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Field Trip Friday: March 9, 2012

Our Weekly Roundup: 

So the fabulous Ms. Kate Hart is taking a well-deserved break this week. She will be back soon, and my apologies in advance for my terrible sense of humor.  


Don't forget to spring forward! Daylight Savings Time starts this Saturday, so get yer sunglasses, roll those clocks ahead, and switch those batteries in your smoke detectors. Also please remember not to show up an hour late for any appointments you may have on Sunday morning. Not that I've ever done that or anything.


Writing a paper for school? Doing research on Twitter? Well, now you know how to cite your source.

being a daddy is way cool.
Both Bryan and Jeff at Boys Don't Read take introspective looks at writing and fatherhood.

Many thanks to author Jackson Pearce and co. for bringing us the inevitable (and accurate) s*it writers say.

Agent Rachelle Gardner has some tips for writers on how to use Goodreads effectively.

Author Zoë Marriott shares her experiences with bullying in her Dear Teen Me post.

Does your novel need a title? Here's some help!

Agent Jessica Papin wonders how much of real life sneaks into fiction.

Author Meg Rosoff has tips on dealing with writer's block.


Congrats to YA Highway's very own Veronica Roth. Divergent is out in paperback and is #1 on the New York Times bestseller list!!!!!

What new book is outselling The Hunger Games on the Kindle? Shh. I won't tell if you don't. 

The Mary Sue takes a look at some important non-costumed super-heroines.

Flavorwire has a fascinating list of
rejected titles of classic novels.

FIVE HUNDRED new fairytales were discovered in Germany. Including one about a turnip princess!

Is everything really better with Seneca's beard on it? I think after seeing this, we can safely say, yes. Yes, it is. (My favorite, hands down, is the American Beauty bag.)

Team up with The Hunger Games film and help fight world hunger (thanks Athena Franco for the link!).

Megan at Happy Owl Books makes a list of her favorite YA and MG girls!


Ellen Oh asks an important question on her blog: what's the cost of having only pretty white girls on the covers of YA books? And who's paying? Interesting discussion in the comments. 

Seth Godin shares his thoughts regarding the future of publishing and a changing landscape for writers. Again, interesting discussion in the comment section.

Uh oh. Apple and 5 major publishers are accused of colluding to fix e-book prices.

Mike Shatzkin, who thinks authors stand to lose the most, has some additional thoughts on the e-book pricing issue.

BookExpo America launches its ABC Children's Institute for booksellers. 

YA Fusion continues to shine the spotlight on a variety of publishing jobs with an interview with a publicist from Tor.


A lovely followup on the story of the teenagers in Le Roy, New York, who have been suffering from unexplained neurological symptoms. It's a long article with no definitive answers, but it's also a good reminder that mental health-related symptoms are not any "less than" physical health-related symptoms: all are equally deserving of compassion, understanding, diagnosis, and treatment. 

This week is National Sleep Awareness week. Remember to get your beauty rest!

YA authors in Henryville, Indiana are looking for help in rebuilding libraries destroyed by this week's deadly tornadoes.

In celebration of International Women's Day MsAfropolitan compiles a group of essays on the black male feminist perspective.


Rebecca Behren is giving away ARCs of three spring YA releases: ALL THESE LIVES; HEMLOCK; and THE LAST PRINCESS. 

Today is the last day to sign up for CHANGE WRITE NOW. Founded by YA author Corrine Jackson, here's your chance to make some positive and healthy lifestyle changes with the support of your fellow writers!


Wondering what PMS has ever done for you? Um, SAVED YOU FROM SNAKES.

Thanks PMS! (I hope it works for spiders too...)

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  1. Thanks for including the YA Fusion link! You did a great job taking over for Kate and compiling all the links, Stephanie. I'll check back later when I have more time to read!

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  5. I love this. Almost as much as I love that snake bite image.

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  7. Thank you all, and thank you for being a part of the field trip!

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