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Field Trip Friday: November 18, 2011


YA movies! The Hunger Games trailer premiered Monday, and many fans thought it was fabulous: Some might even switch to Team Gale, although others appear to be more Team Lenny Kravitz, a decision I am certainly on board with. 

Others,however, were shocked-- shocked, I say!-- to realize there are black folks in the world in the movie. Hollywood Crush interviews Seneca Crane's spectacular beard, and apparently the world stopped for the announcement of these HG-themed nail polishes.

Meanwhile, "Breaking Dawn Part 1" hit the theaters at midnight, and the publicity machine is in high gear. Fans lined up for days outside the premiere, competing for most Twi-lit tent and taking pictures as Edward's bride, which is still not as alarming as io9's 25 most disturbing Twilight products of 2011. Indian Country Media took a look at the Native actors featured in the films, and EOnline tries really hard to make it sound like Stephenie Meyer hates her fans (and fails).

Kaleb Nation describes opening night from the media side, and the Boston Herald has news that might be the only legit spoiler possible: Meyer makes a cameo in the film (as does Ellen Degeneres). Even The Muppets get in on the act.

Kavita Varma-White hopes the bloody births scene scares teens silly, and Sarah Blackwood weighs in on the value of the series with "Our Bella, Ourselves" at The Hairpen (via Cleolinda Jones):
"This is an uncomfortable place for feminists, because this heroine is not particularly good at actualizing herself. Bella waits, she wallows, she thinks, and feels, and worries, and wonders. She does not actualize in the sense we have come to expect from our heroines, an expectation that, I might point out, is quite often based on a masculinist understanding of what being effective in the world looks like."


- Written? Kitten! Meet your word goal and get a kitty picture. I fear the internet has reached its peak.

- Hands down best post all week: "The books and authors who make a difference in your life are not the ones with the most credentials, the most money, or the most awards. They are the ones that you connected with, the ones that moved you on the merit of their prose, characters and stories," says author Kristin Hoffman.

- Author Rick Lipman presents the paranormal YA drinking game. Unfortunately my liver is now destroyed.

- "I'm there but I'm not there." Author Tess Gerritsen on patient families and novels in progress (via Elizabeth S. Craig).

- Eight YA authors talk fantasy at a Manhattan Books of Wonder panel.

- The Intern speaks out in praise of mutual author aid, unless the cake is gone.

- Author Melissa Senate starts her career over from scratch with a new pseudonym

- How many books does the average author write before getting published? Tawna Fenske says you might not want to know.


- Author Deva Fagan illustrates the power of diverse science fiction.

- Congratulations to Thanhha Lai, whose Inside Out and Back Again won the National Book Award for Young People's Literature.

- The lovely and talented Tahereh Mafi explains why teens dig the paranormal in the Wall Street Journal. 

- The 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards semifinals are open-- go vote!

- Flavorwire presents a brief history of time travel literature.

- The New York Public Library gives tips for caring for your books at home. Meanwhile, the Occupy Wall Street library tries to rebuild its collection.

- Six major writers unpack their libraries for FT Magazine.

- The Guardian asks, "Which are literature's greatest unseen characters?"

- Need some motivation? GalleyCat has several writing playlists that you can listen to on Spotify.

- Last week we mentioned several posts concerning "dead girl" covers, and this week agent Kristin Nelson weighs in on the trend.


covers with name in increasing size - How to literally be a big name author: Slacktory measures the name-to-title ratios of various authors.

- Should you give your agent a holiday gift? Jennifer Laughran has advice.

- Cool feature at Publishing Trendsetter: The life cycle of a book.

- YA is "heating up the charts," and The Boston Globe takes a look at the phenomenon.

- Writer Beware introduces their "Small Presses" page

- Major restructuring going on at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

- HarperCollins union members rallied Thursday to express frustration with the company.

- Angry Robot announces a sister imprint, Strange Chemistry, that will publish YA genre fiction.

- As publishing continued to discuss the plagiarism in Assassin of Secrets, Kirkus revealed their picks for Best Fiction 2011-- and didn't pull Markham from the list quite quickly enough.

- Lots of cautionary tales this week: Agent Rachelle Gardner provides a list of things writers shouldn't blog about, Richard Curtis at E-Reads gives a quick explanation of nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements; LitReactor has "The Author's To-Don't List," and the lovely Carolina Valdez Miller explains how she recovered her stolen Google and Yahoo accounts.


- "The Oops in the O for Oregon" - hilarious, but also a very cool story about football players at the University of Oregon learning sign language.

- Just a few real-life examples of why YA might be "dark": A Wyoming high school coach resigned this week after giving students a "Hurt Feelings" report with spaces for "I am a queer," "I am a little bitch," and more-- yet he will still serve as school guidance counselor; an Ohio girl had to wear concealed recording devices under her clothes before the school would believe that a teacher and an aide were bullying her.

- Lots of talk about the website Klout this week, as John Scalzi explains why he opted out of the service, Maureen Johnson tweeting about why she opted out, and Joe Fernandez defending his company's mission.

- Meanwhile, Salman Rushdie fought it out with Facebook and won the right to use the name that he... you know, uses.

- Cracked looks at five old-timey prejudices that still show up in every movie.

- Congratulations to Middlebury College, winners of the 2011 Quidditch World Cup! (Can I just say how stoked I am that my tiny little alma mater sent a team and hosted a tournament?)


- Enter to win any or all of Regal Literary's nine Winter Giveaway books!

- Win a copy of Rebecca Belliston's Sadie as well as a copy of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers!


- YA writer Leila Sales gets the spotlight at Gizmodo for her hilarious collection of accidental text messages, "The Leila Texts."

 - Mental Floss lines up the all-time most popular posts from 21 cool websites (complete with shout out to the Fug Girls!)

I should have seen this coming, and yet somehow...

katniss in glass case of emotion

One of the greatest things I've ever seen: Jimmy Fallon as Jim Morrison singing "Reading Rainbow."

Have a great weekend!

Kate Hart

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  1. Oh my gosh! You covered everything. Great post.

  2. "Unfortunately, my liver is now destroyed." LMAO!

    Great collection today!

  3. This week's FTF is extra awesome, Kate!

    lolol at the glass case of emotion picture. But I cannot unsee what I saw in that Twilight merchandise link.

  4. Oh wow, thanks for calling my post the "best all week"! I'm honored to be included in such a great roundup. :)

  5. Thanks for the awesome round-up! :D

  6. So what I love most about the crazies waiting in the Twilight rain photo is that one of them is my group, the Los Angeles Twilight Lovers. I wasn't hardcore enough to camp with them, but my ladies are there laughing and having a blast.

    On another note - have you considered turning off word verification?


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