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Field Trip Friday: August 17, 2012

A note: Is the Friday round up is too much for one day's internet-ing? If you're on Delicious, you can see links as they're added throughout the week. I *think* you can also suggest links to me for inclusion (or just use our submission form as usual).


- Lots of great stuff at WriteOnCon! Our own Phoebe North vlogs with Lenore Appelhans about blogging pet peeves; the Lucky 13s share writing tips and give away some prizes; Claire Legrand explains the difference between YA and MG; editors Rhoda Belleza and Lexa Hillyer explain the process of plotting, and lots, lots more!

- "Accept that there is no one way to make it as a writer and that the definition of making it is fluid and tiered." Roxane Gay has the post of the week: "How to Be a Contemporary Writer."

- Julie Eshbaugh helps you correct problems with pacing.

- BuzzFeed gathered "indispensable writing tips" from 30 famous authors. You could also try to get on their diets with Flavorwire's "How to Eat Like Your Favorite Authors."

- Nova Ren Suma reached her particular dream and wants to know yours.

- The co-founders of Twitter have launched a new publishing platform: Medium.

- Editor Molly O'Neill has five craft-developing exercises for writers.

- Having trouble revising? Kate Messner shares 65 off-draft writing prompts to get you started again (via Lynne Kelley).

- Want to read the opening sentence to the worst of all possible novels? Check out this year's Bulwer-Lytton Contest winners.


- Foz Meadows takes a look at sex, desire, and fan fiction.

- Linda Sue Park and Laurie Halse Anderson both weighed in on the lack of diversity in NPR's Top 100 YA list.

- Find out more about YA sci fi and the Norton Award from author and award juror E.C. Myers.

- "A Critic’s Case for Critics Who Are Actually Critical," at the NYT.

- The Wisconsin State Journal points out that books fail to accurately represent our increasingly diverse world. (via Alex Hinrichs)


- Lots of talk this week about The Millions's article on "navigating the world of literary agents," which featured a large pull quote saying "it's all about who you know." Agent Holly Root says that's oversimplified: it's more about proving your talent and finding people to vouch for you.

- This week's YA link bait: Laura Miller thinks there's no prestige in YA. *cue world's saddest song played on world's tiniest violin* (Seriously, I searched for her name, then "prestige" in my Google Reader, and not a single person out of the 1000+ blogs I follow bothered to respond. High five, YA-dom.)

- Cheryl Klein gives six reasons why everything in publishing takes so long.

- The entire student staff of The Red and Black Newspaper, which covers University of Georgia news, has walked off the job in protest of new journalistic "standards." (via Saundra Mitchell)

- Veronica Rossi shares how a breakup prepared her for negative reviews.

- Turns out "Generation Y" is the most book-loving generation alive (via HarperOne).

- Whether it's writing, agenting, or any other venture, agent Kristin Nelson says, "Feel the fear, but do it anyway."

- "If your content is as good and valuable as you think it is, then think about it as a service people will pay for rather than a series of products that you print out and ship," says Laura Dawson.

- KidlitCon is coming up! Lizzy Burns has more details.

- Jane Friedman has tips on building a better author bio on Twitter.

- Need help with your blog? Consider what offer it's making to readers.

- Want to be a children's librarian? Some things you might not know about the job, from Jenn Estepp.


- In the wake of cheating controversy, Kristen Stewart got dropped from the Snow White sequel. Several people called bullshit: Jodie Foster wrote a defense on The Daily Beast, this blogger gives Hollywood an A+ for sexism, and Genevieve Valentine explains "What We Talk About When We Talk About KStew." (Meanwhile Will Ferrell is really, really upset on Conan; Robert Pattinson is a little more chill eating ice cream with Jon Stewart.)

- Paul Miller reports on month three of his year without internet.

- Sleep researchers have found some interesting connections between dreaming and depression.

- Eagle Scouts from all over the country are returning their badges in protest of the Boy Scouts' anti-gay policies.

- Need a quick "intro to privilege" video? Hey White Guys is a good place to start.

- Relevant to piracy issues: Rapper/writer Dessa Darling looks at music copyright, heirloom seeds, and compares Apple's TOS with Monsanto's. (I have a serious, serious lady crush on this woman.)

- Legendary editor Helen Gurley Brown passed away this week at the age of 90.


Idea for new apocalyptic story: Giant catfish burglars. (via Ginger Clark

I liked this poem: "I Once Dated a Writer" (via Laurie Devore)

Some cool infographics:

And finally, Calvin and Hobbes gifs!

Happy Friday!

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  1. I love all the links on Friday! I just open every one I want to read and then save it throughout the weekend (or one big Friday gorge depending on my plans).

  2. Of course, I clicked on the state map. It's okay, Oregon, I don't think you're boring :)

  3. Seriously, y'all. I don't know what I'd do without my Field Trip Friday. Look forward to it every week! (I'm much too lazy to find this stuff on my own.)


  4. Thanks y'all, so glad you enjoy it!

  5. I think LM probably expected the YA community to come out in droves to argue against her point. *yawn* Nobody really cares about her opinion, though.

  6. By the way, you are so incredibly amazing for compiling these every week. Another reason I love Fridays!


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