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BookExpo America 2012

This week the book publishing industry in the U.S. ground to a screeching halt as tens of thousands professional and recreational book lovers flooded New York's Javits Convention Center for BookExpo America: 2012. If you're interested in reading updates and interesting anecdotes or nuggets of info from the conference, check out the #BEA2012 or #BEA12 hashtags on Twitter, and keep an eye out on author and reviewer blogs for roundups over the next week.

Several YA Highway members were able to make it to the BEA circus this year (and Veronica Roth was there signing copies of INSURGENT with the Dark Days tour---the line to see those ladies ran the length of the entire conference hall!).
From left: Phoebe North, Sarah Enni, Veronica Roth,  Kody Keplinger. Not pictured: Emilia who was working hard at her summer internship! We missed you E!
It was a fantastic opportunity to meet, in real life!, the people that YA Highway makes connections with through the previous year. Editors, agents, book bloggers and other authors are such fun people, they manage to make the experience crazy-fun, despite the crowds.
Bird's eye view of the madhouse crowds near the Random House and Egmont booths
Highlights also included Wednesday's Children's Author Breakfast, which featured Chris Colfer (otherwise known as Kurt Hume on Glee) facilitating a panel that paired John Green and Lois Lowry. John Green gave a fantastic speech on the future of publishing (the gist: books don't have to compete with social media because they're something totally different and that's ok! What books do, they do well), and Lois Lowry brought most of the room to tears with a heartfelt meditation on the premise for Son, her final addition to The Giver quartet, written to honor her son, a fallen Air Force pilot who once asked her why humans do bad things to one another.
The adorable Chris Colfer who charmed the pants off the BEA breakfast crowd
Mingling and networking is a huge benefit of BEA, but let's not lie---a lot of the excitement surrounding the event is the presence of hundreds of Advanced Reader Copies of the hottest titles hitting shelves this summer, fall and, in some cases, even early next year. Some of the hottest YA ARCs this year included Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Boys, Libba Bray's The Diviners, and Marie Lu's Prodigy. The YA Highway girls gathered quite a few of the coveted ARCs, and we can't wait to share future reviews (and of course some giveaways!) with you in the future.

Here's some of our stash! Were you at BEA this year? What ARCs did you grab? What did you miss? Not at BEA? What ARCs would you like to see most in a future giveaway?
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  1. You got THE DIVINERS? Jealous! It was the one ARC I wasn't able to snag.

  2. I'm soooo jealous that you have a copy of The Twelve. I would LOVE to see it in a future giveaway!

  3. Ah, I'm so jealous of you lot that got to go! Especially jealous of those ORIGIN and WHAT'S LEFT OF ME ARCs! I interviewed both Jessica and Kat recently and they were so lovely and their books sounded incredibly intriguing. Oh well, guess I'll have to wait until September!

  4. GAAAHHHHHH *jeeealoussss* What a fabulous time and fabulous looking ladies!



    Glad you had an awesome time! :D

  6. The Raven Boys!!!! Envious :D

  7. I. Am. So. Jealous. I'm going to die of envy, and then I won't ever be able to read those books... D:<

  8. You got some great book!

    I was unable to get a copy of PRODIGY or ALICE IN ZOMBIELAND so I have to contact the publisher directly for those (AiZ is already on it's way to me so I'm thrilled!)

    Here's what I grabbed: BEA 2012 | Take Home Results


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