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Field Trip Friday: September 16, 2011


The #YesGayYA controversy blew up yesterday. We have a special edition round up about it here.

Also: Woo hoo! Big thanks to Book Blogger Appreciation Week, who awarded us Best Publishing/Industry Blog! Contributor Veronica Roth also racked up the awards, winning "Best Book Club Pick," "Book You Most Want to See As A Movie," and "Favorite Book"!


- Can celebrities write good children's books? The Atlantic takes a look. 

- Author Claudia Gray helps you choose a point of view with "I Said, He Said: First vs Third Person."

- Can you quote song lyrics in your book? The Passive Voice has the answer.

- Daily Writing Tips has a quick grammar lesson on 9 forms of the past tense.

- Think computers will never replace writers? They already have.

- Author Shallee McArthur offers two tests for developing your characters.

- 25 ways to plot, plan and prep your story, from evil genius Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds.

- My girl Delilah Dawson says, "Write from your... kidney."

- I'm going to be a tool and link to my own guest post at Adventures in Children's Publishing: "Dialect and Dialogue."

- Eight reasons Cassandra Marshall hates your book.

- The Buried Editors lists five writing tips she's learned from her toddler.


The Right to Arm Bears - 25 of the worst fantasy and sci-fi book covers (via Beth Revis).

- Author Cinda Williams Chima on eurocentricity in fantasy.

- Rafe Posey makes a list of the books he's read thanks to Twitter.


dftba - Author John Green will present "How Nerdfighters Can Save Publishing" at the December Publishing App Expo. DFTBA!

- Discussion about "no response" agents continued this week, with Janet Reid responding, "No, you're wrong, and here's why." Former agent Nathan Bransford takes the middle way in his response, Kristin Nelson says they'll keep on keepin' on despite the inconvenience, and Lynn Price at Behler Publications says agents just need to put on their big girl pants. Meanwhile Jill Corcoran retreated from the discussion entirely and closed to queries, a decision she discusses a little more in the comments

- You think no-response agents are bad? In October 2004, a sci-fi author submitted a MS to a publisher... and never got a real answer, even after ten years

- Amazon is reportedly in talks with publishers to launch a "Netflix of books." Read Write Web has some insight into the discussions, and Catherynne M. Valente says, "Trust me, you don't want to live in the world Amazon wants to build."

- McGraw-Hill is splitting into two companies. (I thought for sure one would be McGraw and the other Hill, but apparently I was wrong.)

- What are average book sales? The Steve Laube Agency says, "HAH!" But then they have some helpful stuff too. 

- It's not all about the Benjamins, says agent Jennifer Laughran. But they're definitely a factor.

- Sometimes authors have wandering eyes... Agent Mary Kole on looking for new representation before severing ties with the old.

reel YA logo

Reel YA,  headed by Amparo Ortiz, will be following all things YA book and movie-related.

read it 1st Hank Green started up Read It 1st, encouraging people to read the book before they see the movie.
YA Trailer Park

YA Trailer Park, featuring YA book trailers-- submit your own!

- Forever Young Adult (this year's Best Young Adult Blog!) breaks down the recently-released "Breaking Dawn" trailer. (I just keep staring at Carlisle. Why is he bloated and jaundiced? I thought unchanging appearance was a perk of immortality.)

- "The Hunger Games" wraps shooting and sets release date of March 23, 2012!


- Joe Biden launches new campaign to end sexual attacks on college campuses.

- The Vulture asks, "Are we living in the golden age of male objectification?" (via Cleolinda Jones).

- Facebook rolls out yet another new feature: the "subscribe" button. Meanwhile, Odyl launches a new book marketing tool for Facebook, and Goodreads launches a new recommendations function.

- Don't forget the Read For Relief auction is still going on! A YA Highway critique package should be up for bids on Monday.


- To celebrate the opening of their new blog, YA Confidential is giving away ARCs and agent critiques!

- BBAW has a ton of giveaways open, available in the US, Canada, and internationally!

- Angelica C. Hansen is giving away query critiques and a copy of Cheryl Klein's Second Sight!

- Quita and Pam are giving away Carrie Harris's Bad Taste In Boys!


If Snape voiced your GPS:
snape GPS

Fifteen year old Annie Wu rocks the beatbox flute.

Have a great weekend!
~ Kate Hart
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  1. Thanks for these links-- and for including mine! :)

  2. Ditto to what Shallee said! And that Alan Rickman GPS? *makes grabby hands*

  3. Thanks for including my "8 reasons" post! I'm so glad others are finding it helpful!

    And that Alan Rickman GPS thins was hilarious!

  4. Congratulations on the award! You deserved it. I especially liked Gray’s post this week. The Passive Voice post on lyrics was helpful too.


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