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Field Trip Friday: March 2, 2012


unclever titles. But did you know that you can add all of our most recently announced books on Goodreads? Stephanie Kuehn's Charm and Strange, Lee (writing as Lanie) Bross's Fates, Phoebe North's Starglass, and Kristin Halbrook's Nobody But Us should all go on your "to read" list asap, and you can always check out the YA Highway lists that Kirsten and I both keep!


van der meme - "When people fear whether their characters sounds 'authentic' - authentically male or authentically female - they tend to base their fears on restrictive social roles." Kheryn Casey says that real boys cry.

- Gayle Forman and Melissa Marr share their rough drafts.

- Relative to dialogue writing: How young women are often ahead of the linguistic curve, at the NYT. 

- Author Kathleen Alcott on pseudonyms, a name's personal meaning, and how it feels when someone uses yours.

- Two great articles about writing for the web: Jane Friedman has five tips for writing to an online audience, and Jennifer Wright says "Stop writing on the internet to make people love you."

- Why your characters should never say "I can't," from agent Mary Kole.

- Wasting all your writing time online? Identify your habit loops to change the behavior.

- "Since when did being a writer become a career choice?" asks Tim Parks at the NY Review of Books.

- Ten things Natalie Whipple wishes she'd done differently in her career.

- Need a crit partner? Maggie Steifvater is hosting another love connection.


- Happy Read Across America week! Response to the movie version of The Lorax is kind of "meh" so far, but I got to send my kid to school in a Dr. Seuss hat yesterday. So there's that.

- The ever-insightful Kelly Jensen at Stacked reports on YALSA's decision to complicate access to their lists.

- io9 takes a look at what science fiction tells us about the future of reproductive rights.

- Trying to get published? Agent Rachelle Gardner gives you a great excuse to read: you have to know your competition.

- Are you Dauntless? Erudite? Find out with the new Divergent app!

- Lucky Magazine puts together some fashion spreads based on teen novels, from the BSC and Goosebumps to Twilight and The Hunger Games (via Lindsey Culli).

- Whoa. Magic bookmark. (via Mike Mullin)

- The New York Post reports that buzz is still building for the former-Twilight fanfic turned bestselling erotica Fifty Shades of Grey.

- Jan Berenstain, co-creator of the Berenstain Bears, passed away this week. She was 88.


npr bump chart - How does, say, an NPR mention affect interest in your book? Check out the chart (via Iris Blasi).

- Dear Author covers a major plagiarism case involving an RWA member (plus the Paypal issue mentioned below).

- Everyone talks about qualities they want in an agent, but what does an agent want in a client? Rachel Kent explains.

- Joanna Volpe looks at the changing role of agents.

- "My agent has enabled me to make money from work which I have already done while I work on other things." A very successful self-published author on why she has an agent (and why she rejected others).

- Victoria Strauss explains why poets rarely need an agent.

- Mandy Hubbard says being on submissions is like "standing at a door, pounding on it with all I had, and wondering if any one would ever answer. If any one would ever just open the damned door and let me inside, where all my published friends were." But it's worth it to keep knocking.

- Four ways to make your own luck using social media, from Alexis Grant.

- VIDA takes (depressing) stock of women's representation in 2011 literary reviews.

- Two thinkers from Nathan Bransford: DRM isn't the answer, but it's not not the answer; and Are publishers plagued by a perception problem.

- Did you know the "paper, print, bind" cost of a hard copy is only 7% of the cover price? Further breakdown of meat space vs e-book costs from ... I actually don't know who this is, but the link is via Jodi Meadows.

- Teen writing site Figment buys rival Inkpop from HarperCollins.

- John Scalzi reports on a major copyright violation in Australia, apparently facilitated in part by Microsoft.


- You really can't write a better headline than this: "Inside Facebook’s Outsourced Anti-Porn and Gore Brigade, Where ‘Camel Toes’ are More Offensive Than ‘Crushed Heads.’"

- Tumblr follows up on their new policy against pro-self-harm blogs.

- Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of Paypal? Here's the latest kerfuffle: They're dictating what kind of books sites can sell.(Contender for best headline of the week: Andrew Shaffer's "PayPal Takes Controversial Stand Against Sex.")


swift facebook update

- Two inspirational stories this week: Reddit helps young terminal cancer patient get an advance copy of a book in his favorite series; New Jersey senior asks Taylor Swift to prom and gets an invite to the CMAs instead.

- Is homophobia a post-European contact invention? Indian Country looks at "the surprisingly short history of heterosexuality." (They also report that the Quileute Nation won a territory expansion that provides a higher ground refuge during tsunami warnings.)

- It appears that if Pinterest gets sued, you get the bill.

- Google is implementing their new privacy policy soon. Learn how to delete your browsing history before changes take effect (via Jamie Blair).

- The MPAA has given the documentary "Bully" an R rating, meaning it can't be screened by students who need it most. Tara Lazar has a petition link.

- This week was pretty trying on the women's right front, but musician Dessa addresses misogyny in the hip hop and rap communities, and Chris Sims has a fantastic article about sexual harrassment and gaming culture:
"If sexual harassment is such an intrinsic part of your community that it can’t be taken out without “turning it into something that it’s not,” then just as a rule of thumb, it probably should be turned into something that it’s not."


- Win registration, hotel, and travel stipend for the Backspace Conference in New York, plus lunch with an agent!

- A $30 Barnes and Noble evoucher and a copy of Blood Song by Rhianna Hart are up for grabs in a Novel Description Competition! 

- 32 (!) chances to win in celebration of Chanelle Gray's cover reveal!

- Stacked kicks off their "So You Want to Read YA" feature with a YA starter kit! (They're also giving away a copy of Wanderlove!)


I loved both of these photography projects:
The "Switcheroo" (via Christine Tyler)
switcheroo hana pesut

and "Back to the Future" by Irina Werning
back to the future irina werning

I present without comment: A Twilight-themed engagement shoot (via Forever Young Adult).
twilight engagement

And Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, and Voldemort talk about their Oscar snub.

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart

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  1. Awww, thanks for the shout out. :)

    And I totally teared up over the Taylor Swift story. I'm such a softie under this shell.

  2. Totally coincidentally, I was listening to Dessa while reading this post. She is amazing. Everyone should know and love her.

  3. Thanks for sharing! I was ready to refill my reading list. Now I can procrastinate on my book and call it research. :-D

  4. This is very late, but thanks very much for including my post! And awesome roundup as usual :)


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