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Field Trip Friday: July 20 2012


- Heart-wrenching post from Stephanie Campbell on contemporary YA and its ability to "save" even adults. Christa Desir has an also heart-wrenching related post on writing and vicarious trauma. As Katharine Owens says in the comments, these ladies "shine a light... and it is powerful."

- Joanna Penn and Dr. Jill Carroll talk writing religion and spirituality.

- "You’re not really normalized until you’re the star of the show, not just the 'very special episode.'" Author Nora Olsen addresses LGBTQ roles in dystopia, in response to Paolo Bacigalupi's "Invisible Dystopia" article.

- Outside of its own tutorials, this week Scrivener recommended Barry Potyondi's ""Everything Scrivener" blog for learning the program.

- Agent Rachelle Gardner has an interesting look at "interval training" for writers.

- Great advice from author Ally Carter in a letter to "Baby Author" Ally (circa 2004).


- "[I]n case you’re an author and you never realized just how important they are…or in case you have one in your town and you never really realized that they were helping your community by just being there and having the gonads to operate, then I hope this post helped you see that." All the Badass Ninjas Hang Out at Planet Independent Bookstore, from author A. S. King.

- Author Malinda Lo is on the HuffPo this week, recommending "10 LGBTQ Books To Make It Better."

- On the heels of last week's "Texts from Jane Eyre," Mallory Ortberg gives us "Texts from Sweet Valley." (I missed some awesome "Texts from Scarlett O'Hara" in June.)

- If you love novels in verse, check out Gabrielle Prendergast's new site, For Those Who Know.

- A Cleveland radio station hosted an event specifically for burning copies of 50 Shades. Because nothing says intelligent discourse about books like throwing your Nook into a fire..

- See what Flavorwire chose as their top 10 greatest YA series ever.

- After a post about how readers can support their favorite authors, Jody Hedlund turns the tables and suggests some author etiquette for supporting readers in return.

- Ashley Fetters at The Atlantic wonders why so many book covers look the same.

- After 7 years, John Green's Looking For Alaska hit the NYT Bestseller list this week. Related: Awesome Nerdfighter Karen created this Nerdfighter Bingo game. (Comments have suggested it might also be a good drinking game. We can neither confirm nor deny this.)

- Lots of controversy about reviews this week: Michele Gorman reports on bloggers who charge for good reviews; said bloggers are not happy about it. Daily Dot details that issue plus the "Goodreads Bullies" problem.

Related to Goodreads, iDreambooks is planning a Rotten Tomatoes-style book review aggregating site. But collating reviews from "reputable sources" hasn't kept Rotten Tomatoes from seeing its share of blowups: angry Dark Knight Rises fans spent the week attacking negative reviews of the movie they haven't seen yet. (Movies dot com has an infographic for fandoms dealing with the pain of criticism.)


- Senator Charles Schumer weighs in on the Apple e-books suit.

- Agent Jill Corcoran offers pre-SCBWI 2012 advice.

- Nick Morgan at Forbes has this week's prediction for the future of publishing.

- Author Bret Easton Ellis and his ICM representatives have hired attorneys to represent them against Nikki Finke, a Hollywood blogger.

- "What if we removed the YA label?" asks author Beth Kephart.

- Author Genevieve Valentine details the (sadly not unusual) creepy behavior she encountered at Readercon.


- "I knew, in starting this blog, that being a white-looking Cherokee from SoCal trying to talk about Native issues would cause some problems, and my 'legitimacy' would, at some point, be called into question. What I didn't anticipate was the shit hitting the fan over Tonto. *TONTO*." Adrienne K. addresses critics offended by her problems with Johnny Depp playing an indigenous character.

- Just when you thought it was safe to eat at Chick-fil-a: Owner Dan Cathy says he's "guilty as charged" in backing anti-gay efforts. But don't worry. YouTube cook Hilah Cooking has your copycat recipe, which she's calling "The Chick-Fil-Gay."

- Fellow history nerds: Very cool photograph collection of ladies' style in early 1900s Paris and London.

- ComicCon saw the release of the first trailer for Oz The Great and Powerful.

- The teen girls pushing for magazines to change their Photoshop policies reportedly got a chilly reception from Teen Vogue staffers this week.

- The NYT announced a new feature this week, rounding up stories about "young people" (anyone under 25).


- Mega Giveaway: Books & swag from 40+ Apocalypsies Debut Authors 2012, courtesy of Lenore Appelhans!

- Win an ARC of our own Kristin Halbrook's Nobody But Us!!


- Sarah says she really wants these literary-inspired glasses. (I don't wear them so I feel unqualified to comment.)

- Probably NSFW or youngerlings, but Janey Godley documents the saga of Tim and Freya-- illustrating vividly why breaking up on public transport is *probably* a bad idea. Unless your goal is to be Twitter famous, in which case, carry on.

- Shell Oil is dealing with a "social media nightmare," thanks to the masterminds behind the faux "Let's Go Public!" campaign.

Photobucket Photobucket

- Can't decide on an ending for your book? Try one of the gems from "You Chose Wrong."

This is just straight fantastic. (via S. Jae-Jones)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Thanks for another great round-up! Just as a note, I think the letter to baby author post was written by Ally Carter (not Condie).

  2. I'm really happy for John Green. Looking for Alaska is one of my favorite books.

    As for the whole Goodreads/reviewing debacle as a relatively new book blogger, all of it flat out scares the hell out of me. I read a comment Kat Kennedy made on another blog on how to protect your identity such as looking at PeekYou and similar websites and I'm forever grateful and in the process of taking down information that could have me tracked down. (I wish I remember what blog, but there are so many over this issue, I have no clue where I read it.)

    So far I'm enchanted with the book blogging community, but sometimes I think if my negative reviews ever caught fire and my address and other personal information was posted out for the world to see, I'd either stop blogging or take the blog down. My safety comes first.

    I really don't know how the others are doing it, especially after having read the link you posted about the experience of one of the targeted reviewers. =(

  3. I love your roundups! They're such a great way to catch up on the things I missed over the week.


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