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Field Trip Friday: July 13, 2012

It's Friday the 13th, and if you're afraid, you might want to learn to pronounce "paraskevidekatriaphobia."


- Pub(lishing) Crawl has a great post from Erin Bowman on story endings and cliffhangers.

- Author James Dawson tells The Guardian why teens can't swear in books. (To say I am confused by his experience is an understatement.)

- "Is this meaningful dialogue?" asks agent Sarah LaPolla.

- Author Lindsay Smith tells you how to achieve writing flow.

- I love Carolina Valdez Miller's "Kindness Project."

- How a shift in your vocabulary can instantly change your attitude, from Michael Hyatt (via Rachelle Gardner).

- Criticism is not a bad thing, says author Stephanie Sinkhorn.

- Just the same, when it has you down, author Stephanie Perkins says just ask yourself: Would Beyonce be reading this?


- Atria Books acquires Beautiful Disaster, the controversial self-published romance by Jamie McGuire.

- Gabriel García Márquez is suffering from senile dementia and can no longer write, his brother has revealed.

- Slacktory updates romance novels to compete with 50 Shades. (Maybe NSFW? Depending on where you work, probably.)

- Lots of nerdy lit love for Mallory Ortberg's "Texts From Jane Eyre" this week.

- 25 bad writer behaviors, or, "How not to act like a rabid little penmonkey in public," from author Chuck Wendig.

- A book pirate goes underground after his name is posted on Facebook by author Terry Goodkind.

- Hunger Games movie news: Philip Seymour Hoffman has been cast as Plutarch Heavensbee (awesome!), and the third installment, Mockingjay, will be split into two parts (what?).


- BEA announces a date change for the 2013 Expo.

- More debate this week about advanced reader copies: Abby the Librarian shared ways that librarians actually use ARCs, author Lenore Appelhans is more concerned about the reader experience, and author Elizabeth Fama says, "Please don't use my ARC for a 'good cause' after you've read it."

- "It takes a 'big' agent not to be threatened by the editor–author relationship." Interesting post from literary magazine Meanjin on the changing face of publishing relationships.

- She's not talking about you, but agent Jennifer Laughran is frustrated by the bad query paradox.

- Nina Metz at The Chicago Tribune wonders why book trailers fail (via Kelly Jensen).

- What really happened with the "no Pulitzer for fiction" thing this year? Judge Michael Cunningham explains.

- Todd Allen at PW points out that Kickstarter may now be the 2nd largest indie publisher of graphic novels.

- The New Yorker profiles one of the worst literary agents ever.

- If you like link round ups, be sure to check out Stina Lindblatt's periodic "cool link" posts.


- Horrible news out of ComicCon, as a Twilight fan is killed crossing the street.

- Controversial vlogger Laci Green was reportedly driven off of YouTube by death threats. John Green weighed in, as did Neil Gaiman; our girl Sumayyah has the other side of the story.

- A Utah magazine discovers "Women of Color" doesn't mean white girls in brightly colored clothes.

- Brandon Sheffield asks the gaming community, "Are we men or are we boys?"

- Zoe Marriott says, "Pink is not the enemy."

- Racebending shares their picks for ComicCon panels not to miss.

- "Welcome to the Age of Feelings" at Thought Catalog

- Logan Trent at Cracked says "Saved By The Bell" was really just one long dream sequence.

- Scientists discovered two "Frankenstein" bog mummies in Scotland that are actually made up of six different people (via Tessa Gratton).

- After their victory with Seventeen magazine, the teenage girls behind the "body peace treaty" are heading over to Teen Vogue.

- Teen lets gator gnaw off his arm to save the rest of his body. Best part (I mean aside from the surviving part): "'He came up out of the water like daggone Superman or something, waving to us saying 'hey, my arm's gone, call an ambulance,' said friend Matt Baker."


- Did you notice that we are hosting the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER? Well we are. So go enter.

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Check us out on the Tumblr Spotlight! Right next to MJ! big time.

Want to make macaroni art without wasting food? Now you can! And if you don't like virtual macaroni, you could always check out The Grammarian! Or if sexy grammar isn't your thing, how about 17 animals all ready for bed?

The HuffPo rounds up their favorite "90s Problems."

If Aaron Sorkin had written Twilight:

You have cookie. Share it maybe?

Have a great weekend!
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  1. Thank you for all the effort you put into these posts, Kate. I look forward to them every Friday!

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