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Field Trip Friday: November 25, 2011


- Beautiful post from author Beth Revis about being thankful for your dreams, even the unfulfilled ones.

- Author Nova Ren Suma has been hosting a fabulous blog series on inspiration, including this particularly great post by Alexander Chee.

- Even once you sell, it's not all fun and games. Leah Clifford gives another trilogy writer advice on finishing the dreaded sequel.

- You know you're supposed to show, not tell, but why? Author Sarah Fine has the psychological explanation.

- It's hard to get much done during the holidays, but agent Rachelle Gardner can help you make a plan.

- Do you suffer from one of these tragic writer maladies (courtesy of Nathan Bransford)?

- It's easy to let the publishing roller coaster ride get you down, but Brandi Ann Uyemura has a good post about finding meaning in your life while you're chasing the dream (via Jessica McCann).


- Malinda Lo hopes readers will consider heroines outside of the white, straight box.

- BookRiot has five signs you've been reading too much YA.

- Ten themes shared by historical fiction and sci fi, at io9.

- Zoe Williams at the Guardian presents this week's ultimate link bait literary discussion: Is it irresponsible to read fiction when serious things are happening?

- Why author Erin Bowman is deleting book ratings and adding reviews.

- The Book Cellar is heading a 2012 fantasy reading challenge.

- YA is "is by far the best written genre," according to Kim Wright at The Millions (via Margaret Jones).

- It's almost the end of the year and the "best of" lists are in full swing. The NYT named their notable children's books of 2011, and the Kirkus list goes live on Monday; Random House takes it a step further with their "Best of the Book Lists" list.

Don't see your favorites? The Story Siren wants your nominees for best debuts of 2011, and the Goodreads Choice Awards are in their final round-- last chance to vote!

- Fantasy author Anne McCaffrey passed away this week at the age of 85.


- Some Screaming Fangirl breaks down the reality behind The Simpsons' YA book packaging episode.

- Summit announces they've cast an actor to play Ender Wiggin in the screen version of Ender's Game.

- Author and all-around rad chick Myra McEntire tells "the truth about the book deal, or why book bloggers matter."

- Holy crap guys, Diablo Cody says a Sweet Valley High movie is totally close to happening. Someone hold me.

rpattz is a troll img one - Tons of Twilight talk this week, after last week's release of "Breaking Dawn Part 1." The NYT gave the movie a fairly decent review, while NPR declared "the narrative sledgehammers are all as distasteful as they are inelegant."

Goodreads put together an infographic that shows whether you live in the "Twilight belt," Sara N. at Stellar Four has a handy guide to when it's okay to hate on the series (via Felicity Disco), and Mashable claims Twilight loses against Harry Potter in social media.

What really got people going, however, was an interview with screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg, where she describes how she squared the story with her own pro-choice, feminist beliefs. On the heels of that piece, Erika Christakis at Time published "On the Harsh Bigotry of Twilight-haters," where she points out that "women have long endured men’s insulting and unhinged fantasies."

RPattz is a troll img twoSarah Rees Brennan says we should talk about problematic stuff, but we should also "trust ladies to think, let them be into weird business," and Holly Black says, "Yes, let's talk about Twilight. Let's analyze it. But let's do so with a little more nuance and a little less agenda." Naturally, this all led to interesting discussion, both in the comments and on Twitter (as well as the predictable "omg Twilight is the greatest!!1!" and "omg Twilight is the worst and U R an idiot for saying anything that could possibly be construed as its defense.")

Just want to watch the movie and have fun? Forever Young Adult has you covered with one of their signature drinking games; Sarah Enni breaks down the movie's pros and cons, Cake Wrecks has the best of the worst Twilight-themed cakes, and Cleolinda Jones has the recap we've all been waiting for.

Want to get your hate on? Not one but two blogs prove RPattz is the biggest Twilight troll out there. Totally obsessed? I'm not saying you should, but you can wear Bella's dress at your own wedding, for the low low price of $799 and all your dignity.


friday reads logo - Did you know the #Fridayreads hashtag includes paid ads? Neither did a lot of people. Friday Reads apologized and updated their FAQ in response.
- Mike Shatzkin describes how publishers are adding value on the marketing side (via Jane Friedman).

- Find out how digitization of the music and book industries differ (via Michele Wells), while Vicky Harley says that digitizing books is way harder than you think, both at FutureBook.

- Lots of conversation in the comments at Squeaky Books about whether authors should comment on reviews.

- Penguin decided to withdraw many of its e-books from library lending this week. Meanwhile, bloggers stirred up controversy about the terms offered by Penguin's new Book Country venture.

- A self-published author Roz Morris says self-publishing isn't for people who couldn't get published or represented-- it's for people who could, and choose not to.

- We've all heard the "so-and-so author got ONE MILLION REJECTIONS and then their book was a BEST-SELLER" story, but Michele Witte has a look at the reality behind the publishing urban legends.

- Agent Betsy Lerner lists the top ten query opening line mistakes.


kermit and piggy - Kermit the Frog is a terrible boyfriend, says Julie Klausner at Jezebel.

- SOPA, an anti-piracy bill moving through Congress, met major backlash this week from major figures including Google, Twitter, Facebook and more.

- The NYT takes a very interesting look at teaching teens not just sex ed, but good sex ed (via Michelle Andelman).


-The EU decided this week that water bottles cannot claim their contents prevent dehydration. In other words, water is not wet. Oooookay.

- Sarah Enni brought you 43 pictures of dogs playing in leaves. You're welcome.

- The turducken of desserts, the "cherpumple," combines cherry, apple and pumpkin pies inside a cake. (You can thank Kirsten for this link.)

- Danielle Critenden, extremely brave blogger at the HuffPo, takes one for the team by testing the "drunk tampon" myth. OW. OW OW OW OW OW. (This link is also Kirsten's fault.)

"I can't carry the ring, Mr. Kermit, but I can carry you!"
Genius Muppet/Lord of the Rings crossover art at io9.

fozzie sam carries kermit frodo

People magazine chose Bradley Cooper as this year's "Sexiest Man,"
and the Ryan Gosling fans are incensed.

ryan gosling was robbed

Guyyyys. Octopi are now walking on land. And here you thought zombies were the real threat.

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart

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