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Halloween Month = Scary Movies Galore

There are lots of reasons why I adore Halloween. The fall weather, the costumes, the fake spider webs, jack-o-lanterns, the cauldron punch that fogs all over the place. Oh, and let's not forget the candy- but that's a whole other post, isn't it? (Caramel Apple Pops eeeep!)

But one of my very favorite things about Halloween is how the stations on TV start doing their '31 Days of Halloween' specials and load the time slots with scary movies, new and old.

And let's face it, not all of these movies are even good, or scary. They're pure nostalgia. Seriously, ask someone who didn't see the movie version of Stephen King's It before the age of ten and they'll likely say that it's lame and laughable and whatever else. It's kind of hard to argue against a claymation drain being pulled open, but I digress. Still, as someone who saw it at a young age, I still get the chills if my toes graze over the drain grate in my shower.

I remember the first movie that scared me so much I had to turn it off. It was Tremors. LMAO! It's one of my favorite movies now, but when I was seven, not so much. The monsters sucked an entire car underground, with a screaming woman inside, and I thought that my heart was about to collapse. Man, that one rules.

I love being able to turn my TV on and pretty much be guaranteed that somewhere, there's a scary movie on. I personally adore The Others, American Psycho, Frailty, The Shining, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (both versions,) The Amityville Horror (both versions,) The Candyman, What Lies Beneath, Child's Play, The Uninvited.....woah. I'd better just stop before I start really thinking about it.

What are your favorite scary movies, classic and new? Do you prefer a particular genre over another, like slasher, paranormal, or psychological horror? Let's spread the creeps, peeps!
Amy Lukavics

Amy lurks within the forested mountains of Arizona. When she isn't reading or writing creepy stories, she enjoys cooking, crafting, and playing games across many platforms. She is the author of Daughters Unto Devils (Harlequin Teen 2015) and The Women In The Walls (Harlequin Teen 2016).

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  1. I'm a big weenie, so I hate slasher flicks. Though, I do get a kick out of the new rash of horror/humor films, most recently Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and Fright Night. Shaun of the Dead type stuff. :)

    Paranormal is more my genre. Movies like The Orphanage and the Others. :) Plus, creepy/mystical stuff like Something Wicked This Way Comes and Pans Labyrinth.

    Classic horror is also a thrill. Anything with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, or Bela Legosi is a win. :)

  2. Sarah- Aaah I ADORE Pan's Labyrinth, seriously. Gorgeous film inside and out!

    And is there anything better than Vincent Price!?

  3. Love scary movies. Candyman and Frailty are up there. I also loved Cloverfield (I'm a sucker for big destruction). Older: The Wicker Man, The Little Girl Who Lived Down the Lane, Magic, Pin (of course), The Birds, and The Believers are some favorites.

  4. I agree! I love Halloween and all the scary movies that are on! I have a tradition where I watch Donnie Darko around Halloween...I love the movie and it's set around Halloween!

  5. Aaand, cue nightmares. Thanks for that pic, really. I was hoping to stay awake all night tonight, paralyzed with fear. ;P

  6. Scaredy-cat here! I've watched some scary flicks but probably shouldn't have lol!!!

    The Grudge, The Ring, Freddy and his nightmare series, Darkness Falls (really, they had to make the tooth fairy scarey???). So many movies I've watched that gave me nightmares.

    Oddly, I was not frightened by the original Exorcist. I did not, however, tempt fate so I didn't watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose.

  7. Steph- I need to check those out!!

    Rachele- Donnie Darko is such a great classic. STAY AWAY FROM THE 'SEQUEL!'

    Jamie- Haha, not gonna lie, I was having a little too much fun choosing which Pennywise picture to use.

    Angela- I saw The Exorcist for the first time when I was (way too) young, like six. Because of that I still get goosebumps whenever I watch it. I also love the original Japanese 'Grudge' movie. Very scary!

  8. i am such a scaredy-cat, but i do love donnie darko around halloween.

  9. And now I'm going to have nightmares... The giant picture of Pennywise is burned on my brain and will likely revisit me tonight when I'm trying to sleep. Awesome :)

  10. The Exorcism of Emily Rose scarred me for life lol! I hate scary movies...maybe because I've always had a wild imagination. My friends love watching me watch scary movies though...Apparently seeing me jump and scream every three seconds is highly amusing haha

  11. You're not alone in your fear of Pennywise. That movie still scares me...clowns. They're FRIGHTENING.

    I love me some Hocus Pocus around this time of year--tame, tame, tame, but nothing gets me in the mood faster.

    As for scary, you have to love Michael Myers and all of the other teen slasher flicks. There's just something about the slow walk... you know they're going to get your butt in the end.

    I cannot wait to see what movies are on tonight... :)

  12. I love scary movies! Paranormal Activity is the most recent one I've seen that I had to watch again and again.

  13. I'm not much of a horror buff - they do their work on me far too well. I do love Tremors though - especially the survivalists. Aliens about did me in until Silence of the Lambs and then Pan's Labyrinth. All great movies I will never see again.

  14. I love that part of this time of year too. (Going to have to queue up some scary movies on Netflix.)
    I have to admit, my favorites for this time of the year are still kid movies. The Halloween Tree, Hocus Pocus, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School.

    I'm not big on slasher films or blood, but there are definitely a few I'm just fascinated by (like 13 Ghosts and The Orphanage). I will never watch Dark Water again. The Grudge and The Ring make me never want to sleep again. Asian horror flicks are the most terrifying, but have the coolest plots for ghost stories.

  15. After this blog post, I had to make my own!

    Halloween Traditions


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