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Field Trip Friday: September 2, 2011


First an earthquake, then a hurricane. New York City escaped relatively unscathed, but other places weren't so lucky: Janet Reid posted these pictures from the Catskills, and Kate Messner is helping an Adirondack library rebuild their destroyed children's book collection. Librarians in Virginia are reshelving  27,000 books after the earthquake. Keep an eye out next week for a Hurricane Irene relief auction from some of our favorite YA authors.


cornelius fudge
This picture really freaks me out.
- What the fudge? Agent Sarah LaPolla takes a look at kids books and cursing.

- Captain America's 10 Step Guide to the Likable Hero, from K.M. Weiland.

- How do you know if your novel sucks? Author Lisa Desrochers has the answer.

- The building blocks of a writing schedule, from author Sara Zarr.

- From author C. J. Omololu: Write a novel in 99 days or less


Photobucket - “I don’t love you anymore … It comes down to that, I think.” 30 literary break up quotes, from Flavorwire (via Vicki Lame). 

- Sometimes the best choice in a love triangle is none, says author Erin Ladd.

- Student runs illegal banned book library out of her locker.

- Nathan Bransford joins James Dashner and J. Scott Savage in Wordplay, a new weekly podcast.

- Author Kelly Barnhill on learning not to worry about what's "appropriate" for your child (via Elizabeth Bird).

- "This is not the time for a leather bikini," says author Malinda Lo.

- What would Katniss's Facebook page look like? Check out these awesome Hunger Games-based lesson plans (via MandeeBooksandBling).

- Why do so many YA writers insist on writing teen characters that have sex? I dunno. Maybe because a lot of real teens have sex.


- Author Lindsay Roth Culli talks about *gasp* being on submission.

- What happens when a book doesn't sell? Edan Lepucki at The Millions. 

- Kelley Vitollo at YAtopia has a great list of ways you can support your favorite authors-- most of them for free!

- Olivia Snaije at Publishing Perspectives asks, "What will it take to get error-free e-books?"

- "New Economics Rewrite Book Business," from the WSJ.

- Author Karen Dionne explains how a book auction works (via Michele Wells).

- Why agent Jill Corcoran doesn't send rejection letters.

- Nathan Bransford says, "On the internet, there are no brands. There is only you.

- "If you self-publish and then try to query agents, you will universally get 'No' unless you've sold in excess of 5,000 copies," says agent Meredith Barnes.

- Matthew Reeves continued with parts two and three of his Japanese YA series.

- Author N.K. Jemisin talks about the difference between Professional Author and Professional Generic Black Woman.

- If you're going to give yourself fake reviews, at least change your Amazon name.


- Reactions were mixed to Sunday's VMA premiere of the Hunger Games sneak peek. (Click the image for some gifs of footage I hadn't seen before!)

- Author Amanda Hocking says "enough already" with online bullying. Meanwhile, trolling is turning into death threats and hate crimes against women bloggers, and John Scalzi talks about the crap he doesn't get as a male blogger.

- Race-Lift: The HuffPo has a slide show of characters whose races have been changed for the big screen. On a semi-related note, NPR has twenty iconic male roles that Helen Mirren would have ruled.

- Women have caught up in the classroom, but not on campus: "After Class, Skimpy Equality" at the NYT (via Robin Wasserman). Which is shocking, what with, say, the fantastic messages stores like JCPenney are putting on girl's clothing these days. (Check out our girl Sarah Enni mentioned in the article!)

- Matador writer Alice Driver shares why she quit Facebook

- Mindy Kaling (hello girl crush!) posts about her favorite kinds of guys. I can't wait to read her book (she hates cupcakes too! clearly we should be BFFs), which is included in The Atlantic's list of 24 anticipated fall releases.

- At The Atlantic: Freelancing is the Industrial Revolution of our time.


- Our friends at Stacked are giving away two copies of My Teenage Beating Heart

- Adventures in Children's Literature is giving away ARCs of Pregnant Pause and Wintertown on their Friday round up!

- Win an ARC of Misfit at Woven Strands!

- A Thousand Little Pages is giving away four books and two posters!

- Marissa Meyer is giving away a signed ARC of her debut, Cinder!

- YA Fusion is giving away copies of Second Sight, I Now Pronounce You Someone Else, and Cleopatra Moon!


So you're mad about something on the internet? Check this handy chart to measure your response.

Nobody puts Baby in dance detention! 

Dystopian mashup. I approve.
gale is dauntless

I laughed until I cried at Literally Unbelievable: Facebook updates from people who haven't heard of The Onion.


Love this: A few YA entries from Corpus Libris (via Rebecca Behrens)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Cool library carpet:

neil gaiman carpet quote

Courtney Summers hates werewolves, so I don't know why she keeps writing books about them.
(see the random here for explanation. and here. and then check out her real cover reveal here.)

Have a great weekend, and happy September!
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