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YA Authors on Pinterest

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I'm sort of obsessed with Pinterest right now. I can say that, because I'm definitely not the only one – the site's exploded in recent months, and many other YA authors are just as obsessed.

It's an easy, visually appealing way to collect book inspiration, for starters (some author pinboards are STUNNING). But it's also a source for discovering simple ways to inject creativity into our lives, from meals to costumes to some of the coolest bookshelves I've ever seen. By following other users, we get to share the things they love – and with authors, we can glimpse the real, colorful people behind their books.

So, I thought I'd compile a list of YA authors on Pinterest (the ones I could find, anyway). For now, I'm keeping it to active users – a few blank pinboards doesn't count. If I'm missing any YA authors, please let me know in the comments!* Even if you're not an author (yet!) feel free to link your page in the comments, too.

YA Highwayers on Pinterest

YA Highway!
Kate Hart:
Kaitlin Ward:
Kristin Otts:
Sarah Enni:
Amanda Hannah:
Kristin Halbrook:
Amy Lukavics:
Stephanie Kuehn:
Me! (Kirsten Hubbard):

YA Authors on Pinterest

Katie Alender (Bad Girls Don't Die):
Rachele Alpine (Canary):
Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak, Wintergirls, etc.):

Pam Bachorz (Candor, Drought):
Leigh Bardugo (Shadow & Bone):
Sara Biren (The Last Thing You Said):
Holly Black (Tithe, White Cat, etc.):
Jamie Blair (Leap of Faith):
Jennifer Bosworth (Struck):
Erin Bowman (Taken):
Elizabeth Bunce (A Curse Dark as Gold):

Chelsea Cameron (The Noctalis Chronicles):
Michael Carroll (Quantum Prophecy):
Aimée Carter (The Goddess Test series):
Elsie Chapman (Dualed): 
Tera Lynn Childs (Just for Fins, etc):
Bobbi Chukran (Lone Star Death):
Colleen Clayton-Dippolito (What Happens Next):
Lindsay Cummings (The Murder Complex):

Delilah S. Dawson (Servants of the Storm):
Kim Derting (The Body Finder & The Pledge series):
Sarah Dessen (Just Listen, Along for the Ride, etc.)
Heather Dixon (Entwined):
Debra Driza (M.I.L.A. 2.0):
Sarah Beth Durst (Into the Wild, etc.):


Kami Garcia (Beautiful Creatures series):
Hilary Graham (Reunited):
Chanelle Gray (My Heart Be Damned):
Claudia Gray (Evernight, etc.) :

Kristin Halbrook (Nobody But Us):
Laurie Halse Anderson (Speak, Wintergirls, etc):
Alyxandra Harvey (Haunting Violet, Drake Chronicles):
Jill Hathaway (Slide):
Michelle Hodkin (The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer):
Kirsten Hubbard (Like Mandarin, Wanderlove):


Corrine Jackson (If I Lie, Touched):
S. R. Johannes (Untraceable)
Elana Johnson (Possession, Surrender):
Carrie Jones (Need series):

Lauren Kate (Fallen, etc.):
Amie Kaufman (Wrecked):
Lynne Kelly (Chained):
Jessica Khoury (Origin):
Caitlin Kittredge (The Iron Codex series, etc):
Alethea Kontis (Enchanted):
Stephanie Kuehn (Charm and Strange):

Veronique Launier (Redemption):
Lindsey Leavitt (Sean Griswold's Head, Vintage):

Tahereh Mafi (Shatter Me):
Karen Mahoney (The Iron Witch trilogy):
Melina Marchetta (Jellicoe Road, Finnikin of the RockSaving Francesca, etc.):
Zoë Marriott (The Swan Kingdom, etc.):
Myra McEntire (Hourglass, Timepiece):
Shannon Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities):
Marissa Meyer (Cinder): 
Dawn Rae Miller (Larkstorm):

Alyson Noël (Immortals series,etc):

Avina Orr (The Mist on Bronte Moor):
Cathy Ostlere (Karma):

Donita Paul (DragonKeeper Chronicles):
Kathleen Peacock (Hemlock):
Aprilynne Pike (Wings series):
Diana Peterfreund (Rampant, For Darkness Shows the Stars, etc.):

Susan Kaye Quinn (the Mindjackers trilogy):

