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Field Trip Friday: February 10, 2012


- "When it doesn’t happen but it almost does, you feel like you’re farther back from where you started." Courtney Summers on turning points, at Nova Ren Suma's blog.

- Psychology Today lists twelve things you weren't taught about creative thinking (via Michele Wells).

- Author Steph Sinkhorn gets all post-modern Venn diagram on us with "Spheres of Existence: Writing Other Experiences With Integrity."

- Why YA? Lucas Klaus lists four reasons; Melissa Kantor says it's about "that place where life felt like walking a tightrope without a net." (via Anica Rissi)

- Author Leah Cypress finds that the best way to deal with jealousy is to do what got her in trouble in the first place.

- YA Confidential takes a look at the realities of teen depression; Sara Zarr has a post about faith, meds, and spiritual life.

- How do you handle time-breaks in your story? Juliette Wade talks solutions.

- N.K. Jemisin talks about creating a past and a future for people of color in sci-fi.

- Please don't blog your book, says Jane Friedman.

- Author Gayle Forman is on fire this week with two great metaphors for writing: "Doors and Books and Doors To Books" looks at the revision process; "The Perfect Song" discusses making your book sound like your vision.

- 25 things you should know about story structure, from Chuck Wendig.

- The Intern examines why dream sequences almost never work in a novel.

- "Can writers successfully write outside of their own racial identity?" Dhonielle Clayton says yes! With some caveats.

- Agent Natalie Lakosil has suggestions for how to handle conflicting advice.


in forks send help - Sometimes covers are cringeworthy. Erin Bowman, Sarah Enni, and Tracey Neithercott have the solution!

- Author Matt de la Peña will speak at a Tucson school in March, and is using his honorarium to donate copies of his recently banned books

- Mike Flowers at YALSA compares the Printz and BYFA award winners.

- Get a glimpse into a real high school literary club, courtesy of Some Screaming Fan Girl.

- Bring a Friend to the Bookstore pairs with local coffee shops to increase sales.

- Reports say state funding for California libraries has been completely eliminated in next year's budget.

- Antonia Senior at the Guardian reports that e-books sales are being driven by downmarket genre fiction. TL;DR, see this comment: "Oh, how dreadful - people are reading (e-)books they enjoy rather than what journalists tell them they should be reading to impress their friends." In response, Sarah at Smart Bitches says, "Read what you like, then read more of it, and go on with your badass self."

- Flavorwire lists ten great science fiction books for girls. (Our resident sci-fi experts tell me some of them might be better suited for women.)

- Check out 1book140, a global Twitter book club that's reading graphic novels this month.

- Author Jennifer Lynn Barnes explains why dystopian YA is so popular, at Romantic Times (via Regina Griffin).


- Hate marketing? Join the club. And thank Elana Johnson for her guide to getting started.

- Erin Lange tells you how to get your book on TV.

- The ABA, Books-A-Million, and Indigo Books joined Barnes and Noble in refusing to carry Amazon titles.

- Agent Jennifer Weltz suggests the key to saving publishing is branding publishers to the consumer.

- The SFWA removed Dorchester Publishing from its list of qualifying markets.

- Random House will raise prices, but will offer e-book lending of its titles to libraries.

- Author S.M. Johnston has tips for bloggers doing interviews.

- Three literary agents on how to navigate a changing industry.

- GalleyCat suggests five G+ profile traps to avoid

- Agent Steve Laube walks writers through the four stages of editing; Erin Bowman takes it from the writer's perspective.

- Nathan Bransford stirs the pot with "Do Writers Give Up the Right to Be Casual Reviewers?" complete with shoutout to our own Phoebe North.

- Trying to get your foot in the door? Interns reveal the secrets to a query that knocks. the socks off agent Susan Hawk; agents from Curtis Brown explain how to make a strong first impression (the right way, not the crazy way).

- Author Diana Peterfreund points out that after our big internet kerfuffles, nothing really changes

- What agent Sarah Davies is seeing in her inbox, and what she'd rather have.

- When should you call an agent? Rachelle Gardner says if s/he's yours, whenever. If not: never.

- Emma Straub tells authors how to be an indie bookseller's dream (hint: be nice; bring candy).


- The lovely and talented Tahereh Mafi has a gigantic book giveaway going!

- Win a critique from new literary agent Gemma Cooper!


Photobucket - It seems Pinterest and Tumblr both reached the tipping point this week, at least in the publishing community. The Millions has a list of great book-related Tumblrs to follow (obligatory link to YA Highway's here!); GalleyCat has a book lovers list for Pinterest. Meanwhile Social Beat revealed how Pinterest is making money off your links.

- Rookie gives readers a guide to escaping a bad romance.

- Lego will meet with the SPARK movement to discuss the stereotypical marketing of their products for girls.

- A Wisconsin student was suspended for teaching a classmate to say "hello" and "I love you" in Menominee, a Native American language.


Lana Del Rey + Hunger Games =

Punctuation humor


Have a great weekend!
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