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Field Trip Friday: October 7, 2011


5 under 35 - The National Book Foundation announced its 5 Under 35 this week, and for the first time, a YA novelist is included: Congratulations to John Corey Whaley! (You can catch a signing with him, YA Highwayer Kirsten Hubbard, and our friends Elana Johnson and Jessi Kirby this month!)

- Author Matt de la Peña says YA might save, but writing a lifesaver shouldn't be your goal.

- Agent/author Mandy Hubbard has a list of things authors learned from their editors.

- It's hard to keep informative scenes tense, but author Janice Hardy has some tips.

- Editorial Director Stacy Whitman on beginnings in speculative fiction. 

- How our girl Veronica Roth is using Scrivener to revise her sequel

- Morgan Spurlock of "Supersize Me" fame wants to hear about your failed novel.

- Ash Krafton at QueryTracker talks about idea notebooks, the writer's portable brain.

- Two cool posts about using color to create characters: "Designing a Character" from Leslie S. Rose (via Lisa Gail Green), and "The Archetypal Color Wheel" from Victoria Schwab.

- A couple of posts that I adored for no specific reason:
  • "Sirens" from Sarah Rees Brennan (" … None of my other authors do this, you know. None of them…")
  • "You Can Add Up the Parts But You Won't Have the Sum" from Karen Rivers ("Sometimes there is no sum, there are just mountains and help (if you ask for it) and there are bullies and fists and words.   And then there is love.   That's all, really.").


- Maurice Sendak hates everything, and we still love him.

- Need a new sci fi or fantasy to read? io9 has a handy flowchart.

- A new Kickstarter project wants to get banned books into the hands of teens.

- Ghosts are the new vampires, says Wired. Meanwhile, Summit picked up rights to Laura Whitcomb's A Certain Slant of Light.

- From Wizards to Wallflowers: Emma Watson talks to the NYT about the making of "Perks."

- Erin Bowman on how buying books is like gaming.

- I love Bryan Bliss's post at Boys Don't Read about reevaluating what it means to serve boy readers:
"What if, instead of bemoaning the fact that Boys Don’t Read, we lifted up and encouraged the ones who do? What if we created programs that assumed some guys like to read and, you know, actually made it something they’d want to go to (here’s a thought: have a boys book club that meets at the same time as a girls book club… let biology work for us, people.) Because maybe they’re thinking: 'Wait… I like to read… What’s wrong with me?' Maybe being a teenager already comes with too much anxiety, too many self-esteem issues."


- Author Jody Hedlund talks conferences and what to do when you feel like a nobody.

- Lots of online discussion this week about Publishers Weekly's "YA Comes of Age" story, which touched on paranormal fatigue, waning enthusiasm for dystopians, and finding teens online. They also did a spotlight on smaller publishers' teen lines.

- The Guardian is surprised at how well hardback books are faring against e-readers

- A second post from Mandy Hubbard this week: On Bookscan vs Royalty Statements.

- Can you query via Twitter? Is it okay to post links to your work on agents' Facebook pages? Mary Kole talks social networking between authors and agents/editors.

- The University of Oxford Press is opening up its online platform to universities around the world.

- Matthew Reeves has part four of his "YA in Japan" series.

- Writer Beware posted this week about an ongoing issue with "The Write Agenda," which appears to be a group focused on discrediting the people who expose scams.

- Author Steph Bowe ponders the relationship of real self and public self for writers

- Don't like your publishing contract? You can always just... not sign it.

- Carolyn Crane has a hilarious list of ways authors can respond to negative reviews. Warning: cartoon sex.

- Author Jami Gold takes a remarkably evenhanded look at traditional versus self-publishing and "drinking the Kool Aid." On a related note, Chuck Wendig warns against putting the publishing cart before the storytelling horse; Joe Konrath goes off in the comments, and then goes on hiatus.


- Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday. His innovations changed everything from communication to animation to the way we read, and tributes are springing up all over. My favorites so far are various tributes to his commencement speech at Stanford and Wired's look at his impact on disability.

- Occupy Wall Street is gaining steam, and the Writers Guild East joined up on Wednesday. GalleyCat has details on how to donate to the OWS Library.

- Want to buy a girl at The Girl Store? (It's not what it sounds like. Funds help keep girls in India in school.)

- In what should be totally obvious advice and yet somehow continually is not, Nathan Bransford says, "Don't be a jerk."

- How Ryan Gosling is totally ruining lives.

- Want to give your kid a bookish name? Flavorwire has the literary baby name dictionary-- or you can check out the baby pictures of famous authors.


- Kirsten is giving away ARCs of The Scorpio Races, How To Save a Life, and Shatter Me!

- Kathleen Peacock is giving away copies of Hex Hall and Demonglass!

- Our friends at Stacked are giving away a copy of Brooklyn, Burning!

- Angelina Hansen is giving away a copy of The Pull of Gravity!

- Chelsey Blair is giving away Out of My Mind and Stuck In Neutral!

- Deniz Keypers is trading retweets for copies of her book Afterlands!

- Chanelle Gray is giving away your choice of books!


I don't know why this made me cackle more than the rest of the Fug Girls' hilarious posts, but it did: KFUG by Kanye West. "HERE ARE MY SPECIAL ASS-BACKWARD PANTS, AS IN, YOUR ASS IS SO FINE IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S ON BACKWARD IN THESE PANTS. I AM PRETTY SURE I AM A GENIUS. "  


I don't watch the show, but I am assured by several fans here at the Highway that these Game of Thrones pick up lines are hysterical. 
game of thrones pick up lines

This little girl has mad skills (via Margaret, aka Miss Jones).

Have a great weekend!
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  1. ROFL that Ryan Gosling post was awesome. I clicked on the link thinking "Who can they say that about Ryan!" lol


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