Cheryl Rainfield (Scars, etc.):
C.J. Redwine (Defiance):
Beth Revis (Across the Universe series): 

Kimberly Sabatini (Touching the Surface):
Tiffany Schmidt (Send Me a Sign):
Michael Scott (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series):
Mindi Scott (Live Through This):
Lisa Shafer (Confessions of an Average Half-Vampire):
Medeia Sharif (Bestest. Ramadan. Ever. ):
Linda Joy Singleton (The Seer, Dead Girl Walking):
Jon Skovron (Struts & Frets, Misfit, etc):
Jessica Spotswood (Born Wicked):
Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures series):
Sarah Strohmeyer (Kindred Spirits, etc.):
Nova Ren Suma (Imaginary Girls):

Laini Taylor (Daughter of Smoke and Bone, etc.):
Laura Thomas (Tears To Dancing)
Todd R. Tystad (Blue Hill):

U, V

Melissa Walker (Small Town Sinners, etc.):
Sara Bennett Wealer (Rival):
Cat Winters (The Shadow of Blackbirds ):
Natalie Whipple (Transparent):
Susanne Winnacker (The Other Life):


Suzanne Young (A Need So Beautiful, etc.):

Sara Zarr (Story of a Girl, How to Save a Life, etc.):
Michelle Zink (The Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, etc):

Publishers & Bookish Sites on Pinterest

The Bank Street Center for Children's Literature: 
Book Expo America:
Book Riot:
Egmont USA:
Forever Young Adult:
Lee and Low:
Penguin Books:
Random Buzzers:
Random House:
Random House Kids:
Simon & Schuster:
Workman Publishing:

Also, check out this list of Book Bloggers on Pinterest!

*Updated August 14, 2012:
If you would like to be listed, please leave your comment as follows:
Your Name (Published Book): link

This makes updating the list a much speedier job. Be sure to check the comments for aspiring authors and bloggers as well!

Kirsten Hubbard

Kirsten is the author of Like Mandarin, Wanderlove, and the middle grade novel Watch the Sky.

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  1. Ahh, what a great post, so many beautiful boards to follow!

    Also Marissa Meyer (Cinder) has a Pinterest

    my pinterest

    1. < a href=>MyPinterest< /a >

    2. < a href="">MyPinterest< /a >

  2. Thanks! Pics from my new YA Novel, THE CAVE AND THE SEA, can be found on my boards at .

    Great post!

  3. Thanks for the comprehensive list! Bookmarking this biz for future reference.

  4. Thanks for featuring me! I'm addicted to the site and can't wait to follow some of the other authors you introduced. :)

  5. I actually joined Pinterest today, so I could have all the pictures that inspired parts in my WIP together! Thanks for the list... *follows you all* ;)

  6. I have Pintrest too! I just joined, so I'm still exploring. I'll be posting stuff about my YA book, ROSIE (2011) soon!

  7. I recently discovered pinterest and had fun building my first few boards. Took me a while, but I'm getting the hang of it! :)

  8. I've been hoping someone would make a Pinterest list, thank you!

    Here's the link to my profile: Lydia Sharp

  9. Awesome! I'm on Pinterest here:

  10. Okay. I was trying to hold out, try to avoid it, but you convinced me.
    I caved and requested a pinterest account. I've joined the masses.

  11. Michael Scott (Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)

    Michael Carroll (Quantum Prophecy)

  12. This is great! Thanks for including me! :)

  13. YA author: Sarah Dessen

  14. Ah... I need to get busy following all of these people. Thanks for putting this together!

  15. thanks for all the suggestions, everyone! keep them coming & I'll continue to update!

  16. Thanks for this list. It's always fun seeing the pictures that inspire writers.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. I'm on Pinterest and I've proudly pinned my YA book, Blue Hill, and its trailer:

    Thanks for the list!

  19. The Bank Street Center for Children's Literature is also on Pinterest - and we'd love it if you would please add us under your "Publishers & Bookish" heading. The Center is home to several book awards, including the Irma Black Award, the annual event BookFest @ Bank Street, and the Children's Book Committee. For more info, Thanks!

  20. Great list. I'd love to be included:


  21. Gerb: I don't see your real name or book title here or on Pinterest. what is it? :)

    1. Oh, so sorry! Linda Gerber. Latest books are CELEBRITY and PAPARAZZI, both part of LIGHTS, CAMERA, CASSIDY. Thanks!

  22. This is great - I'm a little addicted to pinterest. I can't wait to start checking these out. Thanks for putting this together!

