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Field Trip Friday: August 10, 2012


mckayla is not impressed by NPR
In keeping with the meme of the
week: McKayla is not impressed.
Readers chose NPR's list of "Top 100 YA Books" and we're psyched to see our girl Veronica Roth high on the list, but other choices raised eyebrows-- Shakesville points out the lack of diversity, The Guardian has both happiness and roars of rage, and Forever Young Adult asks, "NPR, why you gotta do me like that?"

Meanwhile, The Atlantic worried about the predominance of women authors on the list, and Gayle Forman had a little something to say about that. (I love when Gayle Forman has a little to say about pretty much anything.) 


- How author Joel Runyon sat down to blog and got "An Unexpected Ass Kicking" (via Fred Koehler).

- The Millions looks at "The Awkward but Necessary Role of Technology in Fiction" (via Victoria Strauss).

- SCBWI announced the creation of the On-The-Verge Emerging Voices Award, to be given to "writers or illustrators who are from ethnic and/or cultural backgrounds that are traditionally under-represented in children’s literature" (via Christina Gonzalez).

- "Does a female novelist need to have experienced motherhood to truly understand human emotions?" Days after her death, The Telegraph wonders if author Maeve Binchy's would somehow have been improved by children. That spattering sound you hear is a hundred thousand heads exploding, although I also enjoyed Rae Carson's assessment; Laurel Snyder has a nice throw down here as well.

- WriteOnCon starts Monday! Check out this awesome, and FREE, online conference for info regarding publishing, agents, writing, and more.

Quality writing advice from Colson Whitehead:
"Some 'real world' practice might help. The next time your partner comes home, ignore his or her existence for 30 minutes, and then blurt out 'That’s it!' and drive the car onto the neighbor’s lawn."


- Flavorwire reveals what your favorite YA book says about you and takes you on a tour of author homes.

- Agent-mate Lauren Gibaldi made an awesome "If You Like Twilight" flowchart for her library, inspired by Lawrence Public Library's Hunger Games chart.

- Happy (belated) Book Lovers Day! Popsugar checks out what celebs are reading.

- Why swimmer Nathan Adrian is the real life Finnick Odair, at Buzzfeed.

- Ten classic novel covers in 8-bit form, at Slacktory.

- Jessica Love takes her ARC of Anna and the French Kiss on a tour of Paris scenes from the book.

- io9 looks at the deepest, darkest coming of age stories from fantasy and sci fi (via Amy Rosenbaum).

- Check out The Great Taxonomy of Literary Tumblrs: Round Two (and thanks to The Millions for the mention!)

- Oprah's Book Club released its 2012 Kids' Reading List.

- Jennifer Chen is kicking off a virtual YA book club -- go vote for the inaugural title!


- Book blog Emily's Reading Room caused some controversy this week with a survey about authors and politics. Maggie Stiefvater was inspired to write a semi-related post; this xkcd comic in the comments sums up the thoughts of many others.

- "[S]igns of a what makes a 'healthy career' in YA-land can become a recipe for an empty person." Sara Zarr on "Arriving at the Pause."

- Find out how agent Joseph Monti got his gig.

- Sketchy stuff going down in my state: The editors of the Oxford American are fired after accusations of harassment. Their side of the story is bizarrely titled "Editors In Love."

- What happens when agent Sarah Davies starts reading submissions? She develops a split personality.



- Smart Bitches, Trashy Books warns against "Unwitting Newsletter Douchebaggery."

- Courtney Milan says "Unwitting Newsletter Douchebaggery, and its close cousins, Twitter Dumbassery, Goodreads Nitwittishness, and Facebook Spambingo, come to pass because people fall into the error of numerosity."

- PW looks at Bloomsbury's unique marketing strategy, publishing 4 e-novella prequels before the debut of Sarah Maas's Throne of Glass.

- Tara Lazar asks agents what they really think of author blogs.

- Author Media lists 11 places to get free and legal photos for your site.

- Rachel at Fiktshun points out that bloggers are consumers too.

- Ann Friedman explains what you need to know about animated GIFs.

- New website Togather wants to use "fansourcing" to arrange sold-out book tours (via Rachel Fershleiser, whose name I spelled right on the first try thank you very much).

- Jodi Meadows says, "Go ahead, tell people about your book."


- Mat Honan at Wired details how Apple and Amazon security issues led to the destruction of his entire online life.

- Lindy West at Jezebel gives the side eye to "the female gaze of contempt."

- Really powerful article at Gawker about growing up African-American in Mississippi: "How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America: A Remembrance."

- Sarah Hepola at Salon explains why every woman should travel alone.

- Researchers say a glitch in Texas's standardized testing suggests the tests "are virtually useless at measuring the effects of classroom instruction."

- Why Katherine Losse, Facebook's 51st employee, deleted her account (via Maya Rock).

- Apparently Fox News readers found news of Sunday's shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin "inspiring." Even snark fails me here.

- Which costs more, hosting the Olympics or going to Mars? (via Iris Blasi)

- After controversy surrounding their reaction to accusations of harrassment at Readercon, 5 board members have resigned. John Scalzi also weighed in, with link to a long list of other related posts.

- Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly signing a $10 million contract for the Hunger Games sequel. Notice that's singular. As in "doesn't appear to include the two-movie adaptation of Mockingjay." In the words of editor Molly O'Neill: "Dear Publishing Colleagues: I think somehow we are doing it wrong."


Eleven geeky-and-awesome wedding rings, at Mental Floss.

You can thank Sumayyah for this link to The Kitten Cam.

Belgium's Tomorrowland Festival had the coolest stage ever, filled with gigantic story books (via Sarah LaPolla).

GUYS. We've been using ketchup cups wrong this WHOLE TIME.

Wait, did I say McKayla was the meme of the week? I forgot about John Grrrrreen.
(Explanation is here. Sort of.)
john green meme john green meme
john green meme john green meme

Sorry John.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. So many fantastic links! I've been seeing the John Green memes all week--they've been very amusing.

    Thanks for yet another wonderful Field Trip Friday! ^_^

  2. Aww, thank you for linking to my Twilight chart! You're the best! Also, the Mesopotamia John Green jpg should probably be my desktop image right now. It's hilarious. Great roundup!

    1. Thanks Lauren - can't wait to see more charts!

  3. Amazing round-up! I have nothing constructive to say, except thanks for all the great reading material.


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