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Making Out with Ron Weasley, or: An Exploration of Lucid Dreaming and Writing

Hogwarts: the perfect dreamscape! :)
As of last night, I have made out with Ron Weasley. YES.

Okay, so it wasn't really him (if he "really" exists somewhere). I totally knew it wasn't him. But what are you gonna do when you're hanging out in a Hogwarts Schoolgrounds-esque setting, and you've already gone jumping off cliffs and flying, and an extremely cute Ron walks up to you and is like, "Hey"? Start making out wildly, duh. There were people in the area, so he even conjured a private little makeshift house for us!

I'd say "I wish I was making this up," except I did. It all happened during a lucid dream.

Have you ever had one of those? For some people they come naturally, but for most, it takes either lots of effort or lots of luck (or both) to make them happen. Basically, a lucid dream occurs when a dreamer realizes they're dreaming. Think Inception, but without any of the hair-raising plot.

One minute you're giving a presentation to all of your past exes in your 10th grade Chemistry class, and the next minute you're thinking, "Wait, I graduated from high school already! And none of you ever cared about science. This is a dream." If you're able to stay solidly lucid (which can be super hard), you can do whatever you want: strip naked, walk out the door and go to Egypt, practice levitating, canoodle with a certain redheaded boy... the possibilities are endless.

Kind of like with writing!

If you frame it from an artist's perspective, lucid dreaming is probably one of the most awesome things ever. Why? Because it represents the human imagination, unlocked. Writing is more than wonderful, but there's still the matter of translating all those great thoughts you're having onto paper. (Ever thought to yourself, "I wish I could write this book the way I imagine it?") Scriptwriting, comic book drawing, even composing, etc.: all these crafts attempt to do what lucid dreaming does instantly - create a real-seeming world, filled with real-seeming characters, that makes the senses and emotions go "wow!" and the brain go "hmmm."

Next time I lucid dream (which might not be for a while), I want to see if I can meet the characters from my current WIP, maybe by transporting myself to the fictional town where they live. My conscious brain thinks it has them down, but there's something about "talking to your subconscious" (to steal a term from Inception) that can reveal things you didn't realize you were hiding from yourself. Like a secret desire to make out with Ron Weasley... or maybe a whole new plot development!

With that, I say go forth and lucid dream. It does take practice to get down, but it's really fun - and this is a great webpage to get you started if you're interested. The human imagination is a seriously amazing thing, so why not spend the idle hours of the night unlocking it? What has been your past experience with lucid dreaming? Any cool stories?
Emilia Plater

Emilia is a YA author who avoids studying, food that isn't covered in cheese, and waking up before 10:30AM whenever possible. A bundle of confusions.

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  1. There's a semi-common university study that involves lucid dreaming. Participants are given the equivalent of a sleep mask with a colored LED light in it - the idea being that once asleep, the person can latch onto the colored light and remember that they're asleep, which frees them to control their dream. (Flying is apparently the most common choice, followed by "cheating on diets with endless fast food")

    The problem is that the conscious and unconscious sections of your brain don't necessarily play well together. Different chemicals exist in different quantities, and when you try to hold onto a dream while aware, your brain calls 'foul' and tries to wake you up completely. There's also the issue of 'sleep paralysis', which is your body's way of making sure that while sleep you is flying over the Scottish countryside with a red-haired Weasel, real you is lying in bed rather than running down the street in your PJ's looking for a cliff to jump off of.

    (FWIW, I've never actually had a lucid dream, but I find the case studies interesting.)

  2. The only dream I can remember where I was aware I was dreaming was when I found myself hanging out with my middle school classmates. At one point, I was like "Wait, this has to be a dream. None of you guys even like me. BUT WHY DOES THE WIND FEEL SO REAL?"

    It wasn't a bad dream, although nothing terribly interesting happened.

  3. That's a pretty awesome dream :)

  4. That Ron Weasley, he's so polite, conjuring you a makeshift house for privacy ;)

  5. I LOVE IT. And wow, making out with Ron Weasley > flying or eating endless junk food, for sure!

  6. I have had VIVID dreams, but never LUCID ones! Maybe I'll give this a go...!

  7. So jealous! I've always wanted to lucid dream. It's been my life-long dream (pun intended)...
    well, at least it's been my life-long dream since I heard about it from Hank Green of vlogbrothers fame.
    Thanks for the link. It's really interesting.
    Oh, and I would love to meet some of my characters in a dream. I may end up "canoodling" with them though...(only the boys, of course)

  8. Ahhh I wish I had lucid dreams! I think I'll try to train myself, but seeing as I barely ever remember the dreams I do have, I'm not sure how that will work...

    And if anyone is ever able to meet their characters in a lucid dream, I would be SO interested to hear about it!

  9. So there's a name for this. Huh. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, but I have these "lucid dreams" at least once a week. Sometimes more. I just never thought there was anything strange about being able to control what was happening and knowing that I was dreaming. Sometimes I wake up and then just go back to sleep so I can "keep dreaming." Neat!

  10. I love Ron Weasley. :) I've had lucid dreams, but they've never involved wizards. Something to shoot for!

  11. jealous FOREVER of your Ron Weasley makeout dream.

    i once had a dream that i made out with Dave Grohl, and it was pretty freaking awesome. not a lucid dream, unfortunately, but still amazing.

    if i ever lucid dream at Hogwarts, i'm making out with Alan Rickman as Snape. YEAH I SAID IT.

  12. Ooo, now THAT's a good dream. ;)

    It's really weird, but, every dream I have is a lucid dream. Every time I dream I am consciously aware of myself dreaming. O.O

  13. Every time I realize I'm dreaming, I wake up.

    I did have one experience though where I woke up, was unhappy with how my dream ended up, so I went back to sleep, determined to re-do it, which I did, even though I couldn't control it.

    I still can't manage to lucid dream.

  14. The most popular lucid dreaming techniques - so that anyone can learn to wake up and control their dreams. Life and People


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