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Field Trip Friday: March 30, 2012

Happy Friday all! Our dearest Kate Hart is taking a well deserved break from the link roundup today, so I'm here to have a go at this week's Field Trip Friday. Enjoy!


 -Unsure about how much personal information to share with your agent? Tamela Hancock Murray fills us in on a few different types of life events that are well worth mentioning.
- Author Laurie Halse Anderson with a lovely example of how persistence in writing is key.
- Author Justine Larbalestier with a hilarious post on what you may feel like you need to achieve in order to “make it” as a writer.
- Author NK Jemisin on why there's no such thing as a good stereotype.
- Writer's Digest on how to end (or NOT end) your novel.
 -Dear Outer Space's list on the creative person's guide to misery. So true!
 -Jodi Meadows has a few things to say about dealing with writing doubt, and John Rea-Hedrick looks into his fear of falling.
-Janice Hardy again, this time on how to deal with backstory in your novel.


-Awesome post by Patricia McCormick on the true power of young adult fiction.
- Jill Pantozzi on The Hunger Games' success, and what it means for female action films.
 -An article from Jezebel that showcases racist Twitter rants about the Hunger Games movie. The notion caused a bit of an outrage in the YA community, and even though some people swear the entire thing is fake, it certainly caused quite the stir.
-S. Jae Jones talks about the YA film adaptation trend and examines the latest craze- The Hunger Games. (via @sarahlapolla) 


- Aja Romano's take on the widely discussed (and debated) 50 Shades of Grey phenomenon.
 -Agent Joanna Volpe with a beginner's guide to the very big and very exciting Bologna Book Fair.
- Beware of certain publishing scenarios that could lead to some sticky situations. (via cleolinda)


- Veronica Roth is having an insane giveaway to celebrate Divergent's fourth week on the NYT Children's Paperback Bestseller List- four ARCS of Insurgent and four paperback copies of Divergent! Congratulations again, Veronica!
-Goodreads is holding a contest for the Independent Book Blogger Awards.


- Alyssa Rosenburg talks about how Lionsgate reacted to anti-Hunger advocates, and Tiger Beatdown adds its take on those dear old Hunger Games.
- Do authors really need an official Facebook page? Janice Hardy's post offers a different take on the popular trend.
 -Is your little library on the map? Check out this wonderful project that promotes literacy and love of reading.
- Make sure to check in on Pinterest's updated terms.
-An Entertainment Weekly article about the upcoming movie Bully and an explanation on the film's rating.
-So, um, apparently Jennifer Lawrence is sporting too much “baby fat” in the HG movie? WTF, friends. WTF indeed.
-The NYC Department of Education wants fifty forbidden words to be removed from standardized testing, like “dinosaur” and “poverty.”
-Author Maggie Stiefvater reviews the audience of The Hunger Games, and Danielle Elizabeth Tumminio has a somewhat similar article from a Christian viewpoint.
-Take a gander at EL James's official 50 Shades soundtrack, as well as Publisher Weekly's article on a 50 Shades parody that is currently making the rounds.  
- Hilarious Sir Mix-A-Lot spoof....I Like Big Books!
-Information on Facebook privacy settings and how to protect your password. (via @scalzi)

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  1. Wow, so much to comment on, thanks for the links. I totally missed all the racist tweets about Hunger Games; now, I hate to be jaded when I say this, but twitter and the internet in general really just exposes the hatred and idiocy already out there. When people can hid behind a digital interface, it's easier to be loud and obnoxious about anything they want with little to no reprimand. It's definitely ugly, and kudos to the tumblr site for posting up the comments with the user names not edited out. The only way to confront hate is to expose it. But unfortunately, it doesn't really go away.

  2. That list posted at Dear Outer Space is actually by Keri Smith ( She's one of my favorite writers/artists to revisit when I'm feeling stuck.


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