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The Acronym Technique for Writing and Revising (TATWR)

Acronyms are awesome. You can make them anytime, anywhere, out of any combination of words. I can even make one out of this sentence! ICEMOOTS!


But seriously. What are acronyms doing for us writers? Nothing, that's what. We might use them once in a while in our writing, but otherwise, they're just sitting there, wasting space in our little shiny box of word-related tools.

Here's where that space-wasting ends.

First, imagine your book, in the future... published (wh00t!)... and being reviewed. By strangers. Try your best to ignore the scariness/exhilaration/ahhh!-type feelings attached to that idea and just think about what you'd like those reviews to say. What complimentary words would you be most happy to see in a review of your book?

Basically, what qualities do you most want your book to have upon completion? Try to think of three in particular - just three. If you can, boil them down to pretty specific terms (ones that your book would inspire a reviewer to use).

For my current WIP, a speculative... something, I decided I would be most happy to see these three words in a review:

- Real (when it comes to the characters and their stories)
- Exciting (plot- and pacing-wise)
- New (in a "never been done before" sense)

Now, take those three words and create an acronym. And as you're revising (or writing, as long as it won't slow you down too much), think to yourself: "Is this [insert acronym]?" If it's not, you may have some changing to do, whether major or minor. You now have a quick, easy way to recall the major things you want your book to be, right as you're working.

That's the Acronym Technique for Writing and Revising (TATWR)! I hope it's helpful. What's your book's acronym?
Emilia Plater

Emilia is a YA author who avoids studying, food that isn't covered in cheese, and waking up before 10:30AM whenever possible. A bundle of confusions.

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  1. My kids have make a favorite acronym. All American Association Against Acronym Abuse! In other words AAAAAA. Ya, they think they're funny.

  2. My WIP's acronym is:

    P-Peerless (as in unique, not "Hey look my book's better than everyone's!")

    WIP! Aren't I so clever? (Not really, I used a thesaurus to find a synonym for unique starting with P)


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