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Field Trip Friday: January 26, 2012


Depends on who you ask. Techies would say Apple's "mind-bogglingly greedy and evil licensing agreement" deserves the nod (over 600,000 copies of iBooks Author were downloaded in one week). Folks who studied Latin American lit and care about censorship (oh hai) would vote for Debbie Reese's continued coverage of Tucson Unified School District's closing of Mexican-American Studies programs. Twitter would say Steven Colbert's interview with Maurice Sendak; Tumblr might say The Boston Phoenix's evaluation of gender bias in NPR book coverage.

But hey, you wouldn't know the biggest awards in children's literature were handed out this week, because The Today Show decided not to cover it again this year.


- What Project Runway taught Veronica Roth about explanations.

- Another great post in Nova Ren Suma's "Turning Points" series: Saundra Mitchell reminds us that you can always walk away.

- Author Lenore Appelhans describes how book blogger have benefited her writing.

- Writer's Relief lists ten common myths about writing for children.

- Mitali Perkins has a great list of question to ask about telling the story of a "less-powerful" child.

- Is Jodi Meadows insane for deleting her 75K book draft? Not really.

- Lesbian books, or books about lesbians? Author Malinda Lo looks at categorization and labels.

- Maggie Stiefvater presents "Rough to Final" posts from ten author friends.

- Libba Bray on industry awards, gratitude, and never really knowing anything about writing.

- Do your characters have Disappearing Wound Syndrome? Kieryn Nicolas at the YA Lit Six says people don't miraculously heal in two pages.

- Why Megan Whaley Turner isn't telling you anything.

- Erin Bowman has a great tutorial about outlining in Scrivener.

- Nick Mamatas has ten pieces of advice that writers should stop giving (via Cleolinda Jones).


- If you follow us on Tumblr *cough*, you may have seen this link to Capitol Couture, a pretty amazing Hunger Games fashion site.

- Publishers Weekly takes one for the team, tallying up the 5 books that inspire the most tattoos(You can safely peruse that link without fear of coming across any scary Edwards.)

- Fourth-graders in Massachusetts are asking Universal to please, please not lose the message of Dr. Seuss's The Lorax on screen.

- Flavorwire picks ten legendary bad girls of literature and ten cult literary traditions for die-hard fans.

- Stacia Ward Kehoe notices a correlation between awards and covers that aren't photo-illustrated (via Kelly Jensen).

- Check out this crazy enormous Lord of the Rings family tree (via Bookish).

- Want to share your YA love on Facebook? Epic Reads has some cool banner images for you to use.

- Margaret Atwood talks to The Guardian about the making of, and reaction to, The Handmaid's Tale.

- More fun recognition for YA Highway contributor Veronica Roth: Divergent made the 2012 Amelia Bloomer list for feminist literature, and a quote from her book was the second-most shared on Goodreads in 2011!

- Nominees for the NAACP Image Awards in Literature were announced-- scroll down to find their children and YA categories-- and the Rainbow Project named their 2012 Rainbow List for GLBTQ books for teens.

- Important post from Kelly Jensen at Stacked: Some of her favorite books of the year weren't in the running for ALA recognition this year, and it's because she, and we, failed to nominate them. Did you know you can nominate books for the Printz? I didn't. But I won't forget next year.

- Nominated but still didn't make the cut? Lisa Schroeder says lists are nice, but...


- Do you need a social media intervention? Angela Ackerman has a therapy session broken down by problem platform.

- Where are you on the hierarchy of book publishing? (My favorite part:  46). Laura Miller when she is cranky. 47). Laura Miller when she is not cranky.)

- The HuffPo picks 7 of the best author websites, including Rick Riordan, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, and Jay Asher.

- Want to be an editor? Find out how Martha Mihalick got her spot at Greenwillow Books.

- General PSA: If your book is on Goodreads and its data comes from Amazon, you need to get that fixed asap. (via Cleolinda Jones)

- How do bestseller lists work? The Sacramento Bee explains.