  23. Ooh, I'm on Pinterest for DUALED! I'd love it if you could include me on your list, and thank you in advance :)

  24. Cool list. I am a YA author on Pinterest!

  25. If you are a book blogger using Pinterest, I have a directory I have been cultivating since January 2012. You can find it here:

    I'll be happy to include any book bloggers that want to be included.:)

  26. Yay! Thanks for this Kirsten, I have been hoping somebody would do a compliation of YA authors, you have saved me the work of doing it myself, in other words, YOU ROCK:) Thanks again!

  27. AWESOME list! I highlight more publishers on Pinterest here:

  28. Oh wow what a list!! THANK YOU so much, Kirsten!!!
    Here's my Pinterest:

  29. I love my Pinterest account. Besides being fun, it is a wonderful tool for promoting my books.

  30. You can add me in!



  31. Oh, great list! Please add me!

  32. Great list!! Following, following, following! And thanks a bunch for adding me :)

  33. I had no idea all these other people were doing this. Wow. So many pages to check out.
    I'm an indie author who's trying this, too. And, yes, I write YA. Here's where to find me on Pinterest:

  34. Awesome list. Thanks for compiling it. I'd like to be added.

  35. hey I am on there - can you add me :)

  36. I'd been thinking of creating a mood board for my YA book for quite a while and, after checking out some of your awesome links, you really inspired me to get the heck on with it!
    This is what I came up with:

  37. I'm a YA author on Pinterest: Lisa Voisin

    My upcoming novel, The Watcher, releases in September.

  38. What a great idea! I'm on there too:

  39. Love it! Me too:

  40. HELLO, What a great idea. I'm a Christian fantasy and romance writer. I have books out through traditional publishers and I just did an e-book on my own. I love pinterest. I get so many ideas. And I love connecting with people. I have several books featured on my boards, but that isn't my main reason for being on pinterest. Feel free to look and borrow ideas. My favorite right now is Bixby's Styling. She is the character in my WIP. Putting things on that board helps me identify her more concretely. Here's my pin info:

  41. I'm so glad I scooped The YA Highway for my Verse Novels! site.

    Here's my pinterest:

    Thanks for adding it.

    Cathy Ostlere

  42. I've got a Pinterest (finally). I've been posting teasers to my new release which comes out on June 16. I'd love to be added to the list!

  43. Thanks for taking the time to put this list together- what a great idea!
    My Christian teen fiction novel has recently been published, and I am loving Pinterest for further inspiration.
    Here's my info:

    Laura Thomas

  44. What a great list! My book and I are also on Pinterest:

    Thanks for spreading the Pinterst love!

  45. I'd like to be added :

  46. Please add me. My new novel, LONE STAR DEATH, is suitable for Young Adults who love horses/westerns/feisty female sleuths!

    Thanks! happy trails! bobbi c./b.a.

  47. Awesome list, though I found quite a few YA authors you missed.

    -Lauren Kate (Fallen series, The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove):
    -Margaret Stohl (Beautiful Creatures series):
    -Alyson Noël (Immortals series, Soul Seekers series):
    -Karen Mahoney (The Iron Witch trilogy):
    -Aimée Carter (The Goddess Test series):
    -Aprilynne Pike (Wings series):
    -Leigh Bardugo (Shadow & Bone):
    -Jennifer Bosworth (Struck):
    -Michelle Zink (The Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy, A Temptation of Angels):

  48. Wow, thanks for putting this list together! I just started with Pinterest yesterday, and this is a great list of people to follow. I'll get right on it! ('Cause I just finished a first draft and I'm mourning the loss of new chapters to write, but not yet ready to move on to something new or revise. Isn't that the best time to snuggle up with new social media?)

  49. Heather Dixon, author of "Entwined" (
    Alethea Kontis, author of "Enchanted" (
    Thanks so much for doing this! I've been slowly tracking down authors on Pinterest, but it's hard to find them unless they link on their blogs.

    1. Thanks for this information! I am new to Pinterest. My debut YA novel The Mist on Bronte Moor will be released in January, 2013.

  50. Brilliant idea. I'm very active on Pinterest for all my books and WIPs...board for my published YA is Walker -
    Would be great if you could include in your list. All power to your pins!

