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Field Trip Friday: August 24, 2012


- International Thriller Writers announces a new YA category for their 2013 awards!

- Check out this great installation of  Paper Lantern Lit's Toolbox series, focusing on first pages.

Lovely post for new writers by Kristin Cashore:
"In the end -- and I mean this 100% -- what matters is what you think of your book. Don't get me wrong, this can change based on the intelligent commentary of others. Speaking personally, criticism by others has absolutely helped me to see my own books more clearly, in all their flaws. But don't forget that some of the people who express reactions to your books will actually be judging a green triangle as if it is a failed attempt at a yellow square. Those criticisms hurt, but they're not actually relevant to your process. It's safe to let them go."


- JK ROWLING WILL BE IN THE US IN OCTOBER. Shut up, yelling was totally appropriate.

- Author Natalie Bahm is donating 100% of the proceeds from her middle grade novel The Secret Underground to an Australian child with a rare disease (via Sara Megibow).

- Kelly bamf Jensen takes a look at the visual impact of book design over at Stacked, and Jen Bowden at The Guardian breaks down 20 theories of cover design.

- Bloggers Britta and Hafsah have put together an awesome list of YA novels by state-- you can edit to add your own suggestions!

- Andrew Shaffer at Mental Floss reports on how paperbacks changed the way Americans read.

- If you haven't had a good sob this week, read Chad Simpson's beautiful article, "An Epilogue to the Unread."

- The Cybils committee is looking for 2012 award judges!

- You may have noticed that we've ignored the controversy over Victoria Foyt's Revealing Eden and "Save the Pearls" marketing campaign. Nicole M. Taylor's explanation goes for us too-- namely, we didn't want to boost her signal. But Weird Tales magazine got involved, and N. K. Jemisin has a post worth reading about it.

- The HuffPo is taking votes for "The Best Novel of All Time." Well this should end well.


- Author Kara Taylor shares why she decided to write under a pseudonym.

- "No," says Nathan Bransford, "agents and authors are not 'working' for publishers."

- Laura Hazard Owen explains why the Nook is failing.

- Querying? Julia Weber has tips for how (not) to behave while you're waiting.

- Ezra Barany says we should ban indie bookstores, not Amazon. (via Janice Hardy)

- Lydia Yuknavich on "Explicit Violence" at The Rumpus (via The Rejectionist):
"Listen, I know this is a bit of a dreary story. But whenever I get told that, by friends, or agents, or editors, or publishers, I think, if this dreary story is hard for you to live with, how are we supposed to live with you?"


- Director Neil Burger is reportedly in talks to take on the film adaptation of our girl Veronica Roth's Divergent!!

- Agent Jane Dystel has some good advice on setting (and reaching) goals.

- Lance Armstrong says to hell with allegations-- everyone knows who won those seven Tour de France titles, and he's not going to keep sinking money into the witch hunt.

- The Indianapolis Museum of Art shares how women can close the Wikipedia "Gender Gap" by documenting artworks (via John Green).

- Heidi Renee Lewis talks Teen Wolf and the invisibility of whiteness. Meanwhile, Racebending looks at yellowface, prejudice, and artistic license in the upcoming film version of Cloud Atlas.

- Did you know you can buy Twitter followers?


- Tiffany Schmidt is giving away 2 ARCs of Send Me a Sign!

- YA Book Queen is giving away a copy of Gretchen McNeil's Possess!

- Author Jeyn Roberts started a forum for YA fans, and has a competition for folks who join!

- Check out three different interviews with editor Aimee Salter and win a critique or a Barnes and Noble gift card!


Collectors Weekly takes a look back at 10 colossally painful advertisements (ow Lysol owwww).


So apparently "Gangnam Style" is a thing of which I had not heard, but The Atlantic has a pretty interesting dissection of its subversive message, and I am hoping my best wedding-dancing friends are learning this right now:

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Interesting stuff! Thanks for the field trip! :-)

  2. Dude. That Gagnam style video captured the essence of my entire year of teaching in Seoul in 4 minutes. I taught just down from Gagnam station. I've been to a lot of those cityscapes. Watching it was eerie.


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