- Agent Jennifer Laughran on the fine art of zipping it (aka the tone of your social media should match the tone of your work).

- 25 things writers should know about agents, from the terrible mind of Chuck Wendig.

- The Passive Voice reports some problematic terms in the Amazon/Penguin Breakthrough Novel Contest.

- Author Media lists 44 helpful Twitter hashtags for writers.

- Author Lauren DeStefano fights back against the idea that weight is tied to success.

- Lots of discussion this week about piracy, as the failure of SOPA/PIPA didn't stop the government from shutting down Megaupload and striking fear into similar services. Meanwhile Fast Company goes behind the scenes to "unmask" a digital pirate on Amazon (via Victoria Strauss).

- Celebrate your friends' successes as your own, because their new contacts are now yours too! Lisa Iriarte on the green-eyed jealousy monster (via Amy Boggs). On a related note, Rachelle Gardner shares that agents are also not immune to a little jealousy; Jodi Nelson Call laments eviscerating internet culture in "We Hate When Our Friends Become Successful" (via Myra McEntire, who I do not hate for becoming successful).

- NPR reports that publishers and booksellers see a "predatory" Amazon; Josie Leavitt hears the news about Amazon's deal with Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and asks, "What fresh hell is this?"


tulsa literary death match
This is a real thing! That
apparently happens! Near me!
- Not gonna lie: It was pretty fun watching the New Yorkers on my Twitter feed complain that they are ranked number 22.5-- tied with Austin, Texas-- on this list of most literate cities. (What's that? Tulsa was number 21? *slow smile* must. control. self.)

 - Still missing Hedwig? Snowy owls are all over the US this winter, so you have a decent chance of spotting one!

- Faber has set up "The Spark," a YA online community that will offer fans a chance to star in book trailers, compose music, create artwork, and write themed short stories all relating to YA books.

- We all love our iThings, but is our love for all things Apple worth exploding Chinese factories and fatal job conditions?

- Fantastic story about one teacher's extraordinary and successful effort to reach a problem student (via Mike Mullin).

- Monty Python! Together again! Sort of! (via @NYDNBooks)

- I love, love, love this post from Karen Rivers: "How To Forgive Yourself."
It is the moment when, instead of writing it down, or talking to your reflection, you allow yourself to let go.  No, that's wrong.  That makes it seem like the things themselves want to be released, but you are holding them back.   They are stuck to you with barnacle-like tenacity.   It's not that you have to let them go.  It's that you have to make them leave, pry them off one by one.


- Win an Apocolypsies starter pack that includes Born Wicked, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, Reunited, and Starters, plus lots of great swag!

- You can win a query critique from Jodi Meadows at YAtopia!

- Win a copy of Kody's next release, A Midsummer's Nightmare!

- Bridge the Gap is offering a "scholarship" for LGBT/Allies-- you are encouraged both to apply and to bid on their auction items.


Remember how last week I linked a sneak peek of the Twilight musical? Um... this isn't it. But it does include highlights such as "Feed the Wolves," "Don't Cry For Me Jacob Black," and a vampire version of "Be Our Guest." (via Letters to Twilight, via... something, IDEK.)

This zebra was all over the web this week. I am embarrassed by how many of those
moves I recognize. (Kid 'n Play, anyone? Anyone?)

Presented without comment, with all thanks/blame on Kirsten.

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart

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  1. Thanks for doing these roundups! I look forward to them every week, adding most of the links to my to-read list to enjoy during downtimes throughout the week.

  2. I'm always so excited and grateful for these links. Checking YA Highway on Friday's is a part of my routine now. :) I especially love the links providing advice from authors... the rough draft post is fascinating.

  3. Once again, cheers to all of your hard work putting together THE BEST links for the week. So much good stuff to read.

  4. Thanks for posting about the auctions/scholarship! I do appreciate it. Love your roundups


  5. Thanks for posting the link to my blog. I also found some great stuff to read here!

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