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Field Trip Friday: June 7, 2012


Ray Bradbury died on Wednesday at the age of 91. Neil Gaiman said Bradbury "left the world a better place, and left better places in it," The Paris Review said Bradbury "had what so many of the sophisticated, MFA-carrying writers today lack: passion, vitality, emotional awareness," and Junot Diaz said Bradbury was "simply too important, too indelible, his imagination too uncanny, his impact on the culture too sustained and profound."  NPR and io9 both have nice tributes, and even the White House weighed in.

The LA Times put together two cool features: "10 Musical Works Inspired by Bradbury," and a look at his influence in film. Brain Pickings listed their favorite Bradbury quotes, and Cleolinda Jones shared two pieces of wisdom she learned from hearing Bradbury speak in high school.


- Kristin Lenz sent us picks for writers needing help with word choice and sounds.

- If you're an unpublished YA or MG writer of color, check out the New Visions Writers Award from Tu Books.

- Maureen Johnson explains why she says no to blog tours.

- The Intern shares five signs you're close to landing an agent.


Oprah's Book Club is back! Her first pick is Wild by Cheryl Strayed, aka Sugar at the Rumpus.

- Look, I know I link to Kelly Jensen every week, but that's because she's smart, and this week you should read her post about that "profanity in YA" "study" and how it relates to feminism. (Also, Stacked is looking for a new contributor!)

- Shelver's Anonymous says her store is offering "crap" suggestions for summer reads and wants your help thinking of better titles.

- A cautionary "find and replace" tale: Barnes and Noble accidentally replaces all instances of the word "kindled" in the e-book of War and Peace with "Nooked."


- Book Expo America: In which all of publishing descends on New York's Javits Center and wishes they'd worn more comfortable shoes. DGLM listed a few top BEA stories, Read React Review has a great rundown of the BEA Blogger Con, and Janet Reid posted periodic recaps all week, starting with (what else) Day 1.

Sarah Enni reported on YA Highway's adventures, and if you're attending next year, Jeff O'Neal has the loner's guide to surviving BEA. Betsy Lerner wins my vote for "most poignant BEA story;" while "Prime murder suspect shops book at convention" wins OMG what the hell this is why you should carry mace, and John Green just... wins. Period

- Agent Joanna Volpe explains why we should care about the DOJ settlement.

- Why do bad books get published? Agent Sarah LaPolla explains.

- Lizzy Burns at SLJ is umimpressed with YALSA's update regarding changes to their access policies.

- Agent Rachelle Gardner takes the mystery out of queries.

- Entangled Publishing gives their quarterly update, including numbers and their move away from print-on-demand.

- Out of 742 reviews from the NYT in 2011, 655 were of books written by white writers, according to Roxane Gay at The Rumpus. (via Rachel Fershleiser)


- Join Malinda Lo for YA Pride Month, complete with essays, interviews, and giveaways!

- Real or not real: Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (aka Gale) are getting married. (spoiler: real.)

- Janet Jackson will produce a documentary about transgender people.

- Native American dancers invited to perform in Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee were surprised to find themselves expected to play "cowboys and Indians."

- "Featuring exclusive new and original writing from J.K. Rowling, Wonderbook: Book of Spells comes to life as you read, allowing you to cast spells with your PlayStation®Move Motion Controller which becomes your own magic wand." Great. Now I have to buy a PlayStation.

- It doesn't matter what you're doing this weekend-- it probably isn't as cool as partying with George R. R. Martin.


- Tell our friends at YA Confidential which title you'd most like to have picked up at BEA and win a book from their vault!

- From the Mixed-Up Files of Middle Grade Authors is celebrating their 2nd anniversary with a Nook giveaway!

- Roof Beam Reader is giving away 4 prize packs!


when to use a semi-colon

Check out the trailer for Perks of Being a Wallflower! Emma's American accent > RPattz's American accent

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  1. Can't wait to see The Perks of Being a Wallflower! And that scene at the end is my childhood (grew up in Pittsburgh). xx


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