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Field Trip Friday: February 24, 2012

Guys guise JK Rowling is writing a new book guys. And it's for GROWN UPS. what? Guys
jkr's new site


tangled & writing - Author Lisa Mantchev Disney-illustrates the feeling of finishing your book.

- What should you name your first novel? Linda Holmes at NPR recommends "How I Flunked [YOUR WORST ACADEMIC SUBJECT] But Passed [THE FIRST MUSICIAN YOU SAW IN CONCERT]" for withering teenage quasi-memoirs, and has suggestions for other genres too...

- How author Janice Hardy found her voice.

- Are you interested in middle grade? Have questions, big or small? Join editor Molly O'Neill and agent Michael Bourret in two upcoming conversations about MG.

- Even after your book sells, says author Erin Bowman, the grass is always greener somewhere else.

- Author Jody Hedlund reminds us that perfection isn't required.

- If you can't quite figure out your twist ending, Some Screaming Fangirl (dude, what is your real name?!?) suggests writing out your antagonist's ending monologue that you'll never include in the final draft.

- Aspiring fantasy writer A. K. Fotinos-Hoyer compares critical responses to her WIP. Do you agree with her conclusion?

- Want to use an old Native American folktale in your story? Be sure to check into its true origins (pro tip: the "two wolves" story is BS). (via Adrienne K. at Native Appropriations)

- Emma Walton Hamilton, Director of the annual Southampton Childrens Literature Conference, brought this year's workshops to our attention. Faculty include Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith, Kate McMullan, Peter H. Reynolds, and Patricia McCormick. Applications are online now, and some partial scholarships are available!


- Debbie Reese is still doing a stellar job covering the censorship issues in Tucson-- don't let this issue fade into the background!

- Take a YA roadtrip! Very cool project from librarian Naomi Bates (via Kelly Jensen).

- They're on to us, guys: AARP has a recommended YA list for the 50+ crowd.

- "I thought that complex, nuanced, funny, difficult, despicably lovable characters were the emblem of a good writer, not evidence of the insecure woman thieving our sympathies through sneaky writer-succubus tricks." Meg Clark's response to Franzen's... tribute? to Edith Wharton.

- Eight reasons why fairy tales are essential to childhood.

- Need a literary roller derby pseudonym? McSweeney's has you covered. (via Robison Wells)

- Congratulations to the 2011 Nebula Awards nominees for Best YA Science Fiction and Fantasy!

- Two words: Insurgent teaser.


colbert it's me! - In a surprise to almost no one, Stephen Colbert lands a deal for the children's book he jokingly suggested in last month's interview with Maurice Sendak.

- "While there are certainly advantages to Amazon’s program, anyone who thinks Amazon is in this to help authors is a fool." Jim C. Hines explains how Amazon can make and break their own rules.

- What happens if your agent leaves the business? Carly Watters at P.S. Literary helps you move on.

- Romance University has ten myths about editors.

- How one author used a pseudonym to restart her career.

- What the heck are ARCs? Veronica Roth explains.

- Rachelle Gardner gives you thirteen ways to impress an agent.

- Feeling overloaded by online information? Scholastic has ways to detox without completely unplugging.

- Agent Kristin Nelson relates what happens when foreign territories sell books to which they don't have the rights.

- "Instead of fighting for a chance to get screwed over, maybe libraries should be grateful that publishers don’t want to embroil them in ebook swindles." The Annoyed Librarian on publishers and e-book lending.

- Apparently not everyone was amused by last month's "Hierarchy of Publishing" on Tumblr.


- Want to be in the upcoming trailer for the movie version of Stephenie Meyers's The Host? Head to the film's Facebook page.

- Lots of Hunger Games news this week: The official soundtrack list was announced; a partnership between the film, WFP, and Feeding America will raise awareness about global hunger issues; and the cast will be touring malls nationwide in early March. (.... is it 1987 again? Did someone forget to tell me?) 

- Turns out Oscar voters are overwhelmingly white and male. In other news, the sky is primarily blue.


game of thrones the oatmeal - I am firmly in the anti-piracy camp, but The Oatmeal's "I tried to watch Game of Thrones and this is what happened" illustrates perfectly how some companies continue to shoot themselves in the free download foot. Meanwhile, several Canadian universities agreed that emailing hyperlinks amounts to the same thing as photocopying copyrighted works. Oookay.

- Caroline Richmond asks, "Why can't women support each other?"

- Tumblr announces a new policy against self-harm blogs.

- Attacks on the Girl Scouts continue as a church in Virginia evicts local troops from its facilities. Solution: BUY MORE THIN MINTS. (Actually I like samoas best. But whatever. Buy what you like. Unless it's shortbread, because gross.)

- Social Times reports that teens are turning to YouTube for feedback on their looks. If you've ever read comments on YouTube, you understand what a horrifying prospect this might be. (via Sarah LaPolla)

- Have you submitted a picture to Kirsten Hubbard's Wanderlove project yet? Why not?!?


- The fabulous ladies at Stacked have two giveaways going: Win Boy21 or The Girl Who Was On Fire!

- Don't forget: You can submit your contest links on our contact form!


Two things Google:

creepy google is creepy1) Glasses. Like, as an actual thing. HAS NO ONE READ FEED?!@?

2) Sometimes Google Street View cameras catch some crazy stuff. (Possibly NSFW.)

What should we do about the economy? How about the Young Adult Novel Plan?

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Giveaway here of books and critiques to celebrate birthday and agent!

  2. Thank you so much for the link to my blog :)

  3. Great stuff! Thanks for the links :)

    JK Rowling writing for adults now?! *squee*

    PS: the Cinna shirt rocks my socks.

  4. Hahaha, it's Tabitha. SSF just sounds more realistic. Thanks for including my link again, I got a new follower! *woot*

    BTW, about the YA titles - How I Flunked (Class) but Passed (first band I saw in concert)...I started laughing until I realized the first band I saw was called "LIT". What are the chances???


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