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Field Trip Friday: June 15, 2012


- Love this post from Saundra Mitchell about how very "real" paranormal fiction can be.

- Am I allowed to write this? Kirstin Crohn-Mills with one of the several great posts so far in Malinda Lo's YA Pride series.

- What does your favorite punctuation mark say about you?

- Charlotte Rains Dixon shares 12 habits that will bolster a consistent writing practice.

- Why Susan Adrian tried to stop writing, and how she failed (and succeeded).

- Several people rounded up a series of tweets from Pixar story artist Emma Coats, outlining the story basics she learned on the job.

- Flavorwire lists every day words that were invented by authors (via Janet Grant) and 30 books everyone should read before turning 30 (via my HS APLAC teacher).

- Check out this free "Save the Cat Beat Sheet" download from Liz Writes Books (via Katharina Brindel).

- The Thunder, the Heat, and the fun of singular vs collective nouns: Why the NBA playoffs are a copy editor's worst nightmare.


- Summer Reading lists: Publishers Weekly has theirs; Bookshelvers Anonymous follows up last week's request for suggestions with their own.

- Cameron Diaz looks to become the next celebrity author writing for teen girls.

- PW reports on the final farewell to Maurice Sendak.

- Can we CHOOSE KIND? Paul W. Hankins on the tipping point of Wonder.

- The Guardian wonders about the dearth of UK lesbian writers (via the BFF).


- "Agent Sydney" explains the lack of agents in Australia.

- Who's the boss, you or your agent? Neither, says Jennifer Laughran. She also discusses the worth of a pre-conference query (versus waiting until afterward).

- Agent Brian DeFiore weighs in on the DoJ suit and copyright.

- BRB, changing name to JK Meyer Collins. Sarah at Smart Bitches reports on name poachers and manages to take a few down.

- JJ at Pub(lishing) Crawl breaks down her editorial process.

- Author Roni Loren looks at investment vs payoff and wonders, "Is blogging worth the time?"

- HarperCollins announces their new "360" program, making all English-language titles available to US customers; Publishing Perspectives considers why it took so long.

- Victoria Strauss reports that someone is finally filing a class action lawsuit against PublishAmerica. She includes contact information if you might qualify.

- Already known for sketchy practices, Tate Publishing President Ryan Tate raises the bar this week by laying off employees while comparing himself to Jesus (via Lydia Blackburn).


- The true genius of Ray Bradbury revealed: a chart of Bradbury predictions, fulfilled.

- Find out the worth of a librarian (via Lisa Ferneau-Haynes).

- Author Andrew Hyde charts his findings that Amazon's markup on digital delivery is 129,000%. That is not a typo. (via Rachel Fershleiser)

- More pie charts: This post is from last year, but former Highwayer Michelle Schusterman showed it to me this week-- a successful freelance writer breaks down her pitch stats for the past four years.

- Goodreads charts a case study in book discovery and marketing.


- "We have of late, we Americans, to our detriment, come to love accolades more than genuine achievement." A Boston-area teacher's "You're not special" graduation speech went viral this week.

- What happens when an introvert goes speed dating (via Cleolinda Jones).

- Thirteen rock stars who've worn Native headdresses (and probably shouldn't have), at Indian Country.

- This is really bizarre: In the battle between Yahoo and Gmail, it turns out Gmail wins in... power usage? Yahoo users spend $110 more on electricity per year than Googlers (via Drew Sloan, a smart kid with whom I went to high school).

- The Hollywood Reporter says Warner Bros. has acquired Alloy Entertainment.

- The Jim Henson Company will be making a film version of Frog and Toad (via Jenny Bent).

- Nine-year-old girl with viral school lunch blog is forbidden to take camera into cafeteria-- not by school, but by UK politicians. (via Jennifer Laughran)

Breaking Dawn pictures. Does Luke Perry know that Edward stole his hair? (Oh god now I want to recast 90210 with vampires. Can we please make this happen in the comments? Brenda even SOUNDS like Bella. This is meant to be, friends.)


- The fine ladies at Stacked have three giveaways going on: Win a copy of Imaginary Girls, This Is Not A Test, or Crazy!

- Amy Reed is also giving away three copies of Crazy on Goodreads, to readers who have been brave.

- Rebecca Behrens is giving away ARCs of False Memory and Carnival of Souls, plus a copy of Insurgent!

- Rachele Alpine is giving away an ARC of Butter!

- Kathy Bradey is hosting a Be Here Now charity auction, where you can bid on critiques for the next several days.


- Worst-- or best? -- student ever caught with 35-foot long cheat sheet.

- Can you tell whether these sex scenes were written by a man or a woman? (I only got 5/10; warning-- sex scenes have sex in them; via the BFF.)

- Why Jennifer Lawrence is the best.

Jennifer Lawrence with MTV

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Jennifer Lawrence really is the best. Thanks for all the links! I love this "feature" on your blog.


  2. Thanks for including me in this stellar list of links!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out! You guys are the best. <3

  4. The best part is that Jen looks honestly distressed about not being able to eat it.

    Awesome links! Thanks!

    ~Riv Re
    Riv Reads


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