  51. I'm using Pinterest as an inspiration board for my YA Urban Fantasy Novels. You can check it out here:

    Thanks for the post! Bookmarking...

  52. Great Idea! Thanks for putting this list together. I will be adding a ton to my 'following' list.

    My author board:

  53. What a great list! Thanks for doing the leg work. I will be adding a ton of 'following' to my Pinterest lists.
    Here's my Author's Pinterest:

  54. Walker Books Australia is also on Pinterest -

  55. I would LOVE to be added to your list!
    Lauren Klever
    Visions (The Secret Watchers, book #1)
    9/26/12 from BookBaby and available on Amazon today!

    My Pinterst Boards are at:
    Thank you!

  56. I am a Ya author
    Heidi Acosta (Barbie Girl)

  57. You're missing Josephine Angelini, she wrote Starcrossed and Dreamless.

  58. Colleen Houck has an amazing Tiger's Curse board..

  59. Hi, I'm a YA author, S.K. Gabriel (ichildren). This is my pinterest page (it is very new, but growing) Thanks so much for this list, I'd love to join it.

  60. This rocks! I'm a MG/YA Author... Anna Howard on Pinterest, A.E. Howard on my books ;-) here's my pinterest page: I'm going to work my way through the list and follow y'all here shortly!

  61. Thanks for this fab list, lots of authors now followed! I'm a YA writer, just secured a publishing deal for my first book, Glimpse (title may change!):

  62. So cool! I've been following like crazy from this post. I'm on there, too, if anyone's interested.
    Nicole McInnes (BRIANNA ON THE BRINK):

  63. I love this list. I'm a YA action adventure author. Lauren Klever on Pinterest on Goodreads
    and on Amazon

    I would love to be added to your list! THANKS!!!

  64. Great list! Thank you for sharing! And for adding my info:

    Rhonda McCormack (wildflowers):

  65. What a great idea!
    I'm on pinterest here--
    Thanks for putting this together! :)

  66. Great list! We love Pinterest for sharing book inspiration as well! Please add us if you don't mind.

    Thank you!!!

  67. Hi!

    Could you kindly add me?

    Patty Blount author SEND,
    and TMI,

  68. Wow, thanks for putting this list together! I just eca kombi servisi started with Pinterest yesterday, and this is a great list of people to follow. I'll get right on it! ('Cause I just finished a first draft and I'm mourning the loss of new chapters to write, but not yet ready to move on to something new or revise. Isn't that the best time to snuggle up with new social media?

  69. Josephine Angelini (author of Starcrossed)
    Meg Cabot (author of The Princess Diaries and many other YA books)
    Kate Coombs (author of The Runaway Princess)
    Sarah Cross (author of Kill Me Softly)
    Regina Doman (author of The Shadow the Bear, Black as Night, etc.)
    Alex Flinn (author of Beastly, etc.)
    Kim Harrison (author of Once Dead, Twice Shy, etc.)
    Colleen Houck (author of Tiger's Curse, etc.)
    Lisa Mantchev (author of Eyes Like Stars, Perchance to Dream, etc.)
    E. Lockhart (author of The Boyfriend List, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, etc.)
    Jennifer A. Nielsen (author of The False Prince, The Runaway King, etc.)
    Sheila Nielson (author of The Forbidden Sea)

    Which goes to show I am very obsessed with both Pinterest and YA lit. :)

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.

  71. What a wonderful idea! I am an aspiring YA author...just getting going with Pinterest and loving it!

    Vanessa B. Bernard -

  72. Wow, thanks for putting this list together! I just eca kombi servisi started with Pinterest yesterday, and this is a great list of people to follow. I'll get right on it! ('Cause I just finished a first draft and I'm mourning the loss of new chapters to write, but not yet ready to move on to something new or revise. Isn't that the best time to snuggle up with new social media?
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  73. So Fun. I'd love to be added. Michelle Pennington (author of Candid, Sing To Me, and Aglow)

  74. I would love to be added! Colleen Oakes, Author The Queen of Hearts Saga:

  75. Hi there, I just got my first novel, Malicious: a Morning Star Institute novel, traditionally published this July! I'm obsessed with pinning, who isn't?!

  76. Christy Lenzi (STONE FIELD, 3/29/16)



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