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Welcome Autumn

I know Autumn technically arrived just over a week ago, but the first day of October is the day I feel the season has officially arrived. Here in the northwest, the sun has dipped in the sky, basking the world in a softer daylight. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, with the scent of leaves and freshly damp earth in the breezes. Orange and white pumpkins, massive baskets of burgundy and yellow mums, glittering and ghastly Halloween decorations, and the smells of baking (after a season with the oven off) adorn this time of year.

Autumn is my favorite season. It's the time to pull blankets out of the closet, make a cup of spiced cider and linger over a book in the evenings. It's the time to prepare for tailgate parties: BBQing while wrapped up in team sweatshirts and scarves. It's the time to attend new seasons of plays, operas, the symphony.

More than any other season, I like to usher in Autumn with books that fit my new mood. I've found it isn't easy to match books to a season, though I do look for some common themes: football, back to school, harvest, snuggling up with sweaters and coats.

Do you have books that remind you of Autumn (besides Horror/Creepy/Halloween - we'll talk about those later)? Once upon a time, Kirsten Hubbard described Sarah Dessen books as feeling like a comfortable sweater, and now I always think of her books as Autumn Books, just for that comfort factor. Dairy Queen makes me think of Autumn, with the football and harvest themes. While some may think of Spring when it comes to fairy books, they feel like Autumn to me: a time when the fairy rings sprout up in woodlands, when there are more leaves on the ground to hide under.

What are your favorite Autumn books? What are your favorite things about this season? Happy October!
Kristin Halbrook

Kristin Halbrook is the author of the critically-acclaimed young adult novels Nobody But Us (HarperTeen, 2013) and Every Last Promise (HarperTeen, 2015). She likes many things.

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  1. happy october! as a teacher and a september baby, fall is my very favorite time of year. i don't think i have any books that feel like fall to me, though, and that's strange, because i have books for every other season. looking forward to getting some recommendations from other commenters!

  2. Yay! My favorite month! Practical Magic always feels like a fall read to me.

  3. Also my favorite month! Yay, October. The Secret History makes me think of autumn.

  4. Harry Potter! Not only do you have the back-to-school scenario at the start of each one, there's something inherently cozy about British fantasy literature. So, throw in The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings while you're at it ;-)

  5. My favourite Autumn book HAS to be 'Anne of Green Gables'. Even if it's mid-summer in the novel, you always know that you should be reading it under a gold and orange-leaved tree.

  6. I have to agree with Bethany. I absolutely love to read Harry Potter in the Fall and Winter. Maybe because his school year starts then and Hogwarts has the most wonderful celebrations for each holiday.

    I'd love to be included in one or two of them myself. Ahhh, Autumn!

  7. I agree. Autumn is the best season and October is awesome. What better time to curl up with a book. :)


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