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Field Trip Friday: December 9, 2011


What's the Goodreads Choice Awards' Favorite Book of the Year?

Congrats to YA Highway contributor Veronica Roth,
who also won Best YA Fantasy & Science Fiction! 

The other big news: Amazon. On Tuesday, they announced they've acquired Marshall Cavendish. You can learn more about why that's a big deal from GalleyCat, Publishers Weekly, and if you have a subscription, Publishers Marketplace. Meanwhile, Amazon also introduced a program that pays people not to shop at brick and mortar stores, but Laura Hazard Owen says publishing needs to quit freaking out about it.

Can't keep up with all of Amazon's moves? TechCrunch has a cool chart showing what Amazon owns and when they bought it, and click the image left for some amazing infographics about the company's growth.


- Everybody's doing the best they can and screwing up and trying again, even the Guggenheim and Fulbright winners: great post (with bonus Lost Boys) from Le R.

- Speaking of blood suckers: Everything The Intern needs to know about revisions, she learned from her phlebotomist.

- Author Diana Peterfreund talks love triangles-- and points out that there actually isn't one in Twilight.

- Do you need a college degree to write? Both Lev Grossman and Maggie Stiefvater weigh in.

- Shannon Whitney Messenger has a great post about 20 ways NOT to write your first book

- Author Jody Hedlund has advice for what to do with contradictory feedback and 2-star reviews.

- Feeling a little sluggish? BIC becoming a full-time thing? Go sign up for Cory Jackson's "Change Write Now!"


end the R word - A few months ago, The Book Lantern discussed PC Cast's casual use of "the r word" and her angry response to reviewers who objected. In Cast's new book? Her characters mock the conversation. (This is where I bite through my own tongue. *looks pointedly at image to left*)

- Margaret Atwood thinks Twitter boosts literacy. And we DO NOT ARGUE with Margaret Atwood. I don't, anyway. (via Brit)

- Zoe Marriott takes a look at the "beautiful corpse" covers and speculates about their link to rape culture. Interesting conversation continues in the comments.

- Another good post on why the idea of Mary Sues is sexist, and further comments showing this conversation has been going on awhile (scroll down). 

- The LA Times reports on last week's book blogger/William Morrow kerfuffle.

- The Truth vs. Twilight: Quileute tribe website explores reality and fiction. Meanwhile, Sarah Blackwood expands on last week's piece about Bella Swan, discussing "canned empowerment" and "the New Feminism."

- Penguin authors stand up for free speech.

- Eleven designers present sketches for Katniss's "fire dress," at StyleCaster.

- Lee and Low Books looks at diversity in 2011, the good, bad, and the ugly.

- Kelly Jensen breaks down the "best of" lists for 2011, complete with pie charts. You know how I feel about pie charts.

- Nominate your favorite books of the year at Teenreads!


- Trying to break into publishing? Minimize the obstacles, says agent Rachelle Gardner, while Sarah LaPolla suggests you stop helping yourself.

- The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating allegations that Apple and a group of publishers colluded on e-book pricing

- YA continues to be publishing's fastest growing genre.

- Editor Andrew Karre demonstrates why YA matters, with interesting notes about how it's similar to Apple.

- Two helpful posts from Nathan Bransford this week: How to Network Without Networking, and What You Need to Know About SEO.

- The R-word sucks, but don't be afraid of the "M" word: Shelli Johannes-Wells launches a series of marketing posts at the KT Literary blog.

- Agent Sarah Davies gives you the naked truth about submissions.

- The Gatekeeper suggests you get creative with your response to a full request.

- If you have an offer from a small press, then can you call an agent? Janet Reid says nooooooo

- Blurb requests are tricky, and author Meg Rosoff says make sure your editor is thanking the people she asks.

- One Story announced Thursday the creation of a new YA literary magazine, One Teen Story.

- A leaked Hatchette document explains why publishers are relevant. I'm sure what's-his-face Konrath has a rebuttal somewhere. 

- Stop trying to make "New Adult" happen. It is so not fetch. (Agent Mary Kole kind of says that.)


regina george is not fetch - Listen, we've all heard the "Twitter is just like high school!" argument, but Good Day, Regular People wisely points out: that's only true if you're still acting like you're in high school. (And if you really are in high school, well, carry on.)

- We also heard lots of complaining about Twitter's new look (not to be confused with their last new look). But check this out-- now you can embed tweets. That's pretty sweet.

- How Siri is changing etiquette and speech, at the NYT.

- The holidays are upon us, and I have yet to buy a single gift. Not one. But The Millions has suggestions for twelve holiday gifts writers will actually use, the HuffPo has gift ideas for book lovers, and John Scalzi is hosting a 2011 shopping guide.

- Judge hits blogger with $2.5 million (MILLION) fine for not being a journalist

- Sexual harassment can be a problem at cons, and author Jim C. Hines has a great post with suggestions about how you can put a stop to it there, or anywhere. (via Cleolinda Jones)

- Authors Lauren McLaughlin and Scott Westerfeld may have done fine on the writing portion of the SAT, but a Florida school board member recently took high school standardized tests and discovered they're kind of pointless.

- Paypal learned the power of social media this week, after a huge backlash for their treatment of Regretsy's Christmas charity efforts. The issue has been resolved, but unfortunately it's not an isolated incident, and author Melissa Anelli may be putting together an effort to expose many more (scroll down to Dec 6).


- Win one of the coveted ARCs of Hemlock from Kathleen Peacock!

- Have a grievance? Fancy a feat of strength? Stop by Rebecca Behrens's blog for a Very Festivus Giveaway!

- Editor Cassandra is giving away an editing prize to one lucky commenter every day in December!

- Lena Ainsworth will give you the YA dystopian novel of your choice!

- Sift Reviews is interviewing the authors of their favorite books this year, and giving away a few!

- Laini Taylor is giving away signed books, swag and more!


welcome to the dark roast side
How much coffee would it take to kill you? For me personally, 64 cups is apparently the max. (via Michelle Schusterman)

Calvin and Hobbes fighting crime? Sure, why not.

This is Steph's fault: The Procatinator. You really just have to click it to understand.

50 signs you're addicted to Twitter. I am guilty of #7, for sure: "If it isn't on Twitter yet, it hasn't happened."

Creative Review has the interactive periodic table of swearing

The 90 (ninety!) best Tumblrs of 2011, at BuzzFeed.

realistic monsters

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart

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