helpful "writer's block doesn't exist" line.

- Dani Shapiro asks what it means to live "a writer's life" (via Molly O'Neill).

- How do you find the time to write? Liesl Shurtliff has the answer.

- Dawn Metcalf learned a little something from taking the summer off from writing (and crashing into a garage door).

- Rachel Blackmon sent us her post on creating short summaries of your books.

- "Do not love your characters (more or less than your readers)," says Maggie Stiefvater. (I really like her advice not to kill your darlings-- kill everything else and make it match instead.)

- Hilary Smith (of former INTERN fame) has my favorite post of the week: "dark house, empty bowl: on leaving the world for a novel (and making it back alive)"


- Rachel Manija compiled YA sci fi and fantasy novels with protagonists of color, and Lee & Low put together a reading list of "diverse dystopias." You can suggest additions in the comments!

- GalleyCat has a list of the best bookstores on Tumblr.

- The HuffPo rounds up 11 of notorious NYT book critic Michiko Kakutani's meanest reviews.

- How did Lily Potter get her maiden name? EW has an exclusive conversation between Dan Radcliff and JK Rowling (via Cleolinda Jones).

- Croydon Today reports on that "an outraged mum" launched a "scathing attack" on a UK bookstore because they put John Green's Looking For Alaska on the wrong shelf. (The article goes on to quote the woman as complaining, with no sense of irony, that teens aren't warned about the offensive oral sex scene, which is "just there in their face.")

- Head to Hypable and vote for your favorite YA of the summer!

- MALLORY PIKE. I knew you had it in you, girl. See how the girls from the BSC movies have grown up.

- Don't you hate when you read a paragraph and then realize you have no idea what it said? The American Scholar has more on the science of zoning out.

- Edward Cullen for... Republican nominee? (Horn Book, what are you doing. You are drunk, Horn Book.)


- Lots and lots of talk about the NYT's article revealing the business of bought reviews. Regarding the reaction, Chuck Wendig points out that "bad author behavior in response to bad author behavior... is still bad author behavior."

- Two great posts from Cheryl Klein: How to get a job in publishing (2012 version) and a step by step look at her editorial process.

- Speaking of jobs in publishing, Penguin has the most adorably perfect want ad ever.

- Always missing the #askagent chats on Twitter? Head over to New Leaf Literary's shiny new Tumblr! (You can also use Tumblr to ask questions of Jennifer Laughran.)

- Kristi Helvin offers tips for budgeting as a writer.

- Apparently having exhausted all other subject that can possible be bitched about, Sam Sacks at The New Yorker talks trash about acknowledgements.

- Should you query that vampire dystopian? Suzie Townsend tells the truth about dead genres. (I wanted to make an "undead genre" joke but it's past midnight, so pretend I'm witty here.)

- Rachelle Gardner explains how agents benefit writers-- collectively, not individually.

- Cynthia Leitich Smith has some fantastic tips for writers doing speaking engagements.

- It's not you, it's... well, not me. It's JJ. And she says rejecting your books isn't fun. Really!

- Have you enlisted in the Army of Ten? PW highlights the guerrilla marketing campaign behind Gretchen McNeil's upcoming Ten.

- Cara M. sent us this link to Ursula K. LeGuin's strongly-worded condemnation of publishers' e-lending policies.

- The future of publishing needs more imagination, says Jeff VanderMeer (via Sarah Davies).

- A couple of college stories: Harvard is investigating approximately 125 students for plagiarism; while the university press at Mizzou gets a reprieve from closure.

- Random House says reports of its merger with HarperCollins or Penguin are just speculation.

- In case you're the last person in the pubternet (wrinterwebs? liternet? I dunno) to see it: Nathan Bransford has the publishing process in gifs.


- This week in real teens:
- A Berlin dad started wearing skirts to support his dress-loving son.

- Forbes explains why Twitter will live and Facebook will die via Cory Jackson (whose book If I Lie released this week!)

- How to apologize when you say something racist (hint: actually apologize) (via Adrienne K).

- xoJane reports on an auto body shop that tricked out a gay student's vandalized car for free. (via the lovely Rejectionist)

- Is the election making you want to punch half of your Facebook feed in the face? THERE IS A SOLUTION. It's not perfect, but I have it installed, and it's sort of working, which is an improvement, at least.

- Soooo... that happened: President Obama did an AMA on Reddit this week AND his Tumblr crew got in a Darren Criss gif war with VH1.


- Win a copy of Sarah Maas's Throne of Glass or CJ Redwine's Defiance from Poppy Williams! (I also liked her post about writing lessons from The Wicked Witch of the West.)

- Chanelle Gray's My Heart Be Damned release day is coming up, and she's celebrating with a massive giveaway!

- Pitch Madness is coming up and 9 agents are participating -- Brenda Drake has the details!

- More free books! Go see our girl Sumayyah.

- Paper Lantern Lit is giving away an Envy prize pack: three people will win signed copies of Envy by Elizabeth Miles, and a grand prize winner will get the signed book along with the first season of Revenge on DVD and a PLL tote!


This video about how 3D printing created prosthetic arms for a little girl is inspiring and might make you cry. Whereas the Old Spice Muscle Music video is... I don't think there are words, to be honest. (First link via Jason Black.)

Adorable twins + guitar = more adorableness. (via Alvina Ling)

How The Hunger Games should have ended. "CamouFLAGE!"

Happy Friday!

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