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Field Trip Friday: April 27, 2012


- NPR reports on the "most harmful" authors for aspiring writers to read.

- Agent Sarah LaPolla discusses "Girls," The Graduate, and why New Adult just isn't happening.

- How to train your muse just like a puppy, from agent Rachelle Gardner.

- Author Erin Bowman lists ten things she learned while writing a sequel.

- Jeff at Boys Don't Read shares some dialogue tag wisdom he heard from author Matt de la Peña.


- Lots of talk in the blogosphere this week about plagiarism allegations against popular book blogger Kristi at the Story Siren, who confirms that she "really screwed up." Sarah at Smart Bitches has all the run down you need; Kelly Jensen at Stacked talks about the community's tendency to "kitchen sink" these discussions, and Jessica sent us her post reminding bloggers that they're entitled to their opinion, but shouldn't try to dictate the reactions of others.

- Jen Doll's new YA series in The Atlantic Wire addresses the ongoing problem of race in YA.

- USA Today reports that Fifty Shades of Gray knocked The Hunger Games off the #1 bestselling spot this week. Can't make yourself read it?  Let Ellen Degeneres narrate a little, complete with sound effects. Looking for more fanfic-based romance? Kevin Federline's aunt wrote a novel based on his relationship with Britney Spears and there is so much squick in that sentence that I can't believe I just typed it. (via Cleolinda Jones)

- Flavorwire collected the world's most unique bookmobiles (via Random House) as well as the 10 grumpiest authors alive (via Jay Asher, who is grumpy that he wasn't nominated, but obviously not grumpy enough).

- Wish you could read faster? Maybe you can learn with this infographic at Galleycat.

- "We cannot enrich the minds of our students by testing them on texts that purposely ignore their hearts. By doing so, we are withholding from our neediest students any reason to read at all." The NYT on taking the emotions out of our schools.

- Can you guess these title-less books based on their covers?

- Stacey at Pretty Books reports from a London Book Fair talk entitled "Growing Up Too Soon: Fiction That Asks If Teenagers are Ready for the Real World."


- Company president Tom Doherty announced this week that Tor/Forge e-books will be the first to go DRM free. Related: Laura Hazard Owen interviews an anonymous exec, who admits to breaking DRM on every e-book he buys.

- Author A. C. Gaughen compiled the stats on book deals, query times, and more from The Apocalypsies, a group of 2012 debut authors.

- Lev Grossman says fantasy's time has come, via Molly Flatt.

- Want to write in a variety of genres? Several pub pros weigh in on your chances, over at Pub(lishing) Crawl.

- I want to laugh at this topic, except that it really stressed me out as a newbie: What font should I use for my manuscript?!? Agent Jennifer Laughran has the answer.

- Author Natalie Whipple takes a look at life a year after the book deal.

- Why you shouldn't link your Twitter updates to Facebook (spoiler: it's annoying) and other social media wisdom from Nathan Bransford.


- Joss Wheedon co-hosted Equality Now's 20th anniversary celebration, where he praised The Hunger Games for promoting strong female characters.

- Another case of white washing movie casts, this time for the film version of Isaac Marion's Warm Bodies.

- Jezebel has your guide to ironic racism.

- Brain Pickings looks at the ways monoculture affects all parts of our lives (via either Molly O'Neill or Martha Mihalick, I can't remember which).

- Hate the Gmail redesign? Jason Crawford has tips on making the changes less obtrusive (via Cindy Pon).

- Random House is one of "10 Surprising Brands Killing It On Pinterest." (Check out Kirsten's list of YA authors you should be following there!)


- Stacked is turning three, and our friends there are celebrating with giveaways of This is Not a Test and The Obsidian Blade!

- Cole Burke is celebrating 100 followers with a "Great British YA Giveaway" (open internationally)!

- Chelsea Pitcher is giving away five books, including Shut Out, to celebrate the launch of her new website!


Listen, if you're going to break into Sea World, a) don't, and b) don't film yourself doing it, and c) certainly don't take a penguin back to your hotel room with you.

Do: Teach your kids to rock out Wayne's World-style to "Bohemian Rhapsody" on a daily basis.

Jim C. Hines once again wins the internet with his re-posing of urban fantasy covers.

Aside from the line about retardation, this video about The State Home for the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is pretty hilarious. "They ALL listen to The Shins!"
(eta: oops, she said The Smiths. The Shins are playing.)
(via Maureen Johnson)

Have a great weekend!

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  1. I might be missing something with that NPR article, but whaaaaaat? "don't worry about choice of words, or the plot or the kind of characters we're using" well, that takes all the fun out of writing!
    Thanks for the roundup, Kate.

  2. Awesome stuff. I'm resisting the urge to write a book based on The State Home for the Manic Pixie Dream Girl. It was amazing.
    Fantastic job as always, Kate.<